Clarence Thomas was going to be a Catholic Priest until he changed his mind in the 1970s. He enrolled in a Roman Catholic Seminary and was on his way to becoming a priest when he resigned.

Thomas is not African American, he is a dark illuminati Jew who has no dick or balls. Thomas is a mental retard who famously never speaks on the Supreme Court. He has yet to ask one question. The reason he doesn't speak is that he's a mental retard and he'd sound like one of he talked too much.

Thomas was raised by the illuminati Jews to be a fake role model for African Americans. That's why he's a republican uncle Tom. Thomas worked out Monsanto defending their evil illuminati crap before they put him on the Supreme Court.

Thomas became a protestant when he married his wife, but once he was appointed to the Supreme Court he switched back to Catholic. That's because the illuminati is concerned that the US Supreme Court being all Jewish or Catholic is a problem for Americans who aren't Jewish or Catholic.

If you look it up, ALL the Supreme Court Justices on the bench are Catholic or Jewish. 6 of them are Catholic, 3 of them are Jewish. This doesn't at all reflect the religious diversity of America. The reason the Supreme Court is so out of wack with America is because the Catholic Jewish Illuminati controls the Supreme Court and the US Justice system.

Roberts, Gorsuch, Alito, Thomas, Kennedy, and Sotomayor are all Catholics while Breyer, Kagan, and Ginsburg are Jewish. 2% of the US Population is Jewish and yet 33% of the Justices are Jews. 25% of America is Catholic and yet Catholics makeup up 66% of the Supreme Court. Meanwhile the 77% of America who is not Jewish or Catholic has no representation AT ALL on the Supreme Court.

There is only one possible explanation for the religious balance of the Supreme Court and that is that the Illuminati are picking our justices. The Illuminati Jews and Roman Catholics want their people deciding the laws in America. The near 80% of America that is not represented at all by the illuminati is left without any friends on the Supreme Court.

Lots of controversial cases at the intersection of religion and the law wind up before the Supreme Court. And, for most of U.S. history, the court, like the country, was dominated by Protestant Christians. But today the illuminati has tranformed the US Supreme Court into a Catholic and Jewish Illuminati institution.

"It is a bit of a mystery why we have so many Catholics, in an era in which Protestant evangelicals are in such strong political power," Professor Hamilton from University of Pennsylvania remarked. The mystery is explained if you realize that the illuminati is trying to make sure the Supreme Court is 100% Catholic or Jewish.

This is not just a Republican plan but Democratic Presidents are nominating illuminati Justices as well. Merrick Garland, Obama's nominee was Jewish. It's like you're not eligible for the Supreme Court unless you're Catholic or Jewish - both of which are religious minorities in America. If you're protestant, you're not allowed to be on the Court because the illuminati doesn't have as strong control over Protestants.