Jared doesn't talk much in public.  When Jared does speak, he has a very effeminate high pitched voice.  That's why he has only spoken twice publically since working at the White House while being invovled in many aspects of the Trump administration.

That's with a lot of hormonal treatment because he's really a woman who transitioned to a man.  He and Ivanka don't have sex, it's purely a business relationship.
Jared's father has no dick or balls but he does have one undescended peppercorn size testicle. It holds a couple of semen.

The illuminati have been losing their dicks and balls for generations now. They have a test to determine if a child has any undescended testicles. If they do, they are raised as a man even though they don't have a dick or any balls. Jared's father used his couple of semen to try IVF over and over again (over 10,000 tries). Eventually Jared was conceived.

Jared's father then is technically a man by illuminati standards. Jared though, when he was born had no undescended testicles. He had no semen at all. Kushner senior was really angry about having a "girl" baby. The illuminati have descended with their tests if you have no semen you are raised as a girl.

So Jared was raised as a girl until he was 18. And then in the year 2000, the illuminati came up with a new rule since most of their children no longer had any semen at all so they were all becoming girls, they would allow their elite members to choose their sex. So in the year 2000, Jared switched sexual identities and became a man.

In the year 2000 the illuminati also started using their CRISPR technology to create fake babies. With CRISPR they can combine two people's DNA into a new human. It's not like the natural process, or even IVF because each parent gets to choose what their babies look like. There is no natural egg process where God determines which part of each parent to put into a child. With CRISPR, the illuminati think they have circuvented God's plan to remove them by making them infertile.

The illuminati began their new rule about parents getting to chose the sexual identity of the child when CRISPR started being used to make all their babies. Since none of them have semen, and none of them have eggs, CRISPR is their only hope and super important to them.

The only problems is that CRISPR doesn't work and all their babies die. Their babies aren't viable because they are essentially clones of two people mixed together. That's not how procreation is supposed to work. The children end up sick with all sorts of horrible genetic diseases and 99% die by the time they are 5. 75% die in the first year.

One study that came out in 2017 showed how dangerous CRISPR technology was and how it leads to 1000s of genetic diseases. That study showed that for every time CRISPR is used to modify a genome, 1000s of abnormal mutations arise that are unexpected.

This study was withdrawn a year later because of intense pressure from the illuminati. The scientist who did the research was murdered and an imposter was called into rerun the study. The illuminati scientist said there were no problems of course and he couldn't recreate the study. The Illuminati doesn't want their stupid members like Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams and Beyonce realizing their new designer babies have serious genetic problems.

The illuminati now often steals babies when their babies die and then pass them off as their own. They hate having their babies die (as anyone would). They look at it as themselves dieing. They all want to be immortal Gods, so they think having children is as close as you get to being immortal right now (which is true in a way and will always be the case since no human will ever live longer than 130 years except for me and my family).

The FDA just this week put a hold on CRISPR's first official use as a medical technology in treating Sickle Cell Anemia. A hold is extremely rare and indicates that the FDA is aware that CRISPR doesn't work and the FDA is not going to let it be approved.

CRISPR has been huge for the illuminati. Now illuminati parents can chose any sex they want for the children. Jared's father was so happy about Jared's new life as a man. It was the best day of his life, finally he had a boy. That's why Jared and he took this weird photo where Jared is labeled his SON. Kushner senior wanted everyone to know that he had a SON now, not a DAUGHTER anymore.

No one is allowed to speak of Jared's life as a girl. If papa senior ever hears about someone discussing Jared's days as a girl, they are immediately murdered and so is their family. Jared is a weak loser, a mommy's boy except his mommy is his daddy.

Jared's Daddy still protects him but Ivanka protects him even more. Ivanka has anyone murdered who ever speaks of Jared's time as a girl. Donny Trump helps protect the secret too. Ivanka is all about image. It's not so much she wants to protect Jared as she wants to protect the image that she has a normal family even though all their children are from a CRISPR.

Jared actually preferred being a woman. He still wants to be a woman. Jared is obsesssed with transitioning back into a woman but this time he wants a vagina. Ivanka is obsesssed with being a man, she wants to find a way to put a dick on herself. Ivanka thinks women are lesser and weak like her father has always told her. Ivanka has no vagina, and Jared has no semen. Together