John McCain's Traitor Father and the USS Liberty

McCain as well as his father were always illuminati spies. What is held back about McCain, what is held back about his father, Admiral McCain, amounts to the among the greatest scandals in American military history , aiding the enemy in Vietnam, allowing the destruction of the USS Liberty and most of her crew by his father.

The USS Liberty incident in 1967 during the 6 day war was not an attack by the Israelies because of a mistake, rather the Illuminati were sending a message that there were going to attack our US LIBERTY. McCain's father was working with the Israelies during the whole attack. He allowed the attack to happen.

Admirial McCain was a massive traitor like his father. They are both illuminati Jews. Neigther of them had dicks or balls. They always worked for the illuminati. John McCain's father sold us out to the Israelies and his son sold us out to the Russian Communists and North Vietnamese.