So here's the real story behind the Kavanaugh Scandal. Here's what actually happenned to Christine Blasey-Ford that night on July 1st, 1982.

Christine is actually a transexual. She was born a boy and when she was assaulted by Kavanaugh she was a he. The boy's name she can't remember is the name of her self as boy. Christine used to be Chris. Chris was the weakest of the 5 little dickless ball-less boys and the other 4 decided to take advantage of the weakest boy. They wanted to have anal sex. They wanted to rape Chris(tine).

Mark and Judge are both closetted gays who first had sexual experiences with each other. They were in love in high school. It wasn't a case of best friends, it was a case of gay love masquarading as best friends. Deep down they knew they were gay though so they wanted to have gay sex - the only problem was that neigher of them have dicks.

Bret and Mark Judge wanted to have anal sex but needed a strap on to do it. The phrase “Judge, have you boofed yet?” appears on Kavanaugh’s 1983 senior yearbook page which was published before the rape. Boofing in the 1980s was a reference to anal sex. The subtext was that both Mark and Brett were gay but had never had anal sex.

Bret Kavanaugh didn't rape Chris(tine) but Mark Judge did and two other friends who also don't have dicks. Brett was too stupid and drunk to figure out how to use the strap-on. He beat and scratched Chris(tine). Mark, Squi and PJ, however, did rape Chris(tine) with their mutual strap-on that Squi had bought in New York City. The house was empty as his parents were on vacation for the Fourth of July.

The Catholic Church actually was called in to adjudicate the whole thing. They hid the whole thing and had Brett's parents pay Chris's parents some money. The whole thing was brushed under the rug and then Chris(tine) actually blocked it from his mind and pretended it never happened.

When Chris transitioned to Christine, Christine was almost raped and that lead to her remebering the whole experience and it became a problem with her and her husband. That's why there's records of Christine discussing the attempted rape a decade ago long before Brett was ever in the running for the Supreme Court. Christine still doesn't remember the whole extent of the attack. She has still blocked out the rapes themselves. She only remembers Brett trying to rape her and then failing.

The Catholic Church has records of it though. They documented Christine's body after Brett beat and scratched her. Rape is a crime the Catholic Church covers up all the time, but someone who has been scratched extensively on their face, like Brett scratched Chris it was difficult to cover up.

Brett is not lying when he says he was a virgin through high school. He has no dick; he can't have sex. The closest he could get would be to use a strap-on and he failed at that. Mark Judge has had a lot of mental and drug problems as he himself documented in WASTED. Judge hates that he's gay, so the rape was actually a curse for him because it confirmed to himself he was gay. Since he didn't have a dick he was never 100% sure - or at least he rationalized to himself. But after he had pseudo-raped the boy, he felt like enjoyed it and that therefore he was gay. That drove him into denial, drugs and alcohol.

Raping with a strap-on is very common in the illuminati. The OTO initiation rite involves being raped by members of the cult in a gang rape situation. That's how you are allowed to become a member. Every member is raped like that in a big satanic show. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna -- they all got raped like that to join the OTO.

The Catholic Priests do the same thing. So Brett and Mark Judge's gang rape plans are just what they're learning from their parents and the rest of their community. They were raped like that by Priests all through their schooling.

Judge wrote extensively about Georgetown Prep in 2011 when a teacher at the Jesuit Catholic private school was brought down on pedophilia charges. Judge blamed a liberal Catholic climate that promoted sexuality and a culture of alcholism for the problems at Georgetown Prep.

Judge says the problem is simple: "if you teach young people that religion is all about peace and love and expressing yourself, and not about conquering yourself in the service of a greater, richer, freedom, you will get a religion that is bland and leaders and teachers who are more liable to abuse kids."

The solution he feels is a return to a nolstagic idea of some harder more conservative form of Catholicism. The Catholics have been doing this shit since they murdered Jesus Christ. Mark's analysis is flawed but it gives you an insight to the resentment he feels towards the Church on the issue of pedophilia.

Judge wrote another piece in the same publication where he comments at length on the Teacher Garrett Orr who was a theater teacher at Georgetown Prep who was twice accused of pedophilia and the second time forced out of the school and convicted. Mark Judge describes Orr as "a man who was a teacher of mine and is a former Jesuit, has just been arrested for sexual abuse. It’s the second time charges have been made against him. The first charge, which came in 2003, did not result in criminal charges. It did, however, cause some friction for people, both alumni and parents, who believed the charges. Fr. Orr was a well-loved theater teacher, and a lot of people did not want to believe it. Their treatment of people who thought there was indeed a problem there ranged from mild derision to outright hostility (whenever I wrote an article about the situation, I would inevitably get flamed in the comments by an anonymous Prep booster or two). Orr left the priesthood and the school. The new charges are from a student who was at the school in 1989, six years after I graduated."

In the piece Judge also mentions that another professor was sent to jail for distributing Child Pornography at Georgetown Prep. Bernie Ward who was his human sexuality teacher while at Prep — and a friend to Fr. Orr at the time — was sent to prison for peddling child pornography. Ward taught us Mark and Brett about masturbation, ejaculation and anatomy.

Mark Judge even tried to get the Washington Post to cover pedophilia at Georgetown but they refused. (The illuminati Washington Post didn't want to attack a famous Catholic School.) Here's Mark Judge's description of what happened, "when Fr. Orr was first accused of sexual abuse in 2003, Post religion reporter Michelle Boorstein refused my suggestion that she dig deeper and look into Bernie Ward as well. When I said she was missing a story, she said I had a “gay problem.”

When wrapping up the piece about pedophilia, Judge has an odd close. He says that Catholicism has become a force of evil but that he's "guilty as well, at least of the bouts of dehumanizing lust that is part of the fallen world and being human. We all are. We all have that monster in us to some extent." That sounds like the tip of the iceberg there.

You don't have to wonder much to see that Judge himself was probably molested, probably raped by Catholic Priests at Georgetown prep. It sounds like Orr definitely raped Judge. And if Judge was raped by a priest, it wouldn't be surprising if his best friend Brett Kavanaugh wasn't also raped by the same priest. And we have two instructors, who Mark wanted to expose - both of whom probably assaulted both boys. So already, you got a lot of sick Catholic shit going on. Given what we know about abuse in the general Catholic Church in the Northeast, it's not surprising that Bret's Jesuit institution would be doing the same evil illuminati shit.

Both Judge and Brett have no dicks. They began life feeling like lesser men. They are ashamed and hide their lack of manhood. They are easy targets for the priests to abuse. Once they are abused, children like that feel powerless - they can't even turn around and cycle their abuse onto someone else because they don't have dicks to rape with. That's why they drank so much. They were massive alcholics because they were impotent abused kids who wanted to abuse back but couldn't.

That's why Brett would be stupid enough to put into his calendar the July 1st get together - he was proud of the day he was going to lose his virginity by raping a boy with a strap-on. The boy Chris(tine) was the gayest of the boys and the weakest.

They had recruited Chris a couple of months earlier, when they went looking for a gay boy they thought wouldn't complain if they raped him. They also wanted a boy who didn't attend the same school they did, that's why Chris(tine) went to a different school that they didn't associate much with. They didn't want anyone to find out about their gang rape.

In a video clip from a 2015 speech Kavanaugh made at Catholic University's law school, Kavanaugh referenced some old friends and jokingly referred to an unofficial motto at his alma mater.

"We had a good saying that we've held firm to, to this day, as the dean was reminding me before the talk, which is: 'What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep.'" The remark drew chuckles from the audience. "That's been a good thing for all of us, I think," added Kavanaugh.

The truth is that Georgetown Prep is a sick illuminati school run by sick Catholic Jews. The kids who go there are were illuminati Jews and they were self-entitled rich kids who thought they were entitled to rape a gay boy with a strap on. They were all hard core alcoholics who drank 4-7 nights a week while in High School.

Brett never got into harder forms of alcohol because he can't drink liquor - his body is too genetically diseased. It literally kills him. So Brett can ONLY drink beer. Brett thinks that that means he's not really an alcoholic but that's not true. There's really no difference is getting drunk between beer, wine or liquor - it's just how quickly you get drunk. And Brett was always a lightweight drunk who got wasted really quickly on beers. He admittted during his testimony to falling asleep while drinking but refused to call it passing out. It's obvious Brett's a much bigger alcoholic than he's willing to admit.