Kellyanne Conway spent two and a half years on the street homeless starting when she was 17. She had all of her wealth taken from her and was forced to live on the streets in New Haven CT (she was born in New Jersey.)

Kellyanne is a massive drug addict. She's addicted to herion, crack, meth. She mainlines alcohol via IV needles. She has aids and fucks animals like goats and rats. She is schizophrenic, bipolar, and has multiple personalities. She is seriously fucked in the head.

Kellyanne's time on the street was a punishment from the Yakuza illuminati who she crossed numerous times. Kellyanne is part of the Irish/Italian illuminati Catholics and she was very arrogant and refused to bow to the Japanese. The Japs hate her and call her miss ugly. They say she has an ugly attitude and she's an ugly white person with an ugly nose.

Conway grew up super rich and entitled. She was a spoiled mob brat. A 1992 New Jersey Organized Crime Commission report identified Conway's grandfather, Jimmy "The Brute" DiNatale, as a mob associate of the Philadelphia crime family. Conway's cousin, Mark DeMarco, has stated that while in high school, Conway ordered members of the football team to stop bullying him; according to DeMarco, the bullying stopped.

Kellyanne always used the illuminati to get what she wanted. She was a spoiled brat who get get old man fired or murdered if she wanted to. She would order people around and get into business that she really had no part in being in (she was 16-17 at the time.)

The Japanese do not like women who exert power and especially at a young age like that. The Japanese wanted to teach Kellyanne a lesson which is why they black listed her and dumped her on the street with no money. They new that the streets would teach Kellyanne a lot about power in the real world. They wanted to humiliate her and destroy her will.

Kellyanne was raped many times while homeless. Much of her anger against poor people is psychological rooted in an extreme hatred born from her extreme violations while living on the streets. Kellyanne has no vagina so she was sodomized during all of the rapes. The homeless men would regularily hold her down and rape her in groups.

Kellyanne was supposed to spend 3 years on the streets but she almost died once while being gang raped, so the Japananese showed "mercy" by allowing her to have her money back when she was 19.

Kellyanne grew up super rich an entitled Illuminati Jewish/Irish Catholic. She has a tail from her Rothschild Jew side. She is also african-American. The Japanese call her a mutt. Her true skin color is much darker and her natural hair is black and kinky.

Kellyanne bleaches her face to make herself look "aryan". She's a hard core white supremacist like the rest of the Trump administration. Like the rest of the Trump adminstration she also works for Putin and the Russians. Kellyanne hates the Japs but is willing to work for the Russians.

Logically this doesn't make much sense since the Russians are just working for the Japs - though as the illuminati fragments it starts to look like maybe Conway is prescient. The illuminati is nominally still run by the Japanese, though their control is quickly slipping away. Kellyanne hopes that Russia will take over Japans spot in the illuminati NWO by taking over America. Kellyanne figures that if Russia and the US are one thing run by Putin, they can take over Japan and Germany and create an illuminati NWO defined by Putins dictatorship.

The Illuminati the Germans/French/Vatican and Japanese think that they can split up America between them by having the Russians and Chinese take over parts of America. The Chinese will control the West and the Europeans will control the East. The Japanese get Hollywood and Sillicon Valley, the Euopeans get the banking and fashion industries. This would be an actual invasion like in Red Dawn. We would literally be all taken prisoner and forced to adopt the Russian system that would be supplemented with Chinese Surveillance systems to track our every movement and everything we say online.

Kellyanne and some people in the Trump organization want to stage a coup on the illuminati power structure. They want to create a different version of illuminati dystopia where Russia runs things. So in Aryan Nazi scenario, Putin takes over America and makes a Russian dictatorship and then the Russian Aryan Empire will take over the Japanese/Chinese as well as the Europeans. Kellyanne - former bag lady - aspires to nothing less than world domination - a new massive worldwide dictatorship with Putin/Trump running everything.

She will then begin executing all the Japanese and Koreans in America and eventually worldwide. They will alter the current Mexican concentration camps that are murdering Americans descended from Jesus Chist, African Americans, the deaf, the blind and expand their mission to also eliminate any asian person in America. People will be targeted based on their eye shape. People with Asian eyes will be sent to the gas chambers and their bodies burned. Kellyanne wants a great "cleansing" of America of people who are black and asian.

The Trump/Aryan plan is to then enslave the latin Americans as a new permanent slave class in America for white Americans. Your gardener won't just be an exploited immigrant anymore, he'll be an actual slave you own who you never have to pay. The Trump aryans are worried about black slaves because they think they are too strong physically. They think their size makes them able to rebel. Therefore, they've determined that latino slaves (who are a smaller people generally) make more sense as slaves.

That's part of what the child abductions are about at the border. The reason they can't find the kids is because they're kidnapping them. The Aryan Trump illuminati are stealing babies to start breeding latino slaves underground for the new latino slave class.

Laura Ingraham's recent racist White American segment is an attempt by the Aryan Illuminati to start brainwashing America into thinking that America is not a country of Immigrants, but a country of white people who belong here and other darker people who don't belong here. They are already trying to create propaganda to justify their new ideas about slavery.

The Aryan Trump illuminati already have latino slaves but they are looking for the strongest and those with the most endurance. They figure that the people who made it to the border - having survived great challenges and hardships along the way - are the most enduring, hardest working, most intelligent of latinos and will make a good pool of genetics to start the new latino slave race with. It's some weird sort of natural selection theory applied to slavery.

And for anyone wondering what the poster child of the new Aryan Illuminati looks like, here's a picture of Donny at his most ATHLETIC!!!!

I'm sure Donald would be fit enough to survive the long, hazardous journey from South America to our border. NOT!!!!! This survival of the fittest thing is ridiculous when the illuminati applies it to others. Illuminati members are the weakest both mentally and physically. They are not the fit, they are the unfit. As Donald's picture above proves. The Japanese are the stupidest people on Earth. Putin is a gay mental retard. The Japanese, Germans, Isrealies and French illuminati can't even have babies anymore. How are they fit if they can't even procreate because of so much genetic disease?

The truth is their propaganda is all bullshit. If they applied their rules to themselves, they would have to eliminate themselves. That's why they're all hypocrite liars like Kellyanne Conway. A "woman" who's own name gives away her CON. She is selling the CON-WAY, she's selling a CON-Artist to the American people. The White Aryan Illuminati's belief system is incoherent and nonsensical. Like the Beliefs of Hitler era Nazis, it is just an excuse for the illuminati to murder, abuse, and enslave innocent people while stealing their money.