The Koch brothers are russian spies who have been undermining American democracy for the Russians. Their fortune comes from handling cocaine for the Russian mob. Putin is their direct benefactor and like Putin the Koch brothers have no dicks or balls. They are descended from inbred neanderthal pygmies with tails.

The Koch brothers are illuminati Jews. They are part of the Illuminati NWO and are working for Russia to destablize the American economy. The illuminati wants to make America into nightmare capitalism where workers are slaves and racism is treated as just part of the American economy.

The Koch brothers are both gay cross dressers who are literally Putin slaves like Donald Trump is. Putin owns them - he owns their whole family. The Koch brothers are attempting to destroy America's social system for Putin. They rose in power after the year 2000 when Putin decided to launch a full scale spy attack on America which later resulterd in 10 spies who were deported including Anna Chapan, an attack on the NASDAQ, Butina infiltrating the NRA, etc.

In 2014, this coordinated Russian attack spearheaded by the Koch brothers attacked the NASDAQ putting a digital bomb in the NASDAQ exchange. A bomb that would have destroyed the entire NASDAQ and wiped out all the digital records the exchange relies on. It would take at least a week to restore the system. Taking out the NASDAQ out for a week would have destablized America's economy and sent the world into market crashes. The Koch brothers funded this attack.

Besides their illegal activities, the Koch brothers have worked steadily to undermine American democracy wherever they can. They are a big advocate of oursourcing jobs out of America and helped lead the multinational corporate exploitation of labor markets without any rules or environmental protecdtion.

The Koch brothers got the Citizen's United Supreme court ruling to treat Corporate money spent to influence our politics as protected by free speech laws. As a result of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, billionaires and large corporations can now spend an unlimited amount of money to influence the political process.

The biggest winners of Citizens United are Charles and David Koch, owners of the second-largest privately run business in America Koch Industries and the Russians they represent.

Among other things, the Koch brothers own oil refineries in Texas, Alaska, and Minnesota and control some 4,000 miles of pipeline. The Russians use their control of the gas industry in America to help prop up prices for Russian oil and gas. The Koch brothers are pawns of the Russian mob and Putin. Their control of the petroleum industry in the US is being used to keep Putin's petro-oligarchy stable.

The Koch brothers advocate a platform of anti-government, corporate welfare. They don't like it when the government helps ordinary people, but they love getting cash subsidies from the government for oil production. The also get subsidies for grazing. Basically the Koch brothers businesses all revolve around the federal government giving them cash handouts. They are one of the biggest abusers of corporate welfare ever.

Among other things the Koch brothers want to destroy the Obamacare system, Medicare, Medicaid, Election finacing laws, the EPA, Social Security, the minimum wage, and all environmental and safety regulations put on businesses. Essentially they want a capitalism that is more like a slave economy rather than the vision of small businesses, craftsmen and farmers the founding fathers advocated. They want a capitalism where there is no safety net - a capitalism where the weak who can't succeed die - a capitalism where workers are essentially the slaves of the corporation.

The Koch brothers have promoted a neo-nazi, KKK vision of America where their giant corporations are supposed to create a slave economy for poor whites while blacks are forced into the prison system and murdered. The Koch brothers are the 100 lb gorilla behind Donald Trump. They are his backers. The Koch brothers are trying to make all the Republicans are dependant on them for campaign donations so the Russians can control the GOP.

Just as Butina infiltrated the NRA and the National Prayer Council. Putin decided in the 1990s to take over the GOP and for the last 20 years he's been working on that. The Koch brothers were his money guys. They're job is to launder Russian mob money in the US for Putin and the mobster oligarchs.

The Koch brothers have been allied with Putin in their oil deals while the Bushes have worked with the Saudis and Israelies. Traditionally they were enemies but they came together against Donald Trump who represented non-oil money entering the political elite. The Koch brothers, the Bush families, Dick Cheney's Halliburton - they all made their money from oil. This put them in a certain position in the illuminati.

Donald Trump in contrast is new money for the illuminati. Trump was never really rich by illuminati standards. Trump represents the Russians cutting out the proxy in their power relationships. Whereas they used to rely on the Koch brothers to represent their interests in America, they now rely on Trump because Trump is their literal slave. They can control Trump with a cybernetic leash. The Koch brothers are more independent of Putin and Putin doesn't like that.

So Putin backed Trump in 2016 and the Koch's put their money behind Jeb Bush. The Koch's cozzied up to their traditional rivals the Bushes to try and beat Trump. Unfortunately they backed Jeb Bush who is a born loser who only made an impression on the election through his incompetence and blandness. Bush was never even a front runner and the Koch's lost out and the Bush Presidential dynasty is now dead.