Melania is a stepford wife - she is literally a robot. She has been lobotomized and can be controlled like a robot. She has no vagina and is an illuminati Jew from the same region of Germany as Trump's family. They are both dark illuminati Jews.

Melania's real name is Melanija Knavses. Mel-a-niga probably wasn't a great name for modeling to she changed it to Melania. Melanija is not an accident - her parents named her that because her father was impregnated by a Rwandan with a tiny dick. Melania had two fathers and no mother.

Donald Trump's father was impregnated by a Somalian man. They are both similiar in that they are illuminati Jews with more African blood than the other European illuminati. That's why both of them were considered outsiders in the illuminati.

Melania is a barren hermaphrodite. Barron is not her child. Donald conceived Barron through IVF and they used another woman's egg. The other woman was of similiar ethnic background as Melania.

Trump bought Melania. There are multiple cloned versions of Melania. So if they try to escape they're murdered. If Melania kills herself they bring out another clone. So far there have been 37 Melanias.

Melanias don't care about anything except money and throwing parties for French people. As we saw, Melania rebelled against her First Lady responsibilities by publically wearing a jacket that said "I Don't Care... Do you?" while visiting children who had been separated from their parents at the border. The illuminati is stealing these chidlren to feed their pedophilia network. Melania doesn't care.

Melania - mean, stupid, narcisstic, Satanic witch - doesn't care about anything except herself. Donald is just a means to a bank account. She is a classic euro-trash gold digger.

Melania can't grow hair, every hair on her head was sown there. Million dollars a hair. Her breasts are implants and she wears dentures. She is a fabricated stepford wife with a fake body.

Melania is a big time Satanist and regularily sacrificed children to Satan. When she gave her speech on "BEING BEST" she wore a "leather" jacket that was actually made of chidren's skins. Melania, weird witch, thought wearing a jacket made out of children would make her speach about America's children more effective.

Melania's whole anti-bullying presentation for children was a see through travesty. It's obvious that Melania doesn't care and was just excited about being in the spotlight. The whole speech was a trainwreck.

The phrase they chose for their anti-bullying campaign - BE BEST - was horrible. How about "be a friend" or "be kind"? Be Best actually reinforces bullying. "Being the Best" means that everyone else is a loser.

AT one point Melania says children should be "Free to make mistakes." how exactly is BE BEST consistent with that message? BE BEST sounds like you're not allowed to make mistakes. You're not allowed to be a "loser" you have to be the BEST.

Trump and the Illuminati chose "Be Best" because it's pyschological sublimnal message that the bees are the best. Donny made today National "BEE'S BEST" day for the illiminati. The illuminati calls themselves bees. They are the insects, the bees, the ants, the termites. They have a hive mind. They are trying to tell us thaty their insect fascist system is the best and they've got some European fascist weird ass stepforwife delivering the message

Melania is a Russian spy like Donny and Putin set Donald up with her once Donald became Putin's slave. Melania is also literally owned by Putin. Putin decided to put his two slaves together.

Melania grew up in Russian controlled Slovenia. So she's always grown up in a Russian system. She is a nazi fascist who thinks Putin is cool.

Melania doesn't care about Donald's cheating. She fucks Donald with a strap-on when Donald asks, otherwise Melania doesn't pay any attention to Donald's weird sexual preferences like getting pissed on by black women and desire to have women walk on his back with high heals. Melania treats Donald like shit, just like Donald's own mother did, just like Donald likes it.

Here's a picture with Melania, Trump, Ivanka and a couple of playboy bunnnies including Karen McDougal (who was having an affaird with Donald at the time as we now know about because of her lawsuit). This picture actually crops out two other Playboy bunnies who were part of the ensemble. Donald looks like a little boy at Christmas. Melania looks happy as well. Melania gave Donald free license to have affairs - they have an open relationship.

Really all these Playboy bunnies are just about status. Donald has no dick. He likes to get girls to fuck him with a strap-on. He tells all his guy friends he had sex with them, when really he means they fucked him with a strap-on.