Different groups are fighting over the future of the Illuminati as it breaks apart. The Nazis in Europe, specifically the Germans, Swiss and French are taking over the Illuminati in Europe. And in America the KKK - with the help of the Russians - plan to take over America. That is Trump's connection to Putin. White supremacists in America are allying with white supremacists in Russia right now. That is what the whole Putin Trump collusion is about. That's why Putin helped Trump in the election. The Illuminati has divided into two warring camps - the Aryan Americans/Russians and the Aryan Europeans. Each thinks they are better than then other side.

The Aryan American/Russian vision of the illuminati is 100% racist and 100% patriarchal. They will continue the concentration camp program the Japanese started last year and that is running world wide currently. They want to kill all blacks, asians, native Americans, etc - anyone who isn't "aryan". They want to genetically eliminate everyone who's not white. They will keep a small remainder of each group as slaves to fuck them. They also plan to genetically modify humans. With this KRISPR technology that allows human genetics to be modified. They have also developed cybernetic implants that can control people's minds.

Women will be made into stepford wives. They will have cybernetic tech implanted into women's heads to control women's behavior and make them into sex slaves. Women's DNA will be altered so that the Aryan men can make them sick with Jellyfish poison if they try and rebel or resist. Slavery will be bred into the female genetic line.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are the leaders of this new Aryan Illuminati. Pence plans to take over once Trump is forced out of office and then continue everything Trump started. Pence has his roots in the KKK. That's why Pence doesn't want women in the Military. He also doesn't want women to own guns. In the Aryan vision of the Illuminati, women are slaves. You don't arm your slaves. You don't teach your slaves military tactics.

Mike Pence is 95% black and 5 % Jewish. He bleaches his skin out. He's actually very darkly colored. His "aryan" status is a total myth. His racist ideas complete hypocrisy. Trump is the same, a half Moorish Slave, half Rothschild Jew. Trump has three vaginas and a little tiny 2 inch black penis in his ass. Their genetics are inbred Jews and Africans and yet they are the poster boys for the Aryan Illuminati.

Pence is a gay pedophile who took an active role in Focus on the Family - an organization that promotes gay pedophilia. John Oliver's recent show goes into depth on Pence's association with the pedophile group.

Focus on the Family notoriously offered homosexual conversion therapy. They would provide a service to parents where you could send your kids to them and they would "cure" them of their homosexual impulses. These programs are always run by pedophiles who are looking for easy targets. A gay man looking to abuse young boys has no easier target than young boys who are struggling with their own homosexuality.

"Dr" James Dobson who runs Focus on the Family is a massive pedophile. He is a repressed gay man who molests, abuses, rapes boys. Here's how Dobson Introduced himself at a Focus on the Family event: "I represent an organization called Focus on the Family that a three-year-old one time called 'Poke Us in the Fanny.' You know, that's not far off from what we're trying to do in some ways." That comment is not hearsay, you can see Dobson ssay it himself in the John Oliver segment above.

Dobson is close personal friends with Mike Pence. Pence is a member of Focus on the Family and has taken an active role in the organization. It's no accident that Mike Pence is so invovled in a pedophile organization. Pence is a massive pedophile just like his friend Dobson. Focus on the family also covered GOP candidate Wesley Goodman's fondling of an 18 year old boy at a campaign event. They are actively encouraging and covering up pedophilia and pedophilia politicans.
That's why Pence is putting a children's book out about a bunny rabbit. Pence's book is supposedly written by his daughter but that's a lie. The book mostly depicts what a Vice President usually does in his day to day activities from the viewpoint of his bunny. Bunny Rabbits are an illuminati symbol for pedophilia. Bunnies have sex a lot, and the Rothschild Jews think of themselves as bunnies who like to rape little bunnies. The Illuminati Royal Family in England rapes young children with carrots all the time because they want to teach them they are bunnies.

Why put out a kids book if you want to be President? Pretty stupid move if you're planning on running for President, which everyone knows Pence wants to do. It makes him look like an idiot. The only reason he's doing it is because he will get to have a bunch of readings around the country with young children. Young children he intends to abuse, rape and/or murder.

John Oliver was so pissed off about Pence's blatant pedophilia that he produced his own book about Pence's bunny. Oliver's book has already outsold Mike Pence's. . John's book is about a gay bunny who meets his first love. Proceeds from his book go to AIDS United and the Trevor Project, which seeks to help suicidal LGBT teens.

Pence's family helped found the KKK. The KKK has always been a front for gay men. The KKK was always about sheltering closeted gays who wouldn't admit they were gay. The racism is a front for a secret gay society - the Illuminati.

They used to make black men fuck them before they lynched them. That way no one would talk about how they liked having black men fuck them. They were vigilante thugs who were hiding their gayness. They are all intensely attracted to black men.

The KKK in KKK stands for GAY GAY GAY. They wore their big white robes and masks so they could do gay orgies together without anyone knowing who it was. Without seeing faces, no one could report anyone else as gay. No gossip would spread. That way it's anonymous and no one can report anyone. Plus anyone who might talk about them being gay is now scared to death of them.

They like to say it stands for three Kings. But really even that 3 kings story is a metaphor for their gayness. The 3 Kings idea is an inside joke about how a Clans member can fit two other clansmembers in his robes while they fuck each other. They can fit three "kings" in one robe. Usually, two guys kiss and fuck while a third guy crouches below and licks their anuses or their vaginas.

Until Bush in 1988, the American Anti-Illuminati organized itself around a common threat - the Russians. When Russia collapsed, the Illuminati became stronger in America. In 2001, the Illuminati used the Saudis and Donald Trump to attack us on 911. That lead to a huge erosion of our rights when the Patriot act allowed the Government to put all Americans under surveillance counter to the US Constitution.

The masters in the Aryan version of the Illuminati are the same masters as the Nazis -> Rothschild Jews. The KKK are run by Rothschild Jews. Just like Hitler was a Rothschild Jew and the Nazis were run by Rothschild Jews. This time it won't be the European and Jap Rothschild Jews, this time it'll be the American Rothschilds (Rockefellers) and the Russian Communist Party (who are all Rothschild Jews). Just like the alliance of Germany and Japan was fundamentally unstable in WWII, this new alliance between American and Russian Aryan supremacist Illuminati is not stable.

Both the Americans and the Russians think they are better than the old Illuminati. The Americans think they are made up of Europeans who are superior to the Europeans who stayed behind in the Old Country. Russia views itself as superior to Russia and America. The Americans and Russians think the defeat of Germany and Japan in WWII shows they are inferior. Really the new Illuminati is inferior to the WWII Illuminati, they just don't realize it yet. They are far stupider and far more deluded.

Putin is a stupid gay clown. Being an inbred Rothschild Jew, Putin has no dick or balls. Trump, being a Rockefeller Rothschild Jew, has two vaginas and a little two inch dick in his ass. He has no balls, they never descended. He has pea sized balls inside him near his ovaries. The Aryan Illuminati cemented the bond between Putin and Trump by having Trump impregate Putin in each of his three vaginas. They murdered their sick Aryan love children on December 23rd 2017 in a sacrifice to the devil. They pulled the babies out at 5 months from putin and cut their throats and then drank the blood.

Putin is a gay clown for the Illuminati. He has always been a puppet of the Illuminati. He has always been a puppet of the Japanese.

Putin is also massively corrupt. Putin is stealing billions of dollars from Russia. The Panama papers revealed the massive level of embezzlement going on in Russia. Putin's best friend, a celloist, was hiding 2 billion dollars alone in funds for Putin. Putin reportedly has stolen at least 200 billion. "According to the documents, people close to Putin masked payments, created back-door documents and in this way gained hidden influence in the media business and automobile branch of Russia." Despite this massive level of corruption, Putin just won re-election with 76% percent of the vote in an election widely considered to be fraudelent.

Putin is a thug who comes from the KGB. His family are all Russian mob jews. He's been running Russia like a dictator for 20 years now. He is controlling Russia for the Illuminati. He is a hard core SATANIST. That's why he named Russia's new ICBM "SATAN 2". SATAN 2 is all RUSSIAN BULLSHIT. They LIE about EVERYTHING. They don't have any new weapons capacity. Putin is a massive BLUFF.

One of Putin's invincible wockets with an unlimited range just crashed 22 miles after being launched. The weapon was one of a range of "invincible" nuclear arms announced by Vladimir Putin during a speech in March. "Since its range is unlimited, it can manoeuvre as long as you want," Mr Putin said. "For now, no one in the world has anything like this."

But sources with direct knowledge of a US intelligence report told CNBC that four tests of the missile between November and February all resulted in crashes. The longest flight lasted two minutes and covered 22 miles, while shortest ended only four seconds and five miles after launch, they said. None of Putin's weapons are real, they're all a bunch of hot air which is why his CGI demonstration looked so shitty and 1980s.

In reality, Putin is losing control of Russia. His dictatorship depends upon oil money. Russia's oil money is collapsing, so their government is collapsing. That's why Putin is getting all bellicose now. Putin attacked the mall in Siberia and murdered his own people - mostly little children - because he's losing control in Siberia right now.

In the new Aryan vision, they'll update the old Nazi vision by genetically designing humans. The Rothschild Jews are proud of their black little dicks in their asses. They're proud their men have no balls or dicks. So the master class they plan to genetically create will have no dicks or balls. Men with penises and balls will only be kept around as slaves.

All the horrors of the Illuminati will continue. Child murder, pedophilia, rape, murder, corruption, fascism. The Aryans worship Satan. They will continue to worship Satan. Adolf Hitler was a Rothschild Jew and Donald Trump is the second coming of Hitler. The goals of the Aryan Illuminati are the same as the Nazi Illuminati - they are already running concenrtation camps throughout the world. They want to eliminate all free people everywhere and most of the races of earth. The want a world wide fascism where all humans are enslaved to the Fuhrer who exterminates those he deems not worthy.