Rupert Murdoch is a Russian spy who is paid by Putin to destabalize democracy in the US and the UK. Murdoch is an Australian who controls the news and press in the UK and controls much of the news cycle in the US via Fox "News" - which at this point has become an oxymoron.

Murdoch is a Jewish illuminati who has a tail. He is descended from inbred caanite Jews, aborginal pygmies, and white trash convicts. Australia began as a penal colony for England to put their illuminati idiots who were too evil for England proper. Murdoch is descended from evil illuminati Jews who were too sick and demented even for the Queen of England.

Murdoch's family money is all from the slave trade and selling children for abuse, slavery or murder. The money was laundered by buying media concerns in Australia, then the UK and finally America.

Murdoch still brings in money to finance his media concerns from his illegal illuminati activities. The news concerns are still ways for him to launder the families profits from organized crime. Fox's money comes from the slave trade and selling children into pedophilia. Murdoch represents the worst of the illuminati NWO. His UK newspapers lie. His Fox Newscasters are propaganda spin artists for the illuminati Jewish NWO.

Murdoch is also using his market power to push out legitimate news operations. When Fox news spreads lies everywhere, there is little room for real news to be heard. Murdoch is using his market position to force broadcasters he doesn't like out of business. Murdoch uses his economic power to silence dissent for the Illuminati and specifically Russia.

Murdoch and his sons are heroin addicts and meth addicts. They are dickless ball-less idiots who have destroyed Australia's press and are attempting to do the same thing to the US and UK. Australia is the armpit of the illuminati NWO. They are a country made of former convicts and deplorables. Murdoch is the illuminati King of Australia who rules it like a Media Tycoon Hitler.

Rupert Murdoch is a pedophile and a physical abuser of women. Murdoch has no dick or balls and is very insecure about his manhood. His phychological response to his insecurities is to beat young children and small women. Murdoch is also a necrophiliac who digs up old women to have intercourse with them (while wearing a strap-on since Murdoch has no dick). Murdoch has two vaginas but no dick or balls.

The name Mur-Doch actually means lacking a dick - eg DICKLESS. Mur = NO -> Doch = DICK. So Murdoch = NO DICK. That's why Murdoch is so angry and destructive. Murdoch is ashamed he has no dick and comes from a family of dickless idiots.

Murdoch murdered his mother and has a lot of issues related to his mother. Murdoch's mental condition is very precarious. He is a schizophrenic, narccisist, pathological liar. The last couple of years he has been having strokes every month. His body is giving out and he's on the verge of death. The illiuminati is spending a lot of money on keeping his old ass alive.

Murdoch is also a horrible pedophile. He tortures little children and rapes them with strap-ons. He particularily likes to abuse aboriginal children. Murdoch likes to rape children with scissors and umbrellas. He wants to be like the Queen of England so he copies many of her Satanic rituals.

Murdoch also gets sexual satisfaction from abusing his own children. He raised his sons being regularily raped by Aboriginal men. Murdoch would watch his sons get rape and masturbate his vaginas. Murdoch rationalizes his watching his own sons get raped by Aboriginals as a way to make them strong. Really Rupert just likes watching his sons get raped by black men with big dicks.

Murdoch is also a cross-dressing gay man. He is a man who was blackmailed most of his life because there are a lot of pictures of him dressed as a woman partaking in gay orgies. Putin has a video of Rupert in Africa having sex with 100 African tribesmen. The Tribesmen gang rape him (Rupert paid millions of dollars to arrange the whole "rape.")

With this tape the Russians were able to exert control over Murdoch - the same way they used Donald Trump's pee pee tape as blackmail material on him.

Murdoch got in trouble with the UK law a while back for hacking into phones. 40 articles printed in a Rubert Murdoch owned UK tabloid - News of the World - relied upon information obtained through phone hacking, including some while the paper was edited by Rebekah Brooks. Brooks, who was cleared of all phone-hacking charges in a trial which ended in 2014, returned in September 2015 as chief executive of News UK, publisher of the Sun as well as the Times and Sunday Times.

The phone-hacking revelations led to the closure of the News of the World, ultimately owned by Rupert Murdoch. The outcome of the phone hacking scandal was minimal for Murdoch. He closed News of the World put Sun - who was doing the same illegal behavior escaped punishment.

Murdoch was able to get this hacking access to high security targets because Putin lends out FancyBear to Murdoch, the Sun, Sky and Fox all the time. Fancy Bear is Putin's own hacker team - the same people who hacked our elections. Murdoch regularily uses them for his news stories to help him gain unlawful access to people's phones, computers and documents.

Fox is not news - it is State/Russian media. It is Donald Trump's media platform, the same way Putin has his media platform in Russia. The only difference is that Russian state news is the only news in Russia whereas Fox is just one option in America (for the meantime anyway.)