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The satanic ritual didn't work (satan doesn't really exist). These three though are the heart of the idiocracy running America. They represent the illuminati Russia mob. They have no standards of decency, they are all pathological liars, and they are all void of any morals. They steal and murder people to get more money.

Steve Mnuchin made all of his money forcing old people out of their apartments and then renting them for higher prices. Mnuchin earned the nickname “foreclosure king” after he purchased distressed mortgages during the financial crisis and evicted thousands of homeowners. The former Goldman Sachs banker, worth an estimated $40m, has no government experience and yet was brought on as Treasury Secretary.

Steve Mnuchin is also a high level scientologist who believes he is a god and has special powers like the ability to fly. Mnuchin is a schizophrenic mental retard. His IQ is 3. He is lobotized and controlled like a robot. Anytime he appears to be articulate it's because he's being fed things to say from a computer.

Mnuchin is practically brain dead. He is a stupid scientologist cult member who does whatever the scientologists tell him to do. Mnuchin's new wife is another scientologist. Their wedding was arranged by the Cult of Scientology.

Mnuchin believes his right as a member of the Trump administration is to sell his office to the highest bidder - Russia, China, whoever needs help. Mnuchin is so flippant about his obvious corruption that he flies around with this wife on Air Force 1 while he's selling out our country.

Mnuchin bought his wife. She's a slave, but she refuses to obey his orders. Steve is still a virgin - his wife refuses to touch him. His wife is only with him because of the money he has. She likes being rich. She likes being rich A LOT. His wife has no vagina and she's technically a gay man passing as a woman - that's what her DNA test says.

That’s Louise Linton, the wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, attacking a woman who wrote “glad we could pay for your little getaway” after Linton posted a photo Monday night about wearing #hermes, #valentino, #roulandmouret, and #tomfordsunnies on an official government-chartered #daytrip to Kentucky on Air Forde 1.

For those of you keeping score at home, Linton manages to both complain about how much she sacrifices in taxes while shaming the woman for not earning as much; suggest that she and her husband, who made a significant amount of money at Goldman Sachs before running a “foreclosure machine,” have given more to their country than their haters ever could; employ the strategic use of the curled bicep emoji, the blowing kisses face, and “Lololol”; and, of course, the coup de grace - "you’re adorably out of touch." The woman Linton responded to was later identified by The New York Times as Jenni Miller, a mother of three from Portland, Oregon.

Munchkin and Linton just married right before Trump entered into office. Ahead of her nuptials to Mnuchin, the 36-year-old actress sat down with Town & Country to talk about all of the many diamonds she would be wearing for the big day, including but not limited to her very large engagement ring, her diamond wedding band, a diamond bracelet, two pairs of diamond earrings, a couple of diamond necklaces, a pair of diamond earrings she had turned into a cocktail ring, and a diamond brooch of two parrots kissing a pearl. (Nor is it the first time she’s found herself at the center of controversy, having self-published a memoir about her gap year in Africa that was widely mocked as a stereotype-laden white savior fantasy, and which resulted in calls for Zambia to demand an apology from Scotland, where Linton was born and raised.

Look at the Munchkin's wife Linton in this picture. She looks like she's never going to fuck him ever. Her weird expression says it all - I'm not happy being here, this guy is weird. And Steve the idiot robot is completely obvlivious. She's grinning like a donkey that just smelled it's own shit.

Steve is just happy that someone will stand to be around him. Mnuchin has severe diarrhea and farting problems. Nobody ever played with him as a child because he was pooping over everyone. Steve has never had a friend in his life. His father had him raped by black men thinking it would stop Steve's diarrhea problems.

Mnuchin is a mental retard who made all of his money by using evil laws to exploit vulnerable people. In this regard, he's a lot like Trump who used racism in the New York real estate market to make some money (like Trump's father had done before Trump.)