I discussed Jack Parsons a bit above in the conversation about pedophilia but Jack Parsons has an even more interesting story. Parsons helped found the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena and NASA itself.

For a long time the illuminati magliens and Satanists have known that God planned to eliminate them in 2025. They have long thought that their only chance at survival was to get to space. They had their current plan to create Space Colonies and leave Earth as a ghetto since the 1920s.

John "Jack" Parsons lived an extraordinary double life: respected scientist by day, dedicated occultist by night. During the night, he was a Satanic occultist who worked with Aleister Crowley ("The Beast") and Ron L. Hubbard (Scientology) in Satanic rituals - including one designed to birth the Antichrist.

Parsons has been mythologized a lot by the illuminati. He was not a genius - he was a reckless idiot who was willing to die in order to get glory. Every time he did an experiment he would cast a Satanic spell because he knew he was risking his life.

Parson's life was a fraud. HE really claimed the credit for his close partner Ed Forman who was a true rocket genius. Forman and Parsons began working together when they were children. Ed had the ideas, Parsons had the money to buy rocket and fuel materials.

Parsons - as an illuminati Jew - grew up super rich. His family was a massive catastrophe with his father leaving him and his mother renaming him afterwards because he originally had his father's. Parsons only real contribution to rocket science was that he funded Ed Forman's work.

Unencumbered by academic knowledge, Parsons was obsessed with things that go bang, while Forman turned out designs and hardware. On Halloween 1936, the would be rocketeers - dubbed the "Suicide Squad" - dug trenches and piled up sandbags in the Arroyo Seco and attempted to test a rocket motor they had built. Fueled with a brew of gaseous oxygen and methyl alcohol, the motor burned for three seconds.

This inauspicious beginning marked the start of rocketry in California at a time when America still saw space exploration as pulp fiction. The test site in the Arroyo Seco later became JPL. Parson and Ed had many, many failures with few successes. Despite this the Illuminati has mythologized Parsons as some super Satanist genius.

In 1942, Parsons moved into an aging Pasadena mansion. The house on South Orange Grove Boulevard was next door to the former estate of beer baron Adolphus Busch with its famous gardens But Millionaires' Row had never seen anything like Parsons and his friends.

Parsons converted the rooms into 19 apartments, and invited in a mix of occultists and Satanists. Pasadena residents mockingly named the place "the Parsonage," for it was anything but. Parsons was fascinated with the writings of Aleister Crowley, the English Satanist who called himself "Beast 666" and "the wickedest man in the world." Parsons had met Aleister Crowley and was his direct disciple.

The House in Pasadena was the American beachhead for Aleister Crowley's Satanic Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). The house was a place for Satanists to come and stay on the west coast. It was a place where new Satanists would undergo ritual intiation and rape. At the time it was the only official lodge on the Westcoast for Crowley's Satanic cult. Interestingly, the house no longer stands. Despite being a stately mansion, the neighbors and the City of Pasadena had it raised to the ground.

In 1944, Parsons was forced out of JPL. He soon descended into drug addiction and hedonism via cocaine, peyote, mescaline, marijuana, opiates and hallucinogens. The orgies got more intense and the satanic murdering of children more often. The illuminati decide that Jack Parsons was no longer useful and that L Ron Hubbard would be a better representative for the Satanic OTO in California. Hubbard had not yet started Scientology at that point and was still an illuminati Satanist part of Aleister Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). So, in 1946 fellow illuminati Jew L. Ron Hubbard, the future founder of Scientology met Parsons and moved into his house in Pasadena.

Hubbard and Parsons became extremely close and spent all of their time together. They where both highly interested in cults, mind control and Satanism. Hubbard later married Sara, Parsons' lover and sister-in-law.

Hubbard and Parsons attempted to give birth to the Antichrist together through an elaborate satanic ritual. This was essentially Jack Parsons last chance with the Illuminati. If he could help them create the Antichrist then everything would be ok, but otherwise Parsons understood that L Ron Hubbard would be taking over his role in the illuminati Satanic OTO.

Jack Parsons, along with Ron L. Hubbard, carried out a highly satanic ritual in 1946 "…known as the "Babylon Working, a ceremony in which the "whore of Babylon" was invoked to attract an "elemental" with whom Parsons could conceive a "moonchild" to usher in a new age. The ceremony involved annointing objects with menstrual blood, invoking spells and incantations, and Parsons' act of masturbating (using his "magic wand").

The ceremony was to span 12 consecutive nights. But when rituals called for a naked pregnant woman to jump nine times through fire to ensure a safe delivery, the neighbors began protesting. The police looked into the matter, but nothing came of their investigation.

Parsons was unable to conceive a "moonchild" -- or any children at all with the concubine he and Hubbard had selected, and Parsons' remaining years were a rapid descent into chaos and failure. Hubbard, who later founded the Church of Scientology, absconded to Miami with his wife and most of Parsons' money. They also stole his sailboat. Parsons pursued the pair only to find that Hubbard had already set sail.

Parsons returned to his hotel room and "consecrated a circle." As Parsons described it in a letter to Aleister Crowley: "Hubbard attempted to escape me by sailing at 5 p.m., and I performed a full invocation to Bartzabel [a form of Mars] within the Circle at 8 p.m." Parsons' magical voodoo circle did nothing and Hubbard sailed off with his money, his boat and his woman. The message from the OTO was that Jack Parsons was toast. Hubbard had stolen his position in the Satanic organization.

Disillusioned with Hubbard, Parsons resigned from the Ordo Templi Orientis, married the concubine who he had tried to impregnate during the Antichrist ritual and began exploring the unknown on his own. After one reputed out-of-body experience, he acquired the name "Belarion Armiluss Al Dajjal, antichrist."

Parsons mysterious death in an explosion in 1952 left many wondering whether he was a victim of murder or suicide--or simply of an accident at his own momentarily careless hands. The truth is that the illuminati didn't murder Jack Parsons, God did. Parsons never knew what he was really doing. His experiments were reckless and ill thought out. The explosion in 1952 was God's message to Jack Parsons and the illuminati that they should abandon trying to go to space.

The deadly blast that killed Jack Parsons could be felt a mile away ripped through Parsons' garage lab, blowing off his right arm, breaking his other arm and both legs, and leaving a gaping hole in his jaw. He died 45 minutes later. When his mother heard the news, she joined him in death, gulping down a bottle of sleeping pills.

At the time of his death, the FBI was investigating Parsons on suspicion of espionage, consorting with communists, including some allegedly at JPL, and cult activities. During his life, Parsons was relatively straightforward about his Satanism. He told the FBI while being interviewed "…while residing at 1003 South Orange Grove, Pasadena, California, I was a member of a religious cult which was alleged to have been involved in immoral activities."

On page 16, the FBI Interview states that an informant said "…Parson's home, as of that time (1946) served as a headquarters for a religious cult in Pasadena…"

On page 19, the FBI Interview states "…A religious cult, believed to advocate sexual perversion, was organized at subject's home at 1003 South Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, California, which had been reported subersive…"

Aleister Crowley is mentioned on page 30 of the FBI Interview: "…He (Jack Parsons) said a great many of the teachings and ideals of the Church of Thelema were based on the teachings of ALEISTER CROWLEY of London, England…"

The fact that Jack Parsons was a Satanist and followed Aleister Crowley is evident on page 58 of the FBI Interview, when he states "…The fundamental principle of the Society are "Do what tho wilt shall be the whole of the law"…" Which is, of course, Aleister Crowley's only moral law.