After WWII, when the Nazi Fascists lost, they began to attack pop culture in America. For instance, in the 1950s the Illuminati engineered the Red Scare. They were attempting to shut down our movie industry and free speech in America. Carthyism was an Illuminati creation. Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe were a big target of their harassment. Miller was called upon to reveal marxists in Hollywood. He refused to name names and was fined 500$ and sentenced to a year in prison which he did not have to serve. After the trial Miller and Monroe made their movie "The Misfits" together. The movie was about wild horses that are tied up and harassed. It was a metaphor for their mistreatment at the hands of the Illuminati. During the movie they murdered Arthur Miller.

That is why Marilyn Monroe sought a "Mexican Divorce". She was demanding to be divorced from Miller because he was no longer Miller - the Illuminati had substituted an Imposter.

There were plenty of inconsistencies surrounding Monroe's death. Mainly, the unreliable testimonies of her housekeeper, Eunice Murray, delays in alerting authorities, inconsistent times of death, missing phones records, lack of pill residue in stomach, missing diaries, and the alleged discovery of sophisticated eavesdropping equipment when Monroe's house was put up for sale in 1972.

Monroe was also involved with President Kennedy right before she died. As soon as she left the fake Arthur Miller, she became invovled with JFK. JFK knew that she was assissinated by the Illuminati and JFK was murdered the following year. Marilyn Monroe singing Kennedy Happy Birthday in 1962 - the year she was murdered.

The Illuminati decided to kill her after the song. You can even here the MC tell her she's gonna die. At the very end he intros Monroe with... "ladies and gentlemen, the late Mariyln Monroe". The late part is not because she was late, it's because they told her if she sang that song the Illuminati would murder her. 4 months later she was dead.

With the fake Arthur Miller, the Illuminati began their smear campaign against Marilyn Monroe. He put out a fake play that he didn't write that made Monroe into a drug addled crazy actress who was always one step away from suicide. The entire fake play was used to explain Monroe's death and normalize it. It was part of the Illuminati's propaganda campaign to hide that they killed Marilyn and also hide that they had murdered Arthur Miller. After that play the fake Miller stopper writing and married a German Nazi from Berlin.

Everyone in this video was murdered by the Illuminati.