Aleister Crowley was an Illuminati who created the OTO has a response to the collapse of the Catholic Church. The OTO is pure Satanism with the cache of Jay-Z and Jimmy Page layered on top. They believe in black magic and sacrificing to the devil.

The OTO is now the strongest division of the Illuminati as Catholicism is pretty much dead in the Western World with the rise of the pedophilia scandals. The OTO is underground and massively strong in the United States. Jay-Z publically flaunts he is a Satanist. His clothing line includes OTO and Illuminati symbols.

Crowley was a stupid, rapist who stole all of his ideas from Ron Hubbard (the creator of Scientology). Crowley actually stole Hubbard's boat, his wife and his fortune in real life and that's also what he did metaphorically. Here's crowley wearing an Illuminati head piece and with a book with a Satanic pentagram on it.

Crowley's OTO has one basic moral rule: Do whatever you want. They codified this as "Do What Though Wilt is the Sum Total of the Law". This means that people should be able to do whatever they want even if it's illegal or considered immoral. It sounds innocent and libertarian but really it's a front for a fascist cult that embraces pedophilia and the Illuminati mafia. The OTO really mean with their commandment that if you're part of their secret cult you can do whatever you want - kill and rape children, murder people, cheat, lie, steal etc... .Crowley called himself the GREAT BEAST and said he was the Anti=-Christ. They reject all Christian morals. They rejected all the 10 commandments. They worship Satan, Crowley himself and Hitler as Gods.

Crowley was a rapist and OTO Satanic rituals involve rape. To become intitiated in the cult you must be raped. Men are raped, women are raped. The Illuminati OTO believes that rape is natural. They believe that they should be allowed to rape anyone since they think they are Gods.

Crowley was made fun of as the Bib Fortuna the Vizier to Jabb the Hut in Star Wars. The vizier's character design is modeled on Crowley. Crowley filed his teeth down and called himself a vampire. That's why the vizier has sharp pointy teeth. His eyes are red because Crowley was violent and Satanic.

Crowley was a british spy working directly for the Queen. The Entire OTO was created as a Mi6 Illuminati plan to control british society - the same as Hitler's Thule occult society was founded to control Germany society. Both were fronts for Fascist cults. As traditional religion broke down in the early 1900s, the Illuminati were looking at the Occult as the next form of organized religion they could take over. They created multiple secrety societies organized around the occult and Satanism. The OTO was just the most successful.