Ebonics is what they call African American slang. Saying can I "axe you something?" is ebonics.

The illuminati created ebonics. They actually told African Americans they couldn't use the word ASK because it is a white person's word as they put it. They did this long ago during slavery. The illuminat slave masters told them they had to use the word AXE instead when trying to say ASK.

Over time, African Americans defaulted to using AXE. If you grow up hearing your parents say AXE instead of ASK, you're going to default to saying AXE too. That's just how language works. Children model themselves on their parents.

The illuminati's intent with all this is to make African Americans scary and control them. An AXE is a weapon. If you say to someone, "Can I AXE YOU?" it sounds like you're asking if you can kill them with an axe.

This was intentionally designed to stop slaves from asking questions. Slave Master.. can I AXE you a question? The slave master can now reply, YOU THREATENING TO AXE ME BOY??? No massa... no massa.... I just wanna AXE you a question. YOU SAY AXE ONE MORE TIME BOY AND YOU BE LYNCHED NIGGA. Sorry massa... no beat me no more massa....

Creating this language barrier also promoted a separation of African-American and white culture. The illuminati created two different language groups to separate slaves/African-Americans from whites. Even after slavery was over, the language kept reinforcing the separation between the two cultures.

Ebonics was also used as an easy way to discriminate against people. If someone comes into a bar and AXES for a beer, the bartender can tell they're probably poor from the ghetto even if they have more expensive clothes on. White bartenders in the 1950s wouldn't serve a beer to anyone who AXED for it - you had to ASK politely.

Ebonics was also used as a way to separate the dark illuminati jews from true African Americans. In the 1960s, if they use AXED intead of ASKED, then they were definitely not dark illiuminati Jews impersonating African Americans. The dark illuminati jews pretended to be well off African-Americans, so none of them would use that "ghetto" language.

Now the appeal of ebonics has inverted because the illuminati want to keep their dark jews street. Now Kanye West is doing ebonics even though he grew up speaking like a rich white kid the same as all the other rich white kids at the private schools he went to.

The illuminati switched it up because they want to hide their dark jew illuminati spies better. African Americans were makig ebonics cool with hip-hop. Hip hop essentially began as a recording of African-American speach as it has evovled in different areas of the US. That speech reflects slavery, it reflects ebonics.

When ebonics became cool the illuminati decided that their black Jews should also do ebonics if they work in media. If they were fake doctors they shouldn't but if they were in movies or music, it was now a good thing. In the 1960s, even the people who spoke ebonics all looked up to the general white population who spoke proper english. No one wants to be prejudged as poor and stupid based on their speech.

Ebonics was first codified in 1975, in a book called Ebonics: The True Language of Black Folks. This was an illuminati book that was trying to promote Ebonics as the true language of black people, just like the title says.

The illuminati intent was to say black people have this language called Ebonics and white people have another language called English. The true langugae of black people they were trying to say, is not English.

Saying ASK is better than saying AXE. The reason AXE is inferior is because the illuminati required people to say it. You shouldn't be referencing weapons when you're asking a question.

Despite that, there are actually many cool innovations in ebonics that should become part of the mainstream language and have with hip-hop. Fo shizzle... Chillin.... yo... all of these are words come from ebonics. Yo is actually the most superior greeting you can give to somone. It's fast to say, powerful, and makes you seem cool while you're saying it. It's vastly superior to "hello" - which is twice as long and wimpy. If you say Yo loudly you sound cool, if you say Hello loudly you sound like you're pissed off and angry about something. I also personally find the word "Nigga" to describe someone who is a slave to the illuminati to be quite useful;)_