For centuries it has been an issue in the African-American community about how white your skin is. Historically, African-Americans who are lighter skinned are more readily accepted by white society. Some African-Americans became so light skinned that they "passed" for white.

The illuminati always kept records of people though so they would try and persecute the people who "passed" for white and keep them separate from the rest of white society.

The illuminati is obsessed with whether someone has African blood or not. It used to be that if you were just part black you were a slave. The Spanish even categorized their slaves by how much they where white vs black.

According to the illuminati, I am passing for white because I have African blood. The Japanese, the Rothschilds, Pope Francis, the Rockefellers all view me as an African man passing for white. They're obsessed with the large size of my penis as a sign that I'm "really" African I just look pasty white. Racism is so baked into the Illuminati worldview that they view everything through racial terms that serve their own interests.

I am a collection of all different ethnicities and races. I have all the best traits of everyone. I am not passing - I don't define myself that way because I don't see the world through a racist lens. I am me. I am a unique person that can't be labeled by other people no matter what they say about me.

J Edgar Hoover passed for white. He was African-American. He was a light skinned african-American and that was used by the illuminati as black mail against him. That is why Hoover was always the illuminati's bitch - he was a black gay man trying to have status in a heterosexual white culture.

Hoover had all the black mail material against other people so that he could keep his secret secret. Hoover would intimidate and coerce and murder anyone who tried to expose his African-American ancestry.

The King of Comics Jack Kirby is another person who passed for white. Jack was half African-American half Jewish. In Jewish society he was always an outcast which is why he got into comics which at the time where considered a juvenile odd interest.

The New York illuminati Jews of the time thought of Jack Kirby as an infantile African-American who was only good at juvenile drawing like comic books. That is part of the reason Jack Kirby never made any royalties from the great characters he created such as Captain America, Ironman, the Avengers, Black Panther, the X-men, the Wolverine, the Hulk, Thor, the Silver Surfer, and many many others that haven't gotten movies yet.

Jack Kirby was proud of his African-American heritage but he was afraid to be outwardly part of African American culture and march in the Civil Rights movement While he didn't take an outward political stand, Kirby's artwork and comics championed African American culture with his creation of Black Panther and using Malcom X and MLK as an inspiration for Professor X and Magneto in the X-men.

Kirby had grown up cloistured in Jewish New York and knew that even though he was an outcast he would be out and out banned if he showed direct support by marching with Martin Luther King. His comics where massively important for the civil rights movement. The X-men acknowledged difference and both a shield for young blacks and gays.

Kirby also feared that the African-American community wouldn't acccept him since he was Jewish and passed for white. People who have grown up in families passing for white often face anger from African-Americans who resent that they have been able to take advantage of being white in America. So families who grow up hiding, passing for white, often are outcasts amongst both groups.

Passing is one of the horrors of racism. It creates self loathing, fear, allows for blackmail and intimidation. It isolates people and forces them to deny parts of their families and their heritage. It robs them of their sense of self idenity and creates people who are struggling witih identiy issues. If no one was racist, "passing" wouldn't exist.

Much of Kirby's artwork is inspired by African art. He created a world called Kamandi that was heavily inspired by African stories and myths. Kamandi was, in many ways, the culmination of many of Kirby’s creative ideals, from crazy high concepts, to mythic storytelling, to a human protagonist beset by animal antagonists. Though it’s somewhat unsung among modern fans since there is no movie version, for Kirby fanatics Kamandi is a treasure trove.

Kirby was always abused by the illuminati because of his African-American heritage. Stan Lee the illuminati Jewish hoax was paired with Kirby so Kirby wouldn't get sole credit or credit for all the writing he did. They also made him sign all of his rights over for his creations so Jack nor his family never saw any profits from the movie versions of the characters he created like Ironman.

Jack Kirby is still alive and being kept in a concentration camp. He did not die, he was just abducted and the illuminati faked his death so that there wouldn't be any more outcry over him not getting paid adequately for all of the characters he created. The Japanese didn't want to give him any more money for his Marvel creations.