For a very long time the Illuminati has carried out a war against young black men. They want to incarcerate them all, ghettoize them, marginalize them. For the last year they have been sending them to the concentration camps the Illuminati is running in Mexico and Canada. 1 out of 15 black men are currently in prison - most for low level marijuana offenses. 1 out of 106 white men are currently in prison (whites and blacks use marijuana at the same levels by the way). The systematic incarceration of black men is not an accident. The prisons are money makers for the Illuminati who own the now private enterprise prison industry.

All of these shootings of young black men by police are part of the Illuminati's systematic attempt to wipe out young black men. These shootings aren't by accident. The cover ups are not random. They are systmatic and national. Recently Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Stephon Clark - the latest young black man to be murdered by the Illuiminati - was a "local issue." She didn't seem to have even thought she might need to address it. Obviously this is a national issue - President Obama treated it as a national issue in a historic speech on race. Trump however is not Obama, is he?

Trump doesn't give a shit about black people. His father became rich by forcing black peopole out of their apartment buildings. Trump tried to get the Central Park 5 all executed - going so far as to put ads in the papers calling for their execution - 5 black men who were later proven - via DNA evidence - not to have raped the white jogger they were accused of raping. Trump is running concentration camps right now to murder all black jail convicts - he is at war with African Americans.

Stephon Clark was shot in his grandmother's backyard while holding his cell phone. He was the father of 2 young children. Stephon Clark was shot 7 times in the back by the police. The police fired 20 bullets in 20 seconds. They first said he had a gun. Then they said actually it was just a phone. The police muted the audio on their cameras immediately after the shooting so they could conspire together to coverup the shooting. Protests continue for a 4th day as I write this. This is a national issue. We must reform our police and get rid of the Illuminati. We need cops who are good people who want to protect and serve the communities they live in. The Illuminati has made our cops into criminal thugs who the Illuminati want to use to enforce their fascist vision of America.

Our police are unfortunately now very evil for the most part - especially in the big cities. They are all controlled by the Illuminati now. They have been systematically taken over by the police gang the Lynchwood Vikings who are all Satanic pedophile gay men.

The Lynchwood Vikings (also called the Lynwood Vikings) are drug runners and murderers who use their badge to break the law. The Lynchwood Vikings were at the center of the Rampart scandal. There they were caught selling drugs, stealing drugs from drug dealers, planting drugs on innocent people to frame them as well as even more serious crimes such as using the police as hitmen.

The Vikings were started in Los Angeles and include the highest levels of the police force as well as all the lower level cops. The Lynwood Vikings were a white supremacist gang in Los Angeles, based at the Lynwood station of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, whose members were deputy sheriffs in the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD). Its members have included Paul Tanaka, deputy Sheriff and LASD second-in-command to Lee Baca.

Last year it came out that the police hid part of the video surveillance of Michael Brown who was shot by police in Ferguson. The police only showed the footage that made it look like Mike took two cartons of cigarillos - thin cigars. What they left out was that Mike sold the store clerks marijuana and that the cartons of cigarillos was his payment. On the other video, that's very clear. The second video - which the police didn't reveal until an investigator found it later - proves that rather than trying to steal from the convenience store, Mike was completing part of a marijuana purchase with the store employees. The footage is very clear, Mike sold them a small bag of weed. The employees of the store are seen smelling the weed and passing it around to each other.

Their are a lot of really sadistc cops out there. In the case of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge the police were trying to rape Alton before they shot him. The footage that was just release shows Alton bent over a car with two cops on him. One has a shotgun pointed at his face. The other one is behind him attempting to rape him with his club. Gay sadistic cops get their kicks from sodomizing black men in public. No one is going to say anything because their cops. While Alton is bent over the car, the other cops is telling him not to move.. EG, just stay there and let yourself get raped. When Alton resisted being raped the cop tells him he's going to shoot him if he keeps moving. Alton keeps resisting the rape and then the cop shoots him point blank and kills him.

I think everyone should see that police body cameras are a good idea. Why woudln't we want complete transparency from our police? The cameras don't stop them from doing their jobs. Sacramento was lauded in the case of Stephon Clark for releasing the footage 3 days after the shooting. Why does it even take that long? It's not like they have to develop the footage? It's there on the cameras. At the very least they should be able to release the footage the day after the shooting. The truth is they take the extra time to doctor and change the footage with computer graphics. They cover stuff up and add things that aren't there. They combine the footage in ways that didn't actually happen. And why were the cameras muted after Stephon's shooting? Why is that even possible with the cameras? It's an open invitation to cover things up like the cops in Stephon's case did when they muted their cameras.

Devonte Hart's photo went viral in 2014 in the midst of Ferguson and the beginning of white America's discussion of these brutal murders. Black people have been talking about this stuff for a long time. The cops being racist is not news to them. White America though has remained neglectfully ignorant of this reality. A picture says a thousand words - and this picture says so much. You can see the sadness on Devonte's face and a police officer seemingly taken off guard by a young man's sincerity and openess. Devonte was carrying a sign that said free hugs.

Just after the stories of young black men being killed by cops started to hit the news cycle again Devonte and his entire family - all 8 of them in their minivan - went off a cliff and died tragically. The police say they have no idea what happened. They are covering up his murder and his family's murder. The Illuminati murdered him because of that photo. His only crime was being a poster child for openess and love. A poster child for crossing the lines of hate the Illuminati wants to police us with.

Recently Sterling Brown of the Milwaukie Buck was tazered by 5 cops because of a parking violation. This shows that the police abuse is not just a question of cops picking on poor people but really a question of systemic racism. In January, the Bucks rookie was confronted by Milwaukee police at Walgreens for a parking infraction, which resulted in a compliant Brown being wrestled to the ground, handcuffed, tased, arrested – and given a parking ticket. The recently released police body-cam footage was called "disturbing" by Milwaukee's mayor. Particularly in a city that Bucks president Peter Feigin once called "the most segregated, racist place I've ever experienced in my life."

The video that was released was actually a far tamer version of what happened. The police should be giving us access to video the next day, not weeks later. They take all that time because they are modifying the footage to make it look less worse than it is. In reality, the cops were trying to rape Sterling Brown. The illuminati is angry that the Bucks did so well in the playoffs. This wasn't an accident, they targeted him because of who he was. The cops were planning on raping him with their billy clubs (since they have no dicks) as a message from the illuminati that the Satanists are in control.

It's hardly news that people of color are continually harassed, but what's been making the news lately is the frequency with which upwardly mobile, middle-class people of color are being targeted. From the two black men waiting for a friend at a Philadelphia Starbucks, to a black Yale graduate student napping in her dorm's common room, to three black women facing down seven cop cars and a helicopter as they checked out out of an Airbnb house they were renting, the victims' faces on the news are not just the hoodied street thugs that white America expects and can then dismiss. And, while we can be thankful that none of them were killed, there is an overlooked long-lasting collateral damage to the black community's faith in the promise of the American dream and the sinister effect on their children that is much worse than that single assault.

The American dream pledges that every person in America, regardless of their ethnic, religious, or economic background, will have an equal opportunity to achieve success. There may be obstacles, but they won't be deliberately aimed at anyone based on the circumstances of birth or belief. That ideal is America's moral core as well as its most famous public relations branding abroad: a better life awaits all. People in this country – whether natural born or immigrants – work hard to achieve that dream, for themselves and for their families. Once you're successful, the expectation is financial security, a certain respect, and an elevated degree of personal safety. And that's exactly what you get – if you're white. But if you're a person of color, your skin color is still seen by some as a gang color, the shade a reflection of the darkness in your soul.

Sterling Brown is a professional basketball player with the NBA. Only 1.2% of college players make it that far. He's an American dream success story, having overcome great odds through hard work, sacrifice, and discipline. He's a role model for other black kids, not just those who want to be a professional athlete, but those who see that hard work can be rewarded. Yet, there is plenty of evidence that the American dream is blocked by a velvet rope wrapped in razor wire. A study led by researchers at Stanford, Harvard, and the US Census Bureau concluded that even when black boys and white boys grow up in the same neighborhoods, the blacks earn less as adults than whites, even though there is no difference in cognitive abilities. Another study cites the high extent of anxiety, depression, stress, thoughts of suicide, diabetes, and hair loss among black college students competing at predominantly white schools where they feel the burden of not only personal success, but racial success. This phenomenon is referred to as "John Henryism", after the legendary slave-turned-railroad worker who literally worked himself to death to prove his worth.