The Jade Eggs that Goop - Qwyneth Paltrow's company sells are actually a type of dimension shifting technology. The Eggs allow the Yakuza to take over your "chi" - the center of your paranormal powers. This technology is from the Aliens. The Yakuza got it from the Roswell crash site. They've been using the technology ever since. Paranormal powers are real - telepathy, being able to read minds, etc. Paranormal powers means using aspects of other dimensions that modern science doesn't understand currently,

There are actually multiple dimensions to our universe. Each dimension is a copy of our universe with some things different. The Japanese Illuminati has been able to access 16 of these dimensions and they can use them to influence what you see on TV.  It's like a remote control where they can pick which dimension they want to show you on TV. They are using this to fix games for organized crime.

For instance, in baseball, when a hitter hits a homerun, it could be a home run in 3 dimensions out of 16 or it could be a home run in 16 of 16 dimensions. The Yakuza Illuminati can choose which dimensions they show you on TV.   They Yaks control organized gambling and this is how they're doing it right now.  If someone gets a homerun they don't want to, they just take it away and show you a different dimension where it was a foul ball.  In order for the team the yaks don't want to win to get a homerun, they have to do so in 16 dimensions at once.  Then the yaks can't cheat it through their dimensional stuff (though they still use CGI graphics to fake it, even then).

These Jade eggs are just alien technology. The Yakuza didn't invent them or anything. The Yakuza have been in a position to get the best of the Alien technology that is being kept at Roswell in New Mexico. These Jade eggs are part of that Alien technology treasure trove. The Yakuza just decided to use the eggs to cheat sports and fix it for organized crime. That's the only innovation they made. The technology itself is totally alien based. It allows you to stop time like the watch in the movie Clockstoppers.

The Illuminati are also using these eggs to cheat at professional sports. They can hit people while time is stopped and disrupt their play. For instance, they can put little imps on top of Del Potro's arm when he's serving a tennis ball. We can't see these imps because it's in other time state basically. They're there though and the Illuminati spend billions to make our sports look horrible so their organized gambling people are happy.

The Jade eggs that Goop is selling are part of this technology - they don't allow you to stop time but they do strengthen the power of the real jade eggs. Goop is selling you the eggs that don't work. All the athletes are required to put the real jade eggs in them. This jade gives them an identity in the different dimensions and allows them to be moved from one dimension to another.