There are 18 Alien species besides us and the Magliens and Meatians. Some of them look like Yodas, some of them look like Vulcans, some of them look like Chewbaccas. Why haven't we had any contact with any of them?

The reason we haven't had any contact is that we are under Quarantine becaues the Magliens have infested Earth. The Magliens are the tiny space demons who live inside the Pope and the powerful members of the illuminati. The rest of the Universe considers them to be a parasitic form of life that has been determined to have no value.

Everywhere else in the universe, Magliens are rooted out like Rats and killed. They are considered a hostile alien species who the Architect has condemned to compolete removal from the Universe.

The Aliens are under a prime directive similiar to the one in Star Trek. In Star Trek the human space explorers are not supposed to interact with any life form that doesn't know about space travel. In our world, we are not allowed to have contact with the other Alien space races in the universe because we are infested with magliens.

That's why we have a lot of Alien flyovers (UFOs) but no recorded cases of Aliens getting out of their ships and interacting with humans. All those anal probe stories were lies the illuminati set up to scare peole able Aliens. The truth is that Aliens have not interacted with us more than to fly by earth because of the Quarntine, becaues of their Prime Directive.

Until we get the magliens off Earth and end the illuminati permanently, we will not be able to meet the other space Aliens like the Yoda. The illuminati is preventing not only our culture from advancing on Earth but they are preventing the rest of the universe from advancing as well. All of the greatest innovations of space exploration are waiting for us but first we have to end the illuminati. If we don't end the illuminati, we'l'l never be allowed to explore space in a meaningful way.

Thoughout the universe, the illuminati is reviled as the stupid idiots who broke the Architects plan and destroyed the clock of the universe. They magliens and illuminati universe wide are considered the dumbest, most deluded, most evil organization in Universe history.

The Magliens comitted Genocide on other planets with their evil illuminati. Since then God the architect decided to remove them from the universe. The magliens and the illuminati thought they'd beaten God our architect because they've been able to hide out on Earth but now I'm here. My mission from God is to destroy the illuminati and wipe out all the evil magliens.

I am the clock fixer, the dentist, the exterminator. The illuminati are termites in the house of God. I'm here to get rid of the termites. My job from God is to destroy the magliens and the illuminati by destroying the illuminati's propaganda, taking all their money and literally wiping them off the face of the Earth. The messiah's job is to eliminate the Illuminati for all time and make sure they never come back. I am doing that right now.