There have actually been a rash of UFO sightings recently. The Aliens are trying to force the Illuminati to give up control and give me the Kingship I am due as the messiah. That was the motivation for the US government recently acknowledging that they've had a UFO program all this time. Ever since Roswell, the US Government has been in contact with Aliens throughout the Universe. We have had access to Alien technologies like the Jade Eggs the magliens use all the time.

The Crop Circles are messages from the Aliens. The Aliens are allowed to visit us in UFO's (their spaceships) but they are not allowed to interact with us (all the probe stories are fake - designed by the Illuminati to scare people about Aliens). Since the Aliens cannot talk to us directly, they leave messages in the crop circles. The last one was at Sutton Hall in August of 2017. That one was created a few days before the dramatic solar eclipse in America. The image appears to depict some kind of tower that is crowned by what looks like a solar eclipse. The tower structure also is a pyramid that looks somewhat like the ones in Egypt.

The tower looks sort of like the Eiffel Tower (which is the first place Humans made contact with space aliens and were able to speak with them). The metal lattice of the tower creates a grid like a comic book. Each panel has a symbol in it and each one is a message to us from the Illuminati. Together the symbols spell out a message about the Golden Age approaching. They tell a story of my being crowned King of Kings, the Messiah.

Just last week there was a UFO sighting that was confirmed by two separate pilots while flying over Arizona. The first pilot was passed by an unknown aircraft. Despite being large enough to be clealry visible, the craft was not on their radar. Another 747 was coming up on the same route so the aircraft controllers told them to look out for the craft. They also confirmed seeing it going in the same direction at the same elevation. Despite this, the spaceship was still not visible on radar.

These radio logs come three months after video captured by U.S. Navy pilots offered an inside look at a secretive government program that investigated UFOs. The little-known Pentagon program had a budget of about $22 million, according to the civilian intelligence officer who used to run it. Most of the sightings it looked at were by U.S. military personnel, who have been reporting UFO sightings for decades. The video is this look looks at another case where two Navy pilots both confirmed seeing a UFO.