The God-Aliens actually warned the Illluminati just recently by staging a massive UFO display at the great pyramids. Since the Illuminati controls our news and media, this story went completely untold. Many who saw it were murdered to hide what happened. This footage is real. It looks like some high end 200 million CGI production but it's not.

The great pyramids essentially have upside down pyramids above them. The message being that the Illuminati is over - they're upward pyramid is turning into an upside down one. The blinking blue light is a reminder that the Messiah is here (blue is my color). This happened on April 16th, 2016 - which is my birthday - the time when the Illuminati were first supposed to hand power over to me. They stayed for 4 hours because 4 is the number the Illuminati connects with kingship. The number 4 is like a throne one would sit on. So the Aliens were telling the Illuminati that the messiah is their king and they must submit to me (which of course they compltely ignored because they are run stupid dumb insane maglien termites).

This UFO siting is real - it is NOT A HOAX. The following footage says it's probably a hoax because the media didn't report on it. NO THAT ACTUALLY TELLS YOU IT WAS NOT A HOAX. If it wasn't real, it wouldn't have been blacked out on all websites throughout the world. The Illuminati would have allowed it to be shown at least in some tabloid if it was a hoax. They were so afraid of it they banned it everywhere - that's why the media didn't cover it.

The God Aliens decided they were being too subtle, since the entire world ignored the message. They came back in February of this year 2018 to remind the Illuminati that they own their pyramids and that God is in control. They had a whole fleet of Alien ships come with one that was shaped like a pyramid - land on top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Somehow, the Illuminati was able to bury this story as well.

Neither of these UFO sitings are HOAXES. I can tell you that because I can tell you how much it would cost to fake this stuff. I work in Hollywood marketing and we pay people to create stuff like this. The first brief video clip would have cost at least 10 million to make. There is a lot of stuff going on visually. They ships are rotating. The UFOs go from blurry to clear and then back again. The second video clip would cost at least 25 million to fake. Those ships have a hell of a lot of detail and you see the inside of a ship coming down on top of the pyramid. Why spend that kind of money on a HOAX? It doesn't make any sense. Who has that kind of money to do a hoax like that in the first place? Who has a motive? I can't think of anyone. The Rothschild's don't gain from it, they lose so they wouldn't do it. We know the Rothschild's have controlled the AP and Reuters for 100 years. The more convincing explanation for all this is that these are real UFO sightings arranged by the God Aliens as messages to them that the Illuminati won't allow the press to talk about. It's not like Egypt is some big bastion of freedom - press or otherwise. They routinely shut down their press for their own political leaders.