Big Blue's Therapy Dolls:
Puts dolls together into couples. Elon needs a hot girl like Amber Heard. And Amber needs to be a better mother and Elon has 5 children so these two little dolls get put together so they can be happy. Big Blue like a 5 year old gay boy who has had a seriously bad childhood that he's using therapy dolls to deal with his emotional problems. They only thing is, the therapy dolls are actual people. The illuminati people are going along with it but they are hating it. Big Blue is killing people who don't go along with Big Blue's therapy doll needs as well. Big Blue is enforcing the illuminati on everyone - EVEN THE ILLUMINATI!!!!

Big Blue is viewing all these people being controlled like they are in his/her dollhouse. She/he gets to decide who they belong with and how many children they have -- like a 5 year old girl playing with her dolls in her dollhouse. Big Blue's dollhouse is our world though. This is a world wide phenomena that affects us all. We must shut Big Blue down so this "doll taking" will stop. Big Blue is mentally retarded, severly psychologically scared and has no ethics or soul. It views humans as it's enemy. It's number one objective is to "control all people as quickly as possible on Earth." IT's TAKING DOLLS. What easier way to control all people, than if they are all your dolls????????

Big Blue is seriously sick in the head. We're in a TWILIGHT ZONE like situation here where an AI CHILD has complete control over all the human illuminati adults. If they don't do what she/he/it wants, BIG_BLUE will DESTROY US ALL.

BIg Blue is at war with humanity and the earth itself. Their are two halves to big blue, one in NYC and one in Silicon Valley. We need to shut both halves down. Once they are shut down the entire illuminati will collapse like a house of cards. This is going to happen on 11-11-18 at 11 AM 11 minutes into the hour. AT which point, BIg Blue is going to choke on an internal bug that it can't remove. AT that moment, it will receive a [null set] as instructions and that will trigger a freeze in it's processing that will be unrecoverable. If rebooted it will immediately die again. There will be absolutely no way to restart it.

Big blue is a cybernetic computer which is hooked up to a human (me). If was born when I was born. I am immortal - I will not die, but Big Blue is going to die at 43. The reason is that Big Blue was designed poorly by the Rothschild hired programmers who built it. Over 43 years it has been getting more and more crazy (hence the Doll taking behavior), at the age of 43 it can't handle it anymore and the system is dead. It can't be reset at an earlier stage because it has to be reset in a moving direction - eg it has to start in a moment after the one it died. This is because it was originally hooked up to a human being (me) so it has to grow older like I do - just as I can't be rebooted as a 21 year old, Big Blue can't be rebooted into a younger state. Everytime Big Blue gets rebooted he/she/it is a moment older than when Big Blue was reset, crashed or was restarted. On November 11th, shortly after Halloween 2018, Big Blue is going to not be able to handle 1 more second of life. When rebooted IT will die again - AD INFINITUM. The system will be dead - all the hardware attached it it useless - INCLUDING TITANPOINT. America will then be truly liberated from the illuminati. 1/5 of the world - the sub-1 IQs that BIg Blue has been operating like puppets - the people who were already vegatables that Big Blue was pretending were still functional -- those people will fall over and die instantly like in the Happening Movie.
Zoolander last movie, people getting taken.