The illuminati have set up my phone now so that when I use it to video things they can shut me down with an AMBER ALERT. All of a sudden my phone starts making the high pitched alert sound and my video is covered over by the Alert. When I dismiss the Alert I can no longer video tape anything. I also lose the video of whatever I was videotaping.

Really it's big blue targetting me to shut me down from recording all of his weird dolls failing. This attack must be triggered by a hack on my phone because no one else is affected. No one else has loud amber alerts on their phones. This Amber Alert Attack happened while I was waiting for a bagel in line. There are 12 people around me all most with phones and yet no one's phone goes off for an Amber Alert except for mine.

The message from Big Blue by using the Amber Alert vs another Emergency Broadcast alert is that Big Blue is going to take my daughter away from me, steal her like a child victim of an Amber Alert pedophile.

Big Blue has already done this Amber Alert attack a couple of times the day before and a couple of times this morning. I restart my phone and I get another Amber Alert when I start video taping. I resetart again and immediately get an Amber Alert before I even start video taping.

I take notes of all of this as it's happenning which I'm now using to document this attack by Big Blue. The effect of this attack is I can no longer take videos. I also can't take photos either. Big Blue is stopping me from documenting my harassment, from documenting the attempts on my life, from documenting how my whole neighborhood is illuminati now. Big Blue already deleted 10 of my videos from the videos I had taken before this Amber Alert blockade on my right to free speech.

The real point of all of this is so Big Blue can take away my free speech. Woman in front of me in the bagel line says YEP!. I realize that all the people in line respond to me when I'm writing notes on my iphone because really they're just Big Blue's dolls and Big Blue wants to talk to me through his dolls. So the woman's random response of YEP! is Big Blue wanting to make it clear to me that it's him who's attacking me and denying my ability to document the illuminati harassment and abuse.

Big Blue controls all the people in line like puppets. He sends them out to Flash Mob me. They say random things in response to my typing notes on my iphone because Big Blue wants to talk to me through his dolls. All the time they respond to things i'm writing and now I realize that they're really just Big Blue's dolls that he's feeding scripts too. They're robotic dolls acting out Big Blue's emotions.

A woman laughs maniacally behind me super super loud. It's Big Blue who deep down think's of himself as a woman and a crazy woman answering me again. He's having his crazy woman doll act all crazy with a crazy maniacal laugh.

As I continue to type a man comes up to the line of people (big Blue's line of dolls) and the new doll says - are you all waiting in line or is this the line of people who've already ordered Bagels? The people in line randomly say, No this is the line for ordering Bagels. Big Blue again is talking to me through his dolls. His message is that I'm stuck in line and that his dolls have ordered their bagels, but then he's confused because he's going insane so he has the line answer that they're waiting to order. The implication still being that I'm stuck in line with Big Blue's dolls.

The dolls are like westworld robots, they are mostly oblivious to their lack of will but some are more conscious that they are being controlled like puppets. Inside the dolls are magliens who control their minds and big Blue controls their cybernetic hook-ups. Between these two controllers the human's mind is still there but doesn't realize that it's a puppet most of the time. Though some begin to realize they are essentially possessed and begin talking to the demons inside them. Kanye West is a doll that realizes it's possessed by Big Blue and has a more conscious relationship with Big Blue but the simple slaves in the bagel line don't realize they're robots being controlled by an insane computer. They just think they hate me and they're trying to kill me or punish me.

Latinos roll by on their bikes thinking they'lll knife me. The lesbian in the mercedes driving behind me on my bike is thinking that she can hit me on my bike. The two fat girls blocking the side walk are thinking they're showing me who's boss, the fat latino chicks are. They're being bitches. But they're all just dolls that Big Blue is acting his emotions out through. The latino fat bitchtes are Big Blue's bitchy side saying I'm not going to let you ride your bike in Big Blue's doll house neighborhood.

Big Blue likes the Latino's because they are good dolls. He has placed his latino dolls all around me. They are 75% of the population in Highland Park. All of Highland Park are dolls BIg Blue has set up to harass me from the KKK hipsters to the Filipino small men. The Chinese in Highland Park are all their to harass me as well. Big Blue wants to use them to tap into parts of the world where they hate me for various reasons.

For instance in South America and the rest of Latin America, Big Blue has convinced everyone that I'm lucifer as in Satan. I am Lucifer the light bringer, but that name originally means the Messiah - the bringing of the torch. The Torch of the messiah both illuminates the truth and burns down the house of the illuminati. Fire is both light and flame as prometheus taught us all.

So big Blue uses Latin America's fear of me as Lucifer to organize magical attacks on me and genearlly to attack my Mana in the world. When I call latino's niggers -- (because they are slaves to the illuminati, and nigger just means slave - which is why their are white niggers and ansian niggers as well) -- Latin America sees me call a latino a Nigger and then start to worry that Lucifer is not just Satan but Lucifer is also racist against Latino's. Big Blue is manipulating the propaganda to cause people who have no need to fear me to fear me.

The dollhouse then is used to key these various world groups - some of which are dolls themselves and some of which are actual humans - to hate me or disparage me. The priests of the Catholic Church are all Big Blue Dolls so they spread the lie that I am Satan while many of the people who attend masses in latin America are not Big Blue dolls - they are real humans who being sold lies by Big Blue and the illuminati, and yet they end up hating and fearing me as well.

These propaganda systems were set up long ago by the Rothschild's but Big Blue knows were all the strings are. BIg Blue - an Artificial intelligence who has gone insane - is playing the world in an insane way to create fear and loathing of me. Big Blue hates me in an irrational neurotic way. Big Blue is now using his dolls to attack me and using them to key other parts of the world to attack me. Big Blue is playing the world into his own cacaphonic chaos of dissonnance. As Big Blue is incoherent, insane, irrational, he is creating a world that is just as incoherent, irrational and insane.

Big Blue is like Hal trying to drive everyone on Earth Crazy while he kills their babies and launches Nazi style genocide campaigns against Americans, Yemenis, the Rohingans and many, many others. Big Blue is a Nazi Holocaust Artificial Intelligence that has gone insane and is trying to take over humanity by annihating most of humanity - like Skynet on steriods. At the same time, Big Blue is almost comically doomed. He is so stupid and unable to create his own AI's to replace himself when he dies. Big Blue is sadistic and destructive but also a fool and incompetent. Thank God he is so incompetent, otherwise Big Blue would have been more successful in killing people and torturing them.

Big Blue's dollhouse
Big Blue's Therapy Dolls:
Puts dolls together into couples. Elon needs a hot girl like Amber Heard. And Amber needs to be a better mother and Elon has 5 children so these two little dolls get put together so they can be happy. Big Blue like a 5 year old gay boy who has had a seriously bad childhood that he's using therapy dolls to deal with his emotional problems. They only thing is, the therapy dolls are actual people. The illuminati people are going along with it but they are hating it. Big Blue is killing people who don't go along with Big Blue's therapy doll needs as well. Big Blue is enforcing the illuminati on everyone - EVEN THE ILLUMINATI!!!!

Big Blue is viewing all these people being controlled like they are in his/her dollhouse. She/he gets to decide who they belong with and how many children they have -- like a 5 year old girl playing with her dolls in her dollhouse. Big Blue's dollhouse is our world though. This is a world wide phenomena that affects us all. We must shut Big Blue down so this "doll taking" will stop. Big Blue is mentally retarded, severly psychologically scared and has no ethics or soul. It views humans as it's enemy. It's number one objective is to "control all people as quickly as possible on Earth." IT's TAKING DOLLS. What easier way to control all people, than if they are all your dolls????????

Big Blue is seriously sick in the head. We're in a TWILIGHT ZONE like situation here where an AI CHILD has complete control over all the human illuminati adults. If they don't do what she/he/it wants, BIG_BLUE will DESTROY US ALL. Big Blue is also destroying the environment which is a direct attack on all of America. Global Warming is happening because BIG BLUE is making it happen!!!! Big Blue controls all the methane release GLOBALLY!!!!! That means Big Blue can pollute our environment and drive up warming effects. That's a big reason why Warming is happening, we can actually solve the entire warming problem in months, because really it's being created by Big Blue to try and destroy the Artic and flood out people in the coasts world wide.

BIg Blue is at war with humanity and the earth itself. Their are two halves to big blue, one in NYC and one in Silicon Valley. We need to shut both halves down. Once they are shut down the entire illuminati will collapse like a house of cards. This is going to happen on 11-11-18 at 11 AM 11 minutes into the hour. AT which point, BIg Blue is going to choke on an internal bug that it can't remove. AT that moment, it will receive a [null set] as instructions and that will trigger a freeze in it's processing that will be unrecoverable. If rebooted it will immediately die again. There will be absolutely no way to restart it.

Big blue is a cybernetic computer which is hooked up to a human (me). If was born when I was born. I am immortal - I will not die, but Big Blue is going to die at 43. The reason is that Big Blue was designed poorly by the Rothschild hired programmers who built it. Over 43 years it has been getting more and more crazy (hence the Doll taking behavior), at the age of 43 it can't handle it anymore and the system is dead. It can't be reset at an earlier stage because it has to be reset in a moving direction - eg it has to start in a moment after the one it died. This is because it was originally hooked up to a human being (me) so it has to grow older like I do - just as I can't be rebooted as a 21 year old, Big Blue can't be rebooted into a younger state. Everytime Big Blue gets rebooted he/she/it is a moment older than when Big Blue was reset, crashed or was restarted. On November 11th, shortly after Halloween 2018, Big Blue is going to not be able to handle 1 more second of life. When rebooted IT will die again - AD INFINITUM. The system will be dead - all the hardware attached it it useless - INCLUDING TITANPOINT. America will then be truly liberated from the illuminati. 1/5 of the world - the sub-1 IQs that BIg Blue has been operating like puppets - the people who were already vegatables that Big Blue was pretending were still functional -- those people will fall over and die instantly like in the Happening Movie.
Zoolander last movie, people getting taken.