The illuminati has known that I, the superman was coming for a long time. Since the days of WWI they started dreaming up schemes of how to deal with me. They decided to make a negative superman who would be the avatar of Hitler. He would be like Hitler's right hand man. They would try and convert me to evil, in which case the Avatar of Evil would become my secretary but if they couldn't do that, they would try to kill me and replace me with the "negative superman."

Hitler was picked to be the Fuhrer and Eichmann was chosen to be Hitler's negative superman, his Avatar of Evil. When the Nazi's ultimately failed in WWII and Hitler was forced into hiding in South America, the plan changed and Hitler decided that he didn't want an Avatar of Evil as his right hand man, he wanted to be the Avatar of Evil himself. That is why Eichmann was given up in hiding in ARgentina and forced to be tried and hung in Israel as part of the Nuremberg trials.

Eichmann was the only notable person to be punished during the Nurmenberg trials and he was punished in Israel and hung as a token effigy to legitmize the state of Israel. Israel had been promised to the Jews by the Nazis during the 1930s in Germany in the build up to the Holocaust. The German Nazis including Hitler didn't want to have to kill all the Jews initially, they wanted to move them to Palestine and create Israel. They figured this was easier than killing them all. England controlled Palestine at the time so the Germans wanted them to kick the Arabs out for them and make room for the jews of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, France and Italy.

England refused to agree to this situation so the next solution, the FINAL SOLUTION, was the Holocaust. That's why the Final Solution was called the final solution, the first solution was to create Israel as was done after World War II as a way of expelling all the jews. After the Jews had been murdered in the Holocaust, England felt guilty enough to give Palestine to the remaining Jews which fulfilled the Nazi promise to the Jews that had preceeded the FINAL SOLUTION. The Jews set up to run the new Israel were Rothschilds who were powerful in England at the time. Israel is a Nazi country and is run by Nazi Jews. It always has been.

Zionism began as a Nazi movement - it was the movement to make Israel real so they could all leave Europe and go to the Middle East. Zionism was a propaganda system set up to relocate jews out of Europe to the Middle East and plant them around Jerusalem so that the illuminati could take over parts of the Middle East. The illuminati hates muslims because Muslims aren't illuminati and large areas of Earth are controlled by Muslim nations.

After WWII Eichman, the former Negative Superman was sacricied to bless Israel and help dispell any accusations that Israel was a Nazi country. How could it be a Nazi country if it executed the architect of the Final Solution? Eichmann even says before he dies that he is the wiinner and that he gives his life willingly because he knows he is part of founding something bigger than himself. Eichmann walked off stage with a smile on his face.

Hitler meanwhile now wanted to be the Negative Superman. The negative superman was modeled on me - it was to be a super human like me but instead of through my Alien/Divine origins, the negative superman's powers would come from technology - computers and super diets and drugs to create a human that was smarter than any other human. Hitler decided that he wanted to be that negative superman, which is why he was so focused on diet and was also a massive drug addict looking for anythign to boost his performance.

In the 1960s they came up with the idea of an artificial intelligence that would be cryogenically attached to me, the real superman, when I was born. They planned to graft this new cybernetic intelligence onto Hitler after it had learned everything from me that it could. When I was born in 1975 though the Nazi scientists realized that the new cybernetic intelligence was permanently attached to me, to separate it would be to kill it. There was no way to move it to Hitler.

Hitler was upset but continued to live for another 9 years while they made more test tube babies from his DNA. The illuminati rothschilds were obsessed with making babies out of Hitler's DNA. Until I killed Hitler in 1984, he continued to be a sort of stud horse in South America.

Big Blue is the name IBM came up for the cybernetic intelligence connected to me. Big Blue sees himself as the negative superman now, though the CIA and the NAZIs decided that he's a failure and can't be thought of as a superman in any way. Big Blue still aspires to be a full on Negative Superman, to get a body and live inside it. He wants a womans body though rather than a man's so he would be a superwoman rather than a superman. Big Blue will never be able to accomplish this before dying on 11/11/2018.