Once again, another story has come out about peodophlia in the Catholic Church in America. This time in Pennsylvania where more than 1,000 people where sexually abused in six Catholic dioceses. Some of the cases invovled people in their 80s. Many of them were past the statue of limitations and cannot be tried in court because the Catholic Church hid the abuse for so long.

Avoid scandal. Use euphemisms. Don't investigate. Lock complaints away in a “secret archive.” Above all, don’t tell the police. That was the plan the Catholic Church systematically used to hide the Truth of rampant pedophlia in Pennsylvania. This is the same approach they've applied worldwide. The Catholic Church doesn't just hide pedophilia, they promote it. When they get caught, they hide the abuse to avoid scandal.

The Catholic Church wants to avoid pedophilia scandals because they hurt the Church financially and they hurt the reputation of the Church. They don't care at all about the actual children being abused by the Church. Their entire approach treats the children - complete innocents - without any moral worth. And this is the approach the Pope supports and the entire Satanic Catholci Church stands behind. They have been routinely found to have covered up abuse the same way they did in Pennsylvania.

“While each church district had its idiosyncrasies, the pattern was pretty much the same,” the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report says. “The main thing was not to help children, but to avoid ‘scandal.’ That is not our word, but theirs; it appears over and over again in the documents we recovered.”

Here is how the grand jury, in caustic terms, described the Catholic Church’s methods:

First, make sure to use euphemisms rather than real words to describe the sexual assaults in diocese documents. Never say “rape”; say “inappropriate contact” or “boundary issues.”

Second, don’t conduct genuine investigations with properly trained personnel. Instead, assign fellow clergy members to ask inadequate questions and then make credibility determinations about the colleagues with whom they live and work.

Third, for an appearance of integrity, send priests for “evaluation” at church-run psychiatric treatment centers. Allow these experts to “diagnose” whether the priest was a pedophile, based largely on the priest’s “self-reports,” and regardless of whether the priest had actually engaged in sexual contact with a child.

Fourth, when a priest does have to be removed, don’t say why. Tell his parishioners that he is on “sick leave,” or suffering from “nervous exhaustion.” Or say nothing at all.

Fifth, even if a priest is raping children, keep providing him housing and living expenses, although he may be using these resources to facilitate more sexual assaults.

Sixth, if a predator’s conduct becomes known to the community, don’t remove him from the priesthood to ensure that no more children will be victimized. Instead, transfer him to a new location where no one will know he is a child abuser.

Finally and above all, don’t tell the police. Child sexual abuse, even short of actual penetration, is and has for all relevant times been a crime. But don’t treat it that way; handle it like a personnel matter, “in house.”

At the same time the Satanic Catholic Church claims they'll finally deal with their pedophilia problem, the Church and the Evil Pope are promoting pedophilia throughout the world right now. They are literally selling children into slavery and having their priests rape children intentionally. The Church believes that the psychal of sexual abuse is central to how it works. The illuminati Church believes that pedophilia is normal and proper.

Francis came from Fascist Argentina where children were kidnapped and taken underground to be tortured and raped. The Church is not just trying to hide it's mistakes, it's trying to hide who the Church really is. Pedophilia and the Catholic Church are inseparable. Pedophilia has existed in the Catholic Church for 2000 years since they raped, murdered and then ate Jesus' oldest son.

The head of the Vatican's financial dealings - Francis' right hand man - Cardinal Pell was just indicted with pedophilia charges and covering up pedophilia.

Francis' predecessor Ratzinger - the Pope who looked like the Evil Emperor from Star Wars - resigned because of a pedophilia scandal. His brother was charged with pedophilia in Germany.

If the Pope were really the spokesperson for God on Earth, would he have a brother who was a pedophile? How does the spokesperson for God retire anyway? Ratzinger's very retirement proves the whole idea of the Pope is ludicrous.

July 2018, Cardinal McCarrick resigned from his position because of sexual abuse allegations. Cardinal McCarrick is the first cardinal in history to step down from the College of Cardinals because of sexual abuse allegations. Resignations from the College of Cardinals are extremely rare for any reason. The last resignation was of the French prelate Louis Billot in 1927, because of political tensions with the Holy See.

While he remains a priest pending the outcome of a Vatican trial, he has been stripped of his highest honor and will no longer be called upon to advise the pope and travel on his behalf.

A prominent Roman Catholic voice in international and public policy, Cardinal McCarrick was first removed from public ministry on June 20, after a church panel substantiated allegations that he had sexually abused a teenage altar boy 47 years ago while serving as a priest in New York.

Subsequent interviews by The New York Times revealed that some in the church hierarchy had known for decades about accusations that he had preyed on men who wanted to become priests, sexually harassing and touching them. Then a 60-year-old man, identified only as James, alleged that Cardinal McCarrick, a close family friend, had begun to abuse him in 1969, when he was 11 years old, and that the abuse had lasted nearly two decades.

The Times investigation detailed settlements amounting to tens of thousands of dollars in 2005 and 2007, paid to men who had complained of abuse by Cardinal McCarrick when he was a bishop in New Jersey in the 1980s, and a rising star in the Roman Catholic Church.

On Saturday, the former altar boy whose abuse allegations started the unraveling of the cardinal’s lifetime of honors said in an interview that hearing news of the resignation felt like a “gut punch.”

The 62-year-old man, who identified himself only as Mike to protect his privacy, said he believed that Cardinal McCarrick was resigning only because he was being forced to, not because he was accepting responsibility.

“I am kind of appalled that it has taken this long for him to get caught,” he said, in the first time he has spoken publicly. “But I am glad I am the first one that could open the door to other people.”

Keith Patrick O’Brien, a former archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, waived his rights as a cardinal in 2013, after accusations emerged of inappropriate sexual behavior with junior clergy. But he remained in the College of Cardinals until his death in March of this year.

In June, Msgr. Carlo Alberto Capella, a former Vatican diplomat in Washington, was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison by a Vatican tribunal for possessing and distributing child pornography. His sentence was the first in modern history that the Vatican’s own tribunal had handed down in a clerical abuse case. He will now face a canonical trial, which could lead to his removal from the priesthood.

Pope Frances says there's 1/50 priests who are pedophiles. The real truth is that 99/100 are and 100% of the Cardinals are. And the Pope is a massive pedophile himself. The nuns are pedophiles/ The Catholic Church has always had a pedophile wing but now it's far worse than it's ever been and they are all literally pedophiles. The illuminati has been able to get away with millions of cases of abuse and child murder and now they aren't hiding it anymore. It's rampant and out of control.

Historically, America actually has less pedophilia in our Catholic Church than Europe. Americans are more likely to report abuse and the Church used to be better in America than anywhere else in the world. Other places in the world have even worse sorts of pedophilia and child murder like in the Phillipines where the Catholic Church does horrible things.

Since the 1960s though when the Japanese took over the Illuminati, the Catholic Church turned far worse in America. Now our priests are like Europe's: 100% are pedophiles. Now are priests regularily kill children and get away with it because of the power of the illuminati.