Jesus Christ had 4 children with his wife Mary Magdelena. Mary and he got married and had children over the course of a decade before Jesus was murdered by the Romans whne he was betrayed by Paul (who was really Judas). 1 of the children Mary bore Jesus was murdered by Paul and then Paul ate the child.

The illuminati have been trying to hide the descendants of Jesus christ or eliminate them for thousands of years now. The basic idea behind Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code is correct - Jesus did have children and they still live among us.

Mary Magdelena was not a prostititute. She was a Royal Princess of the Jewish House of Benjamin who would escort men to high society functions. In the ancient world, if you were someone like a Princess you would go on arranged dates with men at high society functions. Mary was in this dating phase - she was supposed to get married soon - when she met Jesus.

Mary got tired of these arranged dates and decided to arrange her own marriage. That's when she became interested in Jesus Christ who was a stoner who preached a radical version of God's teaching. Jesus had amassed a great following and Mary was interested in learning more about him. They then fell in love and got married and had children.

Jesus was older than Mary by a decade and was really murdered by the romans when he was 52 not 30. Jesus met mary when she was 30 and she was 42 when he was murdered. Mary was 43 when she was lobotomized by Paul. Paul murdered her at the age of 50.

Mary was one of Jesus' original apostles but she was written out by the Catholic Illuminati becaues they wanted to exclude women from the Catholic Church. The church that Jesus and Mary created had a strong role for women and while Jesus preached, Mary ran the financial aspects and political aspects of the organization. Da Vinci did paint Mary Magdelena into the Last Supper and it was erased by the Catholic Church.

Paul was actually Judas in the BIble. Paul was an illuminati tax collector who became part of the group of Apostles and then betrayed Jesus and gave him up to the Romans.

Paul is said to have written 95% of the Bible and yet he is not one of Jesus' Apostles in the Bible and supposedly never knew him personally. Really, Judas was Paul and Paul made his name Paul up afterwards so he could control Christ's message for the Satanic Illuminati, while separating his antagonist role as "judas.

The reason Judas is called Judas is that the name Judas was associated in early Jewish culture with the great rebel Judas who fought against the Romans and tried to get the Jews liberated. Paul used the name "Judas" for the man who betrayed Christ because wanted to disparage this other Judas who lived a generation before Christ.

Paul worked for the Roman illuminati which controlled both the Romans and the highest levels of Judiasm at the time. In the Ancient biblical world, the Jews were fractured into different tribes. Jesus and Mary's union came at a very revolutionary state in the ancient world.

The Tribe with the most power was the House of Benjamin who Mary Magdelena belonged to. Jesus Christ was of the House of Dan, which was a tribe made up of former slaves who had won their independence through daring in war. Christ' father was black and a great Jewish military general who ecaped from slavery by killing his master and his masters family.

Jesus was half black and considered an outcast. Mary was the wealthiest person in the House of Benjamin and a member of the top elite society. She was literally the biggest catch in the ancient world. Mary was a Royal Princess from the most Royal House. She was in line to be the Queen of the Jews once her father died. She would be the most powerful Jewish person at the time once her father died. She would set policy for all the tribes.

When Jesus and Mary got married they created an alliance that threatened the House of Benjamin itself and the entitre illuminati in the Ancient world. Their children were the rightful Kings of the Jews. And they were changing Jewish culture - removing slavery from it and freeing slaves who were in turn becoming Christians. Chistianity was spreading amongst the highest levels of Roman and Jewish society while also gaining converts with the poorest and lowest levels of soceity.

The illuminati is made up of the top levels of society and the lowest. The Pope and the Mafia. The US politicians and the MS-13. It was like that too in the ancient world. It was a secret society of Masons who controlled the Roman and Jewish nobility as well as the peasants and thieves.

The chruch structure that Mary and Jesus was creating was such a great threat to the illuminati because it too worked on multiple levels of society. Like the Masonic Satanists, the Christians following Christ were trying to change all of society. They were trying to create a revolution in the ancient world to do away with slavery and Satanic rituals which were not real magic but mere artifice to fake control.

The reason Paul/Judas was sent to take Jesus down was because the entire illuminati feared Jesus so much. They saw him as a military leader who was financed by the weatlhiest Jewish family in the world. Together Mary and Jesus were creating an international Church to spread Christ's teachings, Mary was using her money to generate scrolls recording Jesus' words that were spreading throughout the world.

The illuminati sent Paul/Judas in with a specific mission - to destroy him, his church, and to turn over both Jesus and Mary to the Romans to be executed. Paul was successful in all those missions. He turned over Jesus, abducted Mary and had her lobotmized and then raped her for 7 years before murdering her. Paul wanted to have children with Mary since Jesus had. Most of the aborted children who emerged he ate.

When Paul abducted Mary, he was also able to abduct her youngest child who was only a baby. That child was born when Jesus and Mary had sex while he was resurrected. The baby was considered divine and thought to be immortal. Paul ate the baby thinking it would make him immortal which of course it didn't. He then took Mary prisoner hoping to eat more of Mary's babies.

The 3 other ophaned children descended from Jesus and Mary escaped and had children of their own. Many of them had a lot of children. The old saying "a 7th son of a 7th son" is because the descendants of Jesus had big families - 7 children or more (some were girls obviously). Once you do the math, over generations the number of Jesus descendants was massive. Despite all of the purges over history, 50% of the world's population is descended from Jesus Christ now.

Ever since the Children of Jesus escaped Paul/Judas the Catholic Church has been on a war to hunt down all the descendants of Jesus Christ and kill or enslave them all. Periodically they have been successful in periodic purges like the Russians did with to the Jews with their Pograms. Over the 3rd to 12th centuries though the descendants flourished and expanded into new territories.

For much of the first thousand years after Christ was born, the descendants of Jesus were able to escape persecution at least in certain areas. Under the Cathar Empire, the descendants of Jesus had kingdoms in France, Spain and Southern Germany. These Kingdoms were run by Cathars who practiced a true form of Christianity that the Catholic Church wanted stamped out.

In the 11th Century the Catholic Church launched the first inquisition which was a war against these Kingdoms and the descendants of Jesus Christ who controlled them. The inquisition was a mass scale attempt at Genocide as they attempted to kill every Cathar they could find.

The Cathars then retreated underground into caves and became the D'ro. The Cathar Kingdom had always relied on caves and they were able to avoid Catholic attacks before by moving to caves during periods of attack. During the Second Inquisition they were forced underground and essentially stamped out above ground.

The Holocaust was the final purge of the descendants of Jesus Christ. What unites many of the Jews, Roma, Slavs and Poles who died in the Holocaust was that they were descendants of Jesus Christ. Really the target was not so much those groups, as the descendants of Jesus Christ in general. The illuminati is in a war with the descendants of Jesus.

The Holocaust happened because they knew that the Messiah would have Jewish blood. They didn't realize that my Jewish blood came from multiple fathers. So they hoped to kill all the Jews also to prevent the Messiah from coming. They also did the same thing to the Roma thinking they would stop Anastasia from coming.