So the Pope has come out saying that HELL does not exist.

He did an interview with an Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari right before Easter Weekend. During the meeting Scalfari asked the pope where "bad souls" go, to which he was quoted as responding: "They are not punished. Those who repent obtain God's forgiveness and take their place among the ranks of those who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot be forgiven disappear. A hell doesn't exist, the disappearance of sinning souls exists."

Francis is VERY CLEAR: HELL DOES NOT EXIST. Evil souls are not punished, they just dissappear. The Pope's words also sound exactly like tricky Catholic pseudo logic. Basically what the Pope said is that if you say your sorry for your sins before God then you get to go to Heaven. IT doesn't matter how many sins your comitted or how horrendous they were. God forgives you. No one has to go to Hell. Those who refuse to ask for forgiveness just disappear - their souls just go away. Francis said while washing the prisoners feet, "God never abandons us, never tires of forgiving us." The message is that there are no consequences for sin - you just need to ask for forgiveness at the end of your life.

Now the Catholic Church is trying to walk that back and say he was misquoted in the Scalfari interview. That's all bullshit. Their is no way the Catholic Church allows any interview of the Pope to be published without first looking it over and making sure that they agree with everything. They've denied things this interviewer has said before and yet the Pope keeps meeting with him. The Pope knew exactly what he was doing when he said Hell doesn't exist. He's just trying to walk it back now that there's an international uproar from Catholics.

Why does the Pope want to get rid of Hell? IT's because the Catholic Church still wants to support pedophilia. It's because they still are the church of the Mafia. They never really believed in Hell in the first place. They are the Church of the Great Beast. They murdered Jesus Christ. They raped his wife Mary Magdelena. They want to tell everyone it's OK to sin. Your Priests pedophilia is just him being distant from God - he'll learn eventually and then God will forgive him. He might molest thousands of children first, that's just God's fault. There's no need for the Catholic Church to stop sin in their own Church - God will just forgive them.

This idea of God's forgiveness absolving sin is a key part of the Catholic Lie. The entire idea of confession is unholy and designed to enable sin. Do some hail mary's after you molest a child and you're OK with God. How does that make any sense? It's possible to redeem yourself, but your Priest is not helping you get to redemption. Your priest is telling you it's OK to sin.

God is not happy with the Pope. This Pope is the most evil Pope in the history of Popes and there have been a lot of Evil Popes. After Pope Francis' remarks denying the existence of Hell, the very ceiling at St Peter's Basilica where the Pope performs Easter rituals started falling on people. Francis was also was just diagnosed with Cataracts because God thinks his vision is so bad. Pope Francis is a fool and a sick evil man. Francis is a DUMB horrible SATANIST who helped dictators murder children in Argentina. He will be punished for all of his many many sins.

Hell does exist. Hell's purpose is to punish us so that we can reach enlightenment even after we die. People who sin are punished for their sins. They are punished so that they realize that they made the wrong choice. God treats humans in hell like children that have flunked their courses and now have to be held back a year. Except rather than getting another shot at Earth, these students are so bad they have to go to hellish prison.

Pain in Hell is a billion times worse than pain on Earth. Fear in Hell is a billion times worse than fear on Earth. Everything in Hell is designed for maximum impact. The interesting thing is that people still don't learn in Hell. Usually a bad soul is just not fixable. Your soul is not separate from your genetics. It is the sum total of your genetics. It's a whole that is greater than the sum of it's parts, but your genetics are still part of the whole. Bad souls are usually dumb, narcissistic, greedy psychopaths. Those type of people never learn.

Jesus did bring the idea of Hell to Earth to warn people that their choices on Earth do have consequences. Hell didn't always exist. God created it because humans were such horrible sinners and needed to be taught a lesson. Jesus warned them of Hell so that they would have a chance to avoid it.