Pope Francis is a Satanic child murderer

Pope Francis is the child of Adolf Hitler - that's why he was made Pope. 

It has been well documented that Hitler lived in ARgentina up until the 1980s.  There are first hand accounts after the war from spy agencies including the CIA that he had relocayted to ARgentian.  Because the CIA is controlled by the Illuminati they allowed him to escape from Europe.    

This is the same ARgentina that Pope Francis grew up in at the same time.  Not only were they both in Argentina at the same time, Francis is actually a child of Adolf Hitler.  He is not as old as they say he is.  He's actually a decade younger.  He was one of the first children Hitler had when he relocated after 1945.

Hitler sired many children in Argentina.  That's where the whole "Boys of Brazil" story came from.

It's been well documented that the Catholic Church was allied with the Nazis and aided many Nazis in esccaping Eruoipe to South America via their "ratlines".  Ar

That's why there was a giant trove of Nazi artifcts just found in Argentina.  That was actually Hitler's stuff he had brought with him.   When he died, they put it away in a secret vault hoping he would come back like Jesus some day (whcih he never did because he's in Hell).