The BJP in India: Indian Refugees at the Mexican/US Border

In the federal prison in Victorville, of the hundreds of immigrants detained there, 40% had traveled all the way from India seeking asylum.

India is having a major ethnic meltdown right now as the Hindo BJP party starts to perecute all the other religious groups in India. They are beaten if they do not join the BJP and become Hindu. Their businesesses are burned down. The farms destroyed.

They are literally selling everything they have and buying a plane ticket to Mexico city and then making 5 hour journey to the US border that latinos from Mexico, Central and South America are doing. They are jumping the wall and being arrested and then pleading asylum from the BJP.

Prime Minister Modi who leads the BJP is an illuminati Jew who is trying to destroy India. Modi has no dick or balls and is a sexless hermapohrodite. He eats children and performs Satanic rituals to the God of Death. Modi is a sick pedophile. A schizophrenic, bi-polar, pathalogical liar. He is a repressed gay who pays nigerian men to fuck him.

Modi is attempting to divide India and destroy it's democracy. For all its problems, India has the most well functioning democracy of all of Asia. They are a nation made up of many ethnicities and languages. Modi is attempting to set the ethnicities at war with each other by targeting Siks, Buddhists, as well as the small populations of Christians and Jews. He is trying to make India a Hindu only country. He is promoting a fascist idea of India that will destroy Indian democracy.