Rodrigo Duterte - Chinese Dog and low-life dickless Jew

Duterte is one of the vilest Jewish illuminati tyrrants in the world right now. Duterte is a lobotmized robot controlled by his Jewish and Chinese masters. He is like the stupidest African Warlord you can find who used his drug money and his Jewish Satanic connections to become President of the Phillipines. Duterte is extremely dumb. His family runs drugs for the Chinese Illuminati. He has no dick or balls. Duterte is a hairless jew. He is a cross-dressing faggot who murders little boys while he's dressed as his mother.

Duterte is the idiot who likes to make jokes about rape all the time. He told his own soldiers who are committing horrible atrocities in the phillipines that "If you raped three (women), I will admit it, that's on me."

The reason Duterte makes all these jokes about rape is that he's insecure about his manhood and he thinks that by joking about rape he's showing he's a man. In reality, Duterte is just a dumb shit eating hermaphrodite who has no dick or balls. His lack of penis and his diminutive size have made him really insecure.

Duterte is a sadistic fucktard who takes out his insanity and self-loathing out on others. He has run a brutal regime in the Philippines. His organized crime family runs drugs, child slaves, sex slaves, slaves and weapons to evil people througout the world.

Duterte over the last couple of years has murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people claiming they were "drug dealers". This is a front for genocide and targeting of particular Filipino ethnicities. Duterte has said about his genocidal ambitions - "Throw them in the ocean or the quarry. Make it clean. Make sure there are no traces of the bodies."

The Catholic Pedophile Church is extremely strong in the Phillipines and the Illuminati use Duterte to control the country. 85% of the country is Catholic. Duterte is a pedophile who rapes little girls with rifles. He runs the pedophlia system in the Phillipines for the Illuminati Catholics. Pedophilia is so extensive in the Phillipines that it hardly ever gets reported. The Catholic Church controls the country with an iron grip. Japan - also Illuminati power structure - makes sure that the Fillipinos have absolutely no freedom. Their country is ridden with corruption, drug violence and pedophilia brought by the Satanic Illuminati.

Duterte has sold his country to the Chinese Triads. The Chinese communist party controls Duterte like a bitch dog. In the last couple of years, Rodrigo has bent over numerous times to let the Phillippines get ass raped by China. He's made 3 trips in a couple of months to go like Chairman Xi's Jewish vaginas. Duterte recently even declared his love for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

"More than anybody else at this time of our national life, I need China," Duterte said at a briefing on March 9, adding that China's help is a "very important ingredient."

Meanwhile Rodrigo is allowing the Chinese to rape the Fillipino economy. Duterte only cares about maintaining his drug empire. Rodrigo is like a stupid columbian drug dealer who thinks just because the Chinese let his bitch ass make some money they won't murder him as soon as it makes sense for them. The Chinese have video of Duterte getting pissed on by a goat and licking the Goats asshole. They have blackmailed the shit out of him which is why he licks the shit of their boots.

The Chinese also have taken over the South China seas with its vast oil reserves which guarantees the Fillipino people will be poor for another couple of generations at least. Why the Fillipino people don't have dipshit Duterte shot on the street, I have no idea. If I were them, I'd be ashamed of my lack of courage. Duterte is obviously one of the stupidest, vile hermaphrodites on the face of the Earth. Duterte is killiing their children, selling them off to the Catholic Church. The Fillipino people are just letting him destroy their country and people.

Meanwhie Duterte has shit all over the historic relationship between the USA and the Phillipines. Why anyone would choose to be the bitch dog slave of the Chinese rather than work with America is beyond me or anyone else in the world's comprehension. The only possible answer is yes, Duterte is THAT STUPID.

In his first 100 days in office, shit-eating Jew Duterte managed to destroy the US/Phillipines alliance. All because the US refused to sell his drug gang weapons. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte marked the week leading to his first 100 days in office with renewed attacks on the country's alliance with the United States. The most recent of his near daily outbursts came during a series of speeches given in Manila. Duterte announced "I will break up with America" in response to an alleged refusal by Washington to not sell weaponry to the Philippines. Russia and China, Duterte continued, had both offered to provide weaponry should the Philippines request it.

Idiot Duterete seems to think the Chinese are nice people who give things away for free. WHAT AN IDIOT. Duterte should just go back to getting fucked by Africans in the brothels of the Philllipines - THAT IS THE ONLY THING HE IS GOOD AT - TAKING DICK IN THE ASS.

Duterte's stock with the US government cannot fall much further. Immediately after coming to power Duterte launched a wave of extrajudicial killings in pursuit of his self-proclaimed war on drug dealers and addicts (while meanwhile he's trying to take over the drug trade). Amid the international condemnation for these killings, Duterte has likened himself to Hitler and indicating he would happily kill more. Duterte has insulted the US Ambassador to Manila Philip Goldberg, calling him a "gay son of a bitch," and has directed vulgar language at President Barack Obama and said that he can "go to hell."

That was just in 2016!!!! How this guy does not have a bullet in his head already, I really don't know. It astounds me someone hasn't shot him yet.

The Attack in Manila 2017 was organized by the Illuminati. They were angry at Duterte for being so stupid and failing to keep is big fat mouth shut. Duterte's jokes about raping and his tendency to call American diplomats "faggots" (even though he is the biggest faggot in the Philippines) was annoying Duterte Jewish and Chinese masters. They attacked Manila to punish Duterte for not following orders. Duterte is a dog that has to be put down like a dog. He is an abused dog who attacks anyone. That's why even the illuminati wanted to kill him.