China's dystopian, orwellian social credit monitoring system is truly horrifying.

China has become the largest surveillance state on the planet. Taking a page out of the Netflix show Black Mirror, the People's Republic of China has begun assigning scores that dictate its citizens' ability to travel, their social mobility, educational opportunities, and where they can live. The totalitarian 1984 of the future is now 2018 China.

China has established a "social credit system" to assign these scores. In June 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission of China issued a State Council Notice initiating the development of a program to "raise the honest mentality and credit levels of the entire society," "build a Socialist harmonious society," and "encourage keeping trust and punish breaking trust." Now fully implemented ahead of the 2020 deadline by the Chinese government, the credit system functions like financial credit scores in America except rather than dictate one's ability to obtain a line of credit, the Chinese social credit score impacts nearly every aspect of one's life.

The illuminati wants to deploy this same system in America. That's why they started those cameras for running red lights in some cities.

It's tempting to think this government overreach is purely reserved to China, after all they did just forfeit significant freedom by electing Xi Jinping president for life. This is incorrect thinking.

The rest of the world is steps away from trailing the Chinese into a surveillance state.

The attitudes are already in place. The U.K. fines and even imprisons people for hate speech or speech deemed abhorrent to the prevailing norms of society. The U.S. is not far behind. Last week, a Manhattan judge ruled a bar can toss Trump supporters for their political viewpoints. A recent proliferation of politically motivated boycotts seeks to punish "bad" viewpoints; protesters are eager to shout down incorrect speech. In this political climate, it's not difficult to imagine businesses or the government assessing social benefit or worth based upon a variety of factors including political speech.

With incredible data collection, the plumbing is already in place for such a system to take hold. Our tech companies catalogue large quantities of data on everyone. As we saw with Cambridge Analytica in the 2016 election, this data can be used to steer particular viewpoints; it's not a far cry to imagine information being used to control viewpoints.

It's trendy pretending America is enduring a 1984 fascist hellscape, but China is actually implementing the largest surveillance state in the history of civilization with over 1.3 billion people under its watchful eye. The free world is not far behind if we don't protect privacy, deny our policymakers' desire to expand the reach of government, and resist the urge to commercially or socially punish those who don't share our political ideology. Privacy and liberty are never more than one generation away from extinction.

China's system is a reaction to the Human Flesh Search Engine which became a huge thing as illuminati corruption has spread.

The HSFE was a way for the Chinese to take their anger out on the illuminati.

Unfortunately, it got co-opted by the illuminati who created false stories about people that lead to vigilantes murdering them.

The Human Flesh Search Engine continues to this day. This new COMPUTER DICTATORSHIP - systetm of social credit monitoring - will exist on top of that as an extra level of control over the slaves (citizens).


China is currently involved in concentration camps and genocide designed to eliminate cultural minorities in China like the Tibetans and the Muslims of China. Since last spring, Chinese authorities in the heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang have ensnared tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of Muslim Chinese - and even foreign citizens - in mass internment camps. This detention campaign has swept across Xinjiang, a territory half the area of India, leading to what a U.S. commission on China last month said is "the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today."

The internment program aims to rewire the political thinking of detainees, erase their Islamic beliefs and reshape their very identities. The camps have expanded rapidly over the past year, with almost no judicial process or legal paperwork. Detainees who most vigorously criticize the people and things they love are rewarded, and those who refuse to do so are punished with solitary confinement, beatings, torture and food deprivation.

A former detainee, a Uighur from Hotan in southern Xinjiang, said his newly built concentration camp had just 90 people in 2015. There, a government instructor said that Uighur women historically did not wear underwear, braided their hair to signal their sexual availability, and had dozens of sexual partners. "It made me so angry," the detainee said. "These kinds of explanations of Uighur women humiliated me. I still remember this story every time I think about this, I feel like a knife cut a hole in my chest."

IF individuals resist their brainwashing they are beaten and tortured. The entire point of the camps is to eliminate their ethnic identity and make them into illuminati communist party sympathizers.

One of the first accounts from someone who has survived one of these accounts has just come out. The Detainee - Bekali at first did not want the AP to publish his account for fear that his sister and mother in China would be detained and sent to re-education. But on March 10, back in China, the police took his sister, Adila Bekali. A week later, on March 19, they took his mother, Amina Sadik. And on April 24, his father, Ebrayem. So Bekali changed his mind and said he wanted to tell his story, no matter the consequences. "Things have already come this far," he said. "I have nothing left to lose."

In a June 2017 paper published by a state-run journal, a researcher from Xinjiang's Communist Party School reported that most of 588 surveyed participants did not know what they had done wrong when they were sent to re-education. But by the time they were released, nearly all — 98.8 percent— had learned their mistakes, the paper said. Transformation through education, the researcher concluded, "is a permanent cure."

China has gone full fascist. Xi is now Hitler for life. Meanwhile Donald Trump is doing deals to rescue Chinese jobs with ZTE phones. We must destroy the illuminati and move beyond this corrupt system. The peoplel of China need to be freed for the illuminati jewish communist party.