Australia began as a penal colony. The Queen wanted to get rid the criminals in England so she sent them to Australia.

The people who settled Australia were all prisoners and most of them belonged to various organized crime families who were all illuminati. This lead the illuminati to take control of Australia almost immediately. As Americans we naturally think that Australia is like us a land of immigrants who took the land from their native people but we are not at all the same. England is a place where free people still live, though the Queen of England is trying to murder them all. No one is free in Australia - they are all illuminati slaves.

This explains why Australia is one of the worst countries to live in because it's totally dominated s by the illuminati. The Japanese also are so close to Australia they think of it as their country. Meanwhile the illuminati British Royal family thinks of it as theirs. They don't have any real sense of identity.

Really bad stuff happens in Australia but we never hear about it because they are so far away and the illuminati keeps the news secret. Australia has for centuries waged a vicious war against the Aboriginals who were native to Australia. They murder their children all the time.

People like Nicole Kidman and Toni Collete are witches who think they get aborginal powers by murdering and eating Aboriginals. They've both killed and eaten thousands of Aboriginals. They take their children and raise them as slaves. The perform weird magical rituals involving child sacrifice with their slaves.

Nicole murdered the boy who stared with her Australia. The boy was actually a slave of hers. She got angry with him at one point and murdered him. Nicole has murdered millions of Aborigines as well as other people. She murders little children all the time as part of her witch spells.

Illuminati witches are really trying to control their chaotic lives with all their weird spells. The illuminati witches like Nicole and Toni have no real magical powers. Some witches do have magical powers but not the illuminati ones. They are just insane and think that by killing little children they can control their reality. Both of the actresses murder little girls before they audition for a mother role because they think that by murdering little children they'll somehow magically get the role.

What it's really about is control. They don't like not having control. Both Nicole and Tony are illuminati Jews who have billions of dollars to spend. Toni will buy her acting roles. If she doesn't get them, she'll threaten to murder the director or his family. Nicole used to do the same thing before her career took off.

The illuminati are crueler to the Aborigines than any other group. The Japanese illuminati hate the fact that they are part Aboriginal so they Australia to do the worst things imaginable to them. Because Australia is so close to Japan the Japanese control Australia like a little dog on a leash.