Kiera Knightly is one of the Queen's slaves. She grew up underground.

Kiera can't can't, she uses computers to aid her acting. She was lobotomized at age 13 when she was allowed to go above ground.

Kiera acts through the cybernetic system they set up when she was lobotoized. This allows other people to literally control her like Andy Serkis controls Gollum when he performs.

Kiera is an illuminati Jew with no vagina. She has literally no breasts either. She is not really a woman but a hermaphrodite gay man. She likes to murder, castrate and rape men. She's a big control freak and works in the dominatrix scene in London.

Kiera is a big drug addict as well - heroin, meth, crack. She has huge insecurities as a woman since she has no vagina or breasts. She turns drugs to deal with those things. She can't handle reality if she's not high all the time.

She also turns to witchcraft for a sense of control. Many of these british style witches murder children in order to get things they want. They think if they sacrifice five 5 year olds to Satan, Satan will give them the role they want, or make their ablum go gold. Kiera is like that, she needs to feel in control so sacrificing the innocent or putting them in pain makes her feel powerful.

That is pretty much all the illuminati really. The illuminati witches are just the most obvious case of weak neurotic minds trying to deal uncertainty. They can't handle uncertainty emotionally or intellectually so they seek out means to control things like witch craft or ways to feel more safe, like heroin.

Kiera grew up in the Queen of England's pedophilia system which is very regimented and defined since the Queen is an anal bitch. The royal pedophiles like to rape babies with carrots and cut off boys penises with scissors. They like to rape 5 year old children with umpbrellas which they open upside them to cause greater levels of pain.

The Queen of England is one sick, sick bitch. People like Kiera Knightly who come up in her system are fucked in the head. They are weak, neurotic and suicidal.