The Manchester Nail Bombing and the Stone Roses

The Queen of England and the illuminati organized the nail bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester where the illuminati murdered 22 children and parents and injured more than a hundred others. Ariana Grande also knew about the attack and helped lend her name to it to attrack children to be murdered.

Ariana Grande is a stupid illuminati inbred Jew. She's part of the Mexican Mafia, MS13 and the Armenian Mafia and can't sing at all. The illuminati made a career for her. She is a witch who murders children and thinks she can remain young forever by drinking the blood of babies descended from Jesus Christ. She is a mental retard and the product of plastic surgery and implants.

The nail bomb attack caused hundreds of people to flee in terror, with young people at the concert separated from their parents in the chaos. It left a scene of carnage inside the concert venue, where medics described treating wounds consistent with shrapnel injury. It was the most deadly terrorist attack in Britain in a decade.

The attack was an attack on me and Manchester and the Stone Roses. Reni - the drummer from the Manchester band the Stone Roses was at the concert with his daughter who is a couple of years older than my daughter.

Reni - with his trademark bucket hat - is my favorite drummer and the Stone Roses one of my favorite bands of all time. Reni's drumming was huge for me growing up. His sense of rhythm always amazed me. He also sang back up to lead singer Ian Brown and played bass for most of the stuff attributed to Mani the band's bassist.

Reni was the most talented member of the Stone Roses. John Squire was the other massive talent and Ian Brown was a master showman and had a beautiful voice when he found it. He also created some great songs with Unkle.

They are all extremely talented people - even Mani, the Ringo of the band. For me though, Reni was my favorite. I would google the internet just to find video of Reni improving his drumming like a jazz musician would.

The Stone Roses had a very difficult career because the illuminati persecuted them partly because they were my favorite British band and the Queen of England hates me. Of course, the Roses also did all for the Queen's execution in the Roses' Elizabeth my Dear.

Reni had a particularily hard career with the Roses. Unlike Ian Brown and John Squire, Reni wasn't allowed to make a new band and release original material. He created a band and wrote a lot of material and recorded it but was not allowed to release it. Reni improved his electric guitar plyaing and played all the instruments on the album.

The album was about to be released when the illuminati pulled the plug on it and wouldn't let Reni release his music. Meanwhile this all happened over the course of 8 years or so and I was always checking in on new developments with the Roses - particularily Reni's project which never had an official name. That's why they wouldn't let him release it, because I was so excited to hear what Reni had been working on.

The illuminati announced to other people in the illuminati that Reni and his daughter died in the nail bombing but they didn't actually die, they were kidknapped and are being kept in a concentration camp in Scotland by the Queen of England. They are still being kept there and have been there for over a year now.

Other people did die in the nail bombing. More than the official count. The Queen used nails because she was trying to nail down Manchester - keep them from rebelling. The Queen has had a long history of exploiting the working class of Manchester - often with the threat of death used to enforce wage slavery.

It was also an attack on me and my daughter. The message being that the Queen of England would murder my daughter if that was what was necessary to nail down my colloboration with the Illuminati. The Queen was sending me the message that she would murder my daughter if I didn't submit to the illuminati's evil plans.

The Queen of England is sitting on hundreds of hours of music recordings by the Stone Roses, Reni's band, John Squire's other projects and Ian Brown's solo work. Like the Beach Boys, there is a treasure trove of never heard recordings that the Queen of England refuses to let the world hear.