The Illuminati Satanic British Royal Family named their latest royal Louis after the French King Louis the 14th. This was a huge insult to the British people since France has always been their historical enemy. Both Britain and France tried to take each other over, with France reigning over England for a period. To name the British Prince Louis was very insulting. To compound the insult they even pronounce "Louis" in the french manner and lose the S). The poor baby was cursed when the illuminati chose him to have that name.

This photograph was taken on the Princess Charlotte's third birthday, May 2, in a quiet moment where the Prince appears to be sleeping soundly as she plants a kiss on his forehead. Louis is sleeping really soundly because Louis is dead. He is dead in this picture. The illuminati had Charlotte kiss him as a sending off to the otherworld. She is kissing a dead baby in that photo.

When babies die they do not go to Heaven. Rather, they are reincarnated since babies have not had a chance to show whether they are good or evil people yet. The souls are simply moved to another baby about to be born somewhere else in the world.

The British Royal family cannot concieve babies naturally or even through IVF. The only way they can have children now is with CRISPR technology like all the other illuminati hermaphrodites. So Louis was made with CRISPR and thus had all the genetic problems that CRISPR BABIES do. He didn't live past the first week.

The Royal family has already stolen another baby to replace Louis. If the new "Louis'" genetics were tested it would be proven that the new baby is not the real Louis and shares no DNA with the Royal Family.

The Irony is that the Royal Families DNA isn't even Royal. With Victoria the Illuminati installed their Satanic Jewish bloodline and murdered all the true British Royals left (most had already been murdered and replaced, the Queen was the final piece in the puzzle). That's why she was called Queen Victoria. It was a victory for the illuminati over the British Royals and the British people.

So the British Royal Family are all illuminati Jews. Victoria was actually a dark illuminati Jew who used to bleech her face.

The actually did a DNA study to test Richard the Third's DNA against 5 members of the current British Royal family and it turned out that they were NOT RELATED. Scientists were intrigued to find that the DNA did not match, suggesting that a "non–paternity event" occurred somewhere between Edward III and his descendants. In other words, someone was unknowingly illegitimate.

The scientsts make this sound like there was a bastard child somewhere in the Royal Line which really doesn't sound that crazy in the time of Game of Thrones. But they're really covering up a much bigger story. The real story is that around the time of Victoria the Illuminati had sucessfully murdered the entire British Royal extended family and replaced them with illuminati Jews. Queen Victory was the final Royal to be assissinated and replaced by an Illuminati Jew.

This has been a massive illuminati coverup since before Victoria's birth. It was a massive conspiracy by the Illuminati to take over their biggest enemy at the time. The British had rejected the Catholic Church with Henry the 8th and thus were relatively autonomous from the Catholic illuminati. The illuminati even changed a paiting of Richard the 3rd to make him have dark hair like Queen Victoria did rather than the blond hair he actdually had in the painting. The DNA evidence indicates that he has a high probability of having blue eye colour and blond hair and yet this painting shows him with darkish brown hair like Victoria.

Kate Middleton is also an illuminati Jew. Officially, Kate Middleton is a Jew from a maternal line of non-practicing, assimilated and poor Sephardic Jews aligned to the Church of England. Her mother whose maiden name is Goldsmith is an illuminati Jew. Kate is not truly a "commoner." Her family was just one of the poorer illuminati Jewish families in England.

The illuminati Jews who are impersonating the British Royal Family always make sure that they keep their bloodline Illuminati Jigger. Markle is also an illuminati Jew - she's not actually African American - she's just a dark illuminati Jew. Markle's actual first name is "Rachel". Meghan thinks that name is too Jewish so she goes by Meghan.

Kind of makes sense that Markle is a dark Jew from Hollywood. What the Royal Family really wants is to have closer relationships with Illuminati Jewish Hollywood so that the movie industry will keep doing fluff movies about the Royal Family and make them seem like they're really important when really they're just illuminati Jewish leeches on the British People.

Harry is not in love with Markle, and Markle is not in love with Harry. It is purely a business relationship. The reason Queen Bitch had Harry pick Markle is that there's a lot of tension in the UK over the recent deporation of black people from the Carribean who arrrived in 1948 - 1971. They have been called the Windbush generation. They represent a policy that continued until 1971. Now all of these people who immigrated to England over a 20 year period could be deported for absolutely no reason. All of them have been living in England for at least 45 years.

These immigrants came through legal channels on the Windbush but were never given official passports or naturalization records. The British Home Office did not keep a record of those granted leave to remain or issue any paperwork confirming it - meaning it is difficult for Windrush arrivals to prove they are in the UK legally. In 2010, landing cards belonging to Windrush migrants were destroyed by the Home Office. This wasn't by accident. The Queen was setting it up to deport them later.

Those who lack documents are now being told they need evidence to continue working, get treatment from the NHS - or even to remain in the UK. Changes to immigration law in 2012, which require people to have documentation to work, rent a property or access benefits, including healthcare, have left people fearful about their status.

Sonia Williams, who came to the UK from Barbados in 1975, aged 13, said she had her driving licence withdrawn and lost her job when she was told she did not have indefinite leave to remain. Paulette Wilson, 61, who came to Britain from Jamaica aged 10 in the late 1960s, said she received a letter saying she was in the country illegally. "I just didn't understand it and I kept it away from my daughter for about two weeks, walking around in a daze thinking 'why am I illegal?'"

This is far worse than anything the US is doing to the "Dreamers" and yet no-one is talking about it. That's because England is currently an illuminati fascist state run by Queen Bitch. These are people who came to England in 1948!!! Their children are also being deported!!! Their grandchildren are getting deported!!!! All because Queen Bitch decided she thought England was getting too "African."

The Queen wants to pass of Markle (dark Illuminati Jew) as an African descendant so that she can appease this group of people that she just deported large numbers of. That's the only reason Harry is marrying Markle. And then because the Queen is a schizophrenic idiot, she also hates Markle because she hates black people (even though Markle's actually a dark illuminati Jew who bleaches her skin - the same as the QUEEN!!!). The British Royal Family is composed of mentally retarded schizophrenic idiots. Their inbreeding has resulted in mental retardation and many, many other genetic conditions.

Despite the Queen's desire to use Markle only for her skin color, the Queen also still disses her all the time. Racist Queen Bitch can't help it. The Queen has officially given her consent for Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle with the release of the Instrument of Consent document. But some noticed there was a striking difference between the official document used for Harry and Meghan, and the one granted to Prince William when he wed his then-fiancée Kate.

In William and Kate's Instrument of Consent signed in 2011, Her Majesty referred to the Duchess as "Our Trusty and Well-beloved Catherine Elizabeth Middleton". But Harry's fiancée Meghan is simply "Rachel Meghan Markle" – omitting the "trusty" and "well-beloved" description. The Queen's Instrument of Consent grants the "consent to the union of 'Our Most Dearly Beloved Grandson Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, K.C.V.O., and Rachel Meghan Markle'."

BTW, Markle is 36. If she had ovaries, her window of fertility would be running out. As is, she'll be put under pressure to have a child right away for the dying Bitch Queen via CRISPR.