Wedding night at the royal wedding was quite an event. The british royal family loves their Satanic orgies - espcially with African Slaves. After they were man in wife, later that night the new Royal Couple took part in a Satanic orgy with the Queen Mum and Charles. The Satanic rituals in the orgy were about establishing the direct line of power in the British Royal family through a good night of sodomy with strap-ons.

Queen Mum (via strap-on) fucks a slave (with a real dick) who sodomizes Charles. Via Strap-on Prince Charles in turn fucks a slave who then uses his slave dick to sodomize Prince Harry with. Harry in turn via strap on is fucking another African slave in the asshole. That final slave is using his dick to sodomize Meghan Markle with since Meghan has no vagina.

None of the Princes have penises so they're using Strap-On's anyway. It's like that weird horror film the Centipede except their all connected by Strap-ons and sodomy.

The Royal Family has a huge neurotic fixation on their men having no dicks or balls. The black slaves who are involved in this orgy are supposed to be stand in for the Princes Royal Dicks and Royal Crown Jewels they don't have. Since they are black, it's like they're invisible or something. In the Queen's fucked up head, she thinks that having her boys fucked by black men somehow gives them their dicks and balls back.

Queen Bitch was quite a distraction during the whole orgy. 92 YEAR OLD FAT BITCH had trouble with her strap-on. It kept coming undone so she would loudly call for her Butler to come and reattach it.

Jarvis, come over here.... (uggghhh...ummmm.....ohhh... orgy sounds) .. What's that your Magesty?

Jarvis the damn thing broke again, you must make sure these things are built better. Couldn't someone have tested it before the Royal Wedding!!!?? Now I'm trying to... you know do my business... (Charles is meanwhile being fucked by a giant African slave who the Queen mother had been trying to penetrate with the strap-on when it broke)... and I can't get the damn thing in there (pointing at the black slaves rectum).

Dear me, I do see your point your Magesty.

Look Jarvis they're all getting along quite fabulously here (orgy sounds) while your poor Queen Mum has been left out entirely in the cold. Can't you help me? Can't you do SOMETHING!!!!?

It becomes clear to Jarvis at this point that the Queen is not saying what she really means. Jarvis is the Queen's Butler precisely because he can see what she means even when she isn't saying it - which is quite often.

Most of the time the Queen is so psychotic and in denial about so many things that she says things that are completely crazy. Jarvis' job is to interpret those things without having to ask quesitons. Asking questions forces the Queen out of her state of denial which leads to the Queen getting irrirated (which leads to people losing their heads). So Jarvis has survived as Butler for so long because he can read her signals and decode them.

So what Jarvis realizes in this orgy situation is that what the Queen is really saying is not that the strap-on doesn't work but that Queen Mum (92) lacks the physical strength to use the Strap-on to penetrate the african slave she wants to sodomize with the Strap-on. Queen Mum wants to live in denial though and still think that she is strong and vigorous and able to weild a strap-on like she used to in her younger days. Jarvis' job is to solve her problem without making the Queen leave her state of denial about what the real problem is.

So Jarvis says:

Let me see if I can see more closely what's not working correctly your Majesty.

Jarvis then gets down and kinda spoons the fat naked old Queen while he's helping her to adjust and insert the strap-on into the black africans rectum. Jarvis makes one adjustment to the strap-on so he can seem to be changing something and not doing the exact same thing the Queen just tried to but couldn't. Otherwise the Queen could feel inferior that she couldn't do something while Jarvis could. By readjusting the strap-on slightly the Queen can tell herself that Jarvis must have fixed it - the strap-on wasn't working properly and that's why Jarvis had to fix it for her.

It is truly the emperor with no clothes. Jarvis has to act like the clothes exist, otherwise, Jarvis dies. And just because Jarvis is very good at ready the Queen's neuroses and delusions and anticipating her crazy desires doesn't mean he won't lose his job and his life as well at some point.

The Queen's Butler's can never retire. The Queen murders them. She doesn't want any of her secrets to leave her employ.

Butler Jarvis showing the Queen how to properly use her Strap-on is a perfect example of why the Queen kills her Butlers. Her Butlers know the most intimate secrets about her and could easily destroy her reputation and probably the entire British Royal Family.

Unfortunately for Jarvis, after 45 years of serving the Queen successfully, on Markle's and Harry's wedding night he confronted a problem he could not solve for the Queen and he paid for it with his head.

After helping the Queen reinsert her strap-on into the African slaves ass for the 3rd time, the Queen lost her patience with the whole orgy. She blamed Jarvis for the entire thing and said that he had failed to properly test the strap-on before the wedding night. This to the Queen was a mortal sin for it could have damaged the entire british royal family by undermining the satanic magical spells the Queen had her witches enact as part of the orgy. Jarvis was not only murdered but viciously tortured for hours by the Queen and people who are much stronger and even more despicable with the torturing.

The Queen was basically impotent at a Satanic orgy. IT's like if a man went to an orgy and then couldn't get his dick up. The Queen feels embarrassed. She feels old. She feels powerless. It's just one more reminder that she's a stone's throw away from death's door. Mean Queen - who as the ultimate spoiled child has always had her way - is angry at her frail body and her creator himself. She turns all of this frustration and denial into a missile pointed straight at poor Jarvis - who had loyally and intelligently served her for nearly half a century.

That's what happens with these super spoiled illuminati brats like the Queen who have grown up killing children and telling whatever lies they want. They lose all touch with reality and when they're forced to confront reality they lash out. The illuminati creates evil narcissistic psychopaths. The entire cult is geared around making people violent, self centered and non-caring. The pedophilia and rape they promote create these things. The illuminati are so rich they can get away with paying people to like them. Paying people to lie to them. It's only when death knocks on the door do they finally realize how powerless they are.

The night before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married, they had a satanic orgy with Charles and Prince William and 3 African Slaves (sans Queen Mum). A Slave fucked Charles, Charles fucks Prince William with a strap on while Prince William (with a strap on) fucks another slave (with a real dick) who is fucking Prince Harry.

This satanic orgy was about getting everything ready for the wedding. The three dickless princes are all part of the wedding ceremony - Harry, groom / William, best man / Charles is giving the bride away. They wanted to make sure they were bonded sufficiently before performing the wedding since William used to date Meghan and is jealous over the wedding. (William cheated on Kate Middleton with Meghan, that's how Harry met her - through William.)

The satanic orgy was also because Harry is not actually Charles son - Harry is 100% bastard. So Charles wanted to Sodomize William (his real child) who then would sodomize Harry (his bastard child). The black men represent the royal families missing penises.

The Queen is obsessed with getting the Royal family back their manhood. The Bitch Queen engineered Charles whole wedding with Diana in an attempt to bring dicks back to the British Royal Family.

Diana was a commoner who did not have the genetic disesases of the inbred Rothschild Jewish British Royal Family. Prince Charles has no dick so he never had normal sex with Diana.

Prince William and Prince Harry were artificially created via IVF. The Queen was hoping that Diana's genetics would bring back penises to the Royal family. The Queen even made sure Diana's father had a penis and every other man throughout her bloodline that could be verified.

Queen Mum even tried her scheme twice with two different fathers to see if they could maximize their odds. Harry is not Charles son but a bastard son of another part of the Rothschild Jewish genetic tree. Diana went through IVF twice - once with Charle's son William and the other time witih Mystery Rothschild Man who has never been revealed. Harry doesn't know who his father is, which is part of why he's a complete mental mess.

Harry's father's identity is partially a secret because their are 100 different options. They drew the semen out like a lottery. Philip believed that adding an element of luck to the decision would allow Satan to decide the rite semen that would get the British Royal family back their dicks. Obviously he was wrong since Harry like William has no dick or balls. Satan doesn't exist and God isn't going to help the Royal family get their manhood back - he took it away for a reason.