Queen Bitch murdered Markle's father - and Meghan Markle asked her to. Meghan's dad will not be walking her down the aisle because he is no longer alive.

Markle didn't want her father at the wedding because he is a "fatty" as she says. She's embarassed by him. She told Queen Bitch that she didn't want to be walked down the aisle by a fatty. She also didn't want to be in pictures with a fatty. Markle is obssessed with her image and knows that everyove will look at the Royal Photo Album.

Queen Bitch also thinks Markle's father is embarrassing and didn't want him at the wedding. She calls him the fat American. Queen Bitch didn't want a FAT AMERICAN walking Prince Harry's future wife down the aisle.

Together they both told Markle's poor father that he shouldn't come to the wedding. The poor guy really wanted to go though so he tried to show his daughter that he could lose weight.

The resulting scandal about his weightloss only highlighted that he is fat, which embarrassed Meghan Markle even more than she was already. Queen Bitch also didn't like people realizing that Markles father was was a "fat American". Markle asked Queen bitch to murder him and Queen Bitch thought it was a great idea.

Markle's dad was worried the Queen was going to have him killed because he's a FAT AMERICAN. The Queen had essentially given him that message herself through proxies. That's also why he was trying to lose weight. He was worried Queen Bitch was going to kill him if he didn't.

Queen Bitch gave him that heartache - and not through stress. Queen Bitche's MI6 spies poisoned him. Meghan's dad is supposedly in the hospital but he's actually dead.

It's now been confirmed that Markle's dad won't be able to attend the wedding due to "being in the hospital." Meghan's official statement about this is as follows: 'Sadly, my father will not be attending our wedding. I have always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to focus on his health.'

'I would like to thank everyone who has offered generous messages of support. Please know how much Harry and I look forward to sharing our special day with you on Saturday.'

This statement is really weird in a number of ways. It comes off as detached and focused on the Harry and I and our "special day." Markle's father's health seems like an intro for Meghan to talk about her "special day" again. Markle does't say she loves her dad or hopes he can have a speedy recovery.

When Meghan thanks the people who have "offered generous messages of support," it's clear in the next sentence that the messages she is referring to are the messages sent by people to her and Harry. The messages saying isn't it horrible that your "special day" has to be obscured by your father's ill health. She is clearly not talking about the messages of support for her father's health. The narcissism here is apalling. The whole thing feels fake and insincere.

People have publically commented on Markle's weird reaction to her father's health scares. Many commenting how it comes off as cold and it's weird that she fails to say she loves her dad amid serious health concerns. Some are saying it reflects the Queen's cold British stuck-up-ness.

It's very weird that Meghan uses cared for instead of love. All she's willing to commit to is that she's cared for her father.

Not only have Queen Bitch and Meghan Markle gone after Meghan's father, Queen Bitch also just murdered Markle's sister in a car accident. Markle's sister had been very outspoken about her father and critical of Meghan. She recently did a video on TMZ. So Queen Bitch murdered her too.

The accident took place in Florida and also involved papparazzi like Diana's death the Queen orchestrated. The accident happened when a photographer veered in front of the couple's car, leading Markle's sister's boyfriend to swerve and hit a concrete barrier. Markle's sister 53, hit the windshield. She already suffers from MS so she's not in a strong position to withstand such an accident.

The Press is saying Markle's sister broke an ankle and a knee but in reality she is dead. Ankles and knees are symbolic to the illuminati. Knees represent kneeing someone, being a pain in the ass. Ankles represent chains and vulnerability (achilles heel).

Amid intense media scrutiny, earlier in the day before the car accident Markle's sister had accused Kensington Palace of abandoning Mr Markle. Meghan's sister along with her brother Thomas Markle Jr, have not been invited to the wedding.

Wow!!! The illuminati Queen Bitch and Meghan Markle are going on a killing spree!!! I guess that's what happens when you get two crazy deluded psychopaths together who like to kill people.

Prince Harry has never even met Markle's dad. That in itself is pretty horrible. It's not like he can't get a private plane to take him to Mexico to at least introduce himself to his Fiance's father. Usually you ask the father for permission, in this Royal Wedding, they only have to ask Queen Mum's permission. Kinda weird. The Royals haven't even met Markle's father or mother until right before the wedding. Markle's brother and sister weren't invited to the wedding and the Royals haven't met them either. Since dad got "sick", the Royals are not going to meet dad at all. What kind of family doesn't even meet any of Markle's family?

And of course the Queen herself hasn't met either of Markle's parents, why do something silly like that? What a horrible dumb family the British Royals are. The Queen is surely the Royalist bitch to ever walk the face of the earth.

Definitely weird that Harry has not even met his soon to be Father-in-Law. Really, it's a reflection of Markle not wanting Harry to meet FAT DADDY. She's so embarrassed by her father she isn't even helping him financially - he's gone bankrupt three times and only gets like 3000 a month to live on from social security. He's essentially poor that's why he's living in Mexico.

How is the Suit's actress, soon to be Royal highness's father so poor? It's because the illuminati don't like him and are trying to destroy him financially. He should actually be pretty well off. He's a successful lighting technician for hollywood films and should be receiving a large pension from his union since all those jobs are union. The fact that he's not getting that kind of money shows that he's on the illuminati's shitlist.

There are a number of weird things about this wedding. Like their will be no "you may kiss the bride moment." I guess the Royals don't do that. Also the Queen is mandating that the wedding ends with "God Save the Queen" which doesn't seem very romantic. Let's end the wedding with a song about an old Bitch.

Meghan is a crazy narcistic psychopath. She has murdered hundreds of people tring to "perfect her look." She is a no name actor who was only cast because the illuminati like her. She has no talent.

While Meghan was in high school at Immaculate Heart (obviously an illuminati school) she was pimped out to older men in Hollywood. She played Little Red Riding hood in a play at her illuminati high school because she was being prostituted out by the illuminati to men in hollywood. The illuminati often used little red riding hood as code for pedophilia.

Meghan is an illuminati Jew. Her mother is not African-American, she is a dark illuminati Jew. Meghan is half dark Illuminati Jew. She has always wanted to look more white and since she was 13 she has been having people murdered to do various surgeries - mostly for her nose. She wants her nose to look more white. Meghan is obsessed with her appearance.

Using Jade Eggs it is possible to do plastic surgery now with no visible recovery time. After each one of Meghan's surgeries she goes into a jade egg recovery center where her weeks of recovery are reduced to seconds. She comes out and no one knows that she even had surgery.

Meghan is the classic pyschopath who wants to be a fairy-tale princess. She wants to be beautiful, she wants all the attention, she wants to be a PRINCESS ALL THE TIME.

Meghan is a lot like Reese Witherspoon and her character in Freeway (1996). She's a "little red riding hood" who is much worse than any wolf she encounters. She uses men and kills like a psyschopath. Both Reese and Meghan are scientologists. At one part in Freeway the SUV exist at Hubbard Ave - that's not a coincidence. The attitude of get raped but rape the system as soon as you can defines most scientologists and especially Reese Witherspoon and Meghan Markle.

Meghan has always been obssessed with the spotlight (hence acting) and being a British Royal Princess is her dream come true. The fact that she was raped by hundreds of thousands of men in Hollywood and murders people daily makes her fit right in with the British Royal family.

Of course though, Queen Bitch will always hate her because she is a darkie.

Harry actually met Meghan through William. William cheated on Kate Middleton with Markle after their first child. William introduced Harry to Markle when they were both in Hollywood. Prince William doesn't wear a wedding ring. Kate Middleton actually did not present him with one at their wedding. Only she wears a wedding band.

Markle has no vagina. Both William and Harry used their strap on penises to sodomize her. William advertised to Harry Markle's sexual prowess by telling him that she'd been sodomized by half of hollywood.

Prince Charles is going to walk Markle down the aisle. Dickless Charles also sodomized Markle. After he found out both of the princes had done the deed, he wanted to be part of the Prince club. Markle calls them the three princes club. She's proud to have been royaly sodomized.

Both Harry and William were created via IVF since Prince Charles has no penis. Weirdly, Harry is not Charles son even though he was also created via IVF. Prince Philip believed that the Royal family was stronger when there were bastards in it. The illuminati often used bastard children as pawns in their schemes.

Philip suggested that the second child be based upon another part of the illuminati Jewish genetic tree. Harry is actually part of a German Nazi Rothschild Jewish bloodline. That is why Harry was caught wearing a swastika for Halloween. Harry is part of the German Rothschilds who Philip always preferred to the British Rothschilds represented by Charles and his son William.

Diana was a true commoner and as such didn't have any genetic diseases - this is actually why she was chosen to be Charles and the German Rothschild's egg donor. The Royals were realizing that their blood lines were so genetically diseased they needed to have fresh genes.

Queen Bitch wanted to reboot her Royal line and get penises back for her Princes. Unfortunately for her neither William or Harry were born with penises or balls and the Royals were in the exact same situation they were in before. This is part of Queen Bitch's hatred of Diana and why she later had her murdered. For Queen Bitch, Diana was supposed to rescue the British Royal Family but her children ended up hermaphrodites like Queen Idiot's only child Charles.

Everybody really wishes this guy had a dick and balls, but he's just a pussy like his daddy. Hey England, when Queen Bitch dies - THIS IS YOUR NEXT KING!!!!!???????