The BBC is controlled by the Queen Of England who is a very urepentant Nazi. The entire news channel was set up to restrict British subjects access to the news. There are no ABC, NBC, CBS channels in England, the Queen controls all the news.

The BBC Logo used to have Nazi lightning bolts in its design.

Jimmy Saville's show was on the BBC. That is not a coincidence. Jimmy was an important part of the Queen of England's VIP pephilia network so she rewarded him for his show (as well as giving him a knighthood). Not only did the Queen know all the sick stuff Jimmy was doing, so did the management at the BBC. The BBC endorsed his pedophilia, because the Queen does.

Queen of England runs the BBC through a board of people she appoints and by determining their budget. Why British people are OK with this, I do not know. Seems like a very fascist system for a monarch to develop.

Judy Woodruff in America is now making The News Hour into an American Neo Nazi BBC.

The News Hour began as an offshoot of the Water Gate coverage of Robert O'neil and Jim Lehrer. For that reason, it's always represented the best of American news. Those two broadcasters like Edward R Murrow took a stand against the illuminati and refused to allow them to corrupt the entire press and news.

For that reason they were targets of the illuminati for a long time. I also watched the News Hour regularily. Both O'neil and Lehrer were CIA agents who were working against the illuminati in America. My dad, who is also in the CIA watched the News Hour every week so I fell into the habit of watching it as well.

The Japanese and the Aryan Illuminati decided they wanted to destroy the show so they sent in an illuminati spy - Judy Woodruff - who has progressively drestroyed the show.

Judy is a KKK member of the Daughters of the Confederacy and a big time white supremacist. She is also a dominatrix who has personally whipped a lot of the people in our government.

Judy murdered Robert O'Neil and had Jim Lehrer's death faked while Lehrer was sent to a concentration camp in Australia. Jim Jehrer is not dead, he's in Australia being kept prisoner by the Illuminati and the Queen of England like millions of other Americans.

Judy also got rid of Gwen Ifil once again having her death staged while Gwen was moved to an Australian concentration camp. Judy hated Gwen because Gwen is a great interveiwer and natural news talent while Judy is horrible at her job.

Now Judy forced Harri Shrneeivasan out from the News Hour and onto his own show that has less popularity and is only on once a week.

Meanwhile, Judy has hired a whole series of her slaves from her dominatrix crew. The show is 75% run by women now and the men are all gay neo nazis like William