The Queen of England set up Concentration Camps in Scotland

The Queen set up camps in Scotland were she sent gay men to be tortured and murdered. These camps were started during WWII but ran into 1955. She also murdered Irish dissidents, Jews and Roma in the camps as well as other people the illuminati Jewish Royal Family deemed "undesirable."

In 1940 thousands of Polish soldiers came to Britain following the fall of France. They were led by the autocratic General Wladyslaw Sikorski. In exchange for defending the east coast of Scotland against German invasion, the Polish forces were granted the right to set up their own bases in Britain, which were to be regarded as Polish sovereign territory; immune from interference by the authorities of England.

The Queen used these Polish soldiers to set up concentration camps in Scotland that were exactly the same as the camps the Germans set up as part of the Holocaust.

In the 1980s, the Queen had Boy George forcibly kidnapped and taken to Switzerland for shock treatments to try and "cure" him of his gayness. The Queen did the same thing to Sid Vicious even though he wasn't gay. Boy George talks about it obliguely in this interview from the 1980s.