As the illuminati satanic NWO spirals out of control, they are starting to really clamp down on free speech. They are targeting the right wing in America and England because they are having trouble controlling them. Both British conservative advocate Tommy Robinson and Roseanne Barr have recently been shut down for trying to excercise their free speech. Tommy was sent to prison for 13 months in Satanic illuminati England while trying to expose pedophilia while Roseanne has had her massively succesful show cancelled overnight due to her tweets.

Pedophilia is rampant in England where the Queen of England runs the VIP pedophilia ring. Tommy is right that the Queen uses Muslims to groom pedophile victims. Muslims are not bad people, but the ones the Queen lets into England often are. The aren't really muslims but illuminati satanists from muslim countries. The Queen uses them as foot soldiers in her pedophile system.

The British Royal family has always run pedophile rings in England. They are all repressed Gays like Prince Charles, Harry and William. Prince Philip is the biggest fag in all of England. Edward VIII - the Queen's uncle - had to abdicate the throne because there were so many stories of him having sex with young boys.

Fox News reported that Robinson was trying to film men "accused of being part of a gang that groomed children," adding that "Britain has been rocked by a series of child sex scandals perpetuated by gangs of predominantly Muslim men." The trial involved a Muslim rape gang on trial for repeatedly raping British girls as young as eleven years old. Tommy was broadcasting on Facebook, from his cell phone.

The Queen's VIP pedophilia ring has gotten away with horrible things in England since the 1970s. Prince Charles and the Queen's close relationship with Jimmy Savile - notororious child abuser and rapist - is just the tip of the iceberg. The Queen gave Jimmy a knighthood. Prince Charles was a close friend of Savile. The entire British Family is closely associated with pedophilia..

Politicians with links to Margaret Thatcher's government sexually abused vulnerable children in the 1980s and hid the truth for decades through their "chumocracy." Suspicions of an establishment cover-up involving government departments, Scotland Yard and other elements of the establishment intensified in recent days when the law-and-order ministry, the Home Office, confirmed dozens of potentially-relevant files alleging sexual misconduct had gone missing from its archives.

Most notoriously of all, Sir Jimmy Savile, a BBC children's television presenter feted by the Royal Family and Downing Street, abused 450 victims, mostly boys and girls as young as eight over 50 years. While Savile had long been seen as odd, the scale of his offenses shocked the country, not least because he was allowed special access to hospitals and the authorities laughed at or ignored his victims, before he died a national hero. An ensuing police inquiry, Operation Yewtree – which has arrested 18 TV presenters, comedians, disc jockeys and other showbusiness associates – last month jailed fellow BBC children's presenter Rolf Harris for indecent assaults dating back decades, on girls as young as 8.

Another predatory pedophile who's crimes came out only after his death was Cyril Smith, a jovial 406-pound Liberal MP. Cyril Smith was shown after his death to have been a serial abuser of boys at a local authority care home in his home town of Rochdale. Private Eye investigative magazine has suggested that Special Branch, the UK's national security police, halted police inquiries into Smith in the 1970s to prevent the collapse of the Liberal-Labour coalition government. Attention then swept back to its successor government. In 1983, the far-right Conservative MP, Geoffrey Dickens, compiled a 40-page dossier alleging pedophilia among Westminster politicians and gave it to the Home Office and Attorney General's Office. This year, the Home Office discovered that 114 files potentially relevant to historic allegations of sexual abuse, including the Dickens dossier, had gone missing.

Lord Brittan, the Home Secretary to whom Dickens handed his dossier, told reporters he could not recall anything about it. But in 2014 following the intervention of another campaigning MP in Parliament, Lord Brittan issued a statement remembering that he had received the dossier and had asked his officials to study its contents. Over the weekend it emerged that Lord Brittan had been interviewed as a suspect in the rape of a 19-year-old in 1967; an allegation he dismissed as "wholly without foundation."

The Queen herself has operated a pedophilia and child murder ring that involves some of the top rungs of British Society for nearly 50 years. While the Jimmy Savile crisis was mounting, Queen Bitch decided to get rid of one of the good Muslims in England.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II who recently raised public outcry for stepping out of her constitutional limits and intervening in a high-profile extradition case, is now keeping a low profile in a scandal in which she has been directly involved.

The Queen privately lobbied a British Home Secretary in the former Labour administrations to arrest British Muslim cleric Abu Hamza. The intervention raised outrage among the public and in the media as the Queen is considered by the British constitution to be no more than a representational figurehead who should act only on her ministers' advice.

"However strongly she may feel about the matter, it is her constitutional duty to keep her mouth shut," commented Alex Stevenson who is deputy editor of political news outlet Politics Home.

This comes as the Queen has kept silent about the recent child abuse scandal around former BBC star Jimmy Savile that is described as the worst crisis to hit the corporation in 50 years.

The Queen refused to comment on the subject despite the fact that the scandal is a moral issue of public interest and that she is directly involved in the matter: the BBC is run by 12 trustees appointed by the Queen in person while she granted Savile knighthood in 1990.

Indeed, Savile was knighted when his abuse was well underway and the Queen should have distanced herself and the royal family from the pedophile immediately after allegations of his pervert activities to ward off unwanted speculation.

However, there has been no comment by the Queen herself, her office or the royal family as if she knew of the Savile's scandalous behaviour and decided to decorate him regardless.

The allegations about so-called VIP pedophiles involve prestigious London addresses, some of the highest-ranking members of Britain's establishment and the suspected abuse of young boys in the 1970s and 1980s, including three who were murdered.

Six members of Parliament have been implicated in the scandal, which threatens to expose a powerful political elite who may have raped and exploited juveniles for more than a decade and put their self-interests ahead of the protection of children.

John Mann, a member of Parliament, has presented Scotland Yard with a dossier that he said names 22 high-profile figures. The dossier includes the names of 14 Conservative politicians, five Labor politicians and three from other parties, Mann told reporters.

Up to five pedophile rings were operational at the same time during the 1970s and 1980s in Britain. Wwo whistle-blowers who knew about nefarious activities by members of Parliament met suspicious deaths.

Recent news that an alleged Westminster pedophile ring could implicate currently serving members of Parliament has sent fresh waves of disgust through Britain at a time of heightened sensitivity after several well-known figures, including popular TV and media personalities, have been accused of molesting minors several decades ago.

Scotland Yard last week stepped up its investigation of claims of "serious and organized sexual abuse" by announcing that it was investigating the killings of three boys.

The fresh leads center on the evidence of one witness, known by the pseudonym Nick, who told detectives he was abused between the ages of 7 and 16, from 1975 to 1984, at a posh London apartment complex in Dolphin Square, popular with legislators because of its close proximity to Parliament.

"Nick" said he once witnessed a boy being strangled to death by a Conservative member of Parliament, according to British media reports. He also said he was taken to Dolphin Square in a chauffeur-driven car and abused by a single man, a group of men or during "parties."

Investigators said they believe his account of events are "credible and true" and appealed for more victims and witnesses to come forward.

"I know that there were other boys who were abused, or who were present while the abuse took place," McDonald said. "I ask you to trust me. I will believe you, support you and do everything in my power to find those responsible and bring them to justice."

Allegations of a Westminster pedophile ring first came to light in 2012 but resurfaced in July when it became known that a 40-page dossier that accused eight public figures of pedophilia had vanished. It had been compiled by the late member of Parliament Geoffrey Dickens, a long-standing campaigner on child abuse, and was given to then-Home Secretary Leon Brittan in 1983.

The clamor for answers and accusations of a "coverup" have not abated since. Theresa May - one of the Satanists who helps run the VIP pedophile ring for the Queen - has done nothing to bring anyone to justice or to stop the pedophile rings. In 2014 she passed the buck to family judge Dame Butler-Sloss, the sister of the late former Attorney General Michael Havers, who was passed a copy of the Dickens dossier, and who decided not to prosecute a diplomat for exchanging obscene material with members of a pro-pedophilia group.

Despite saying she would look into it, Theresa May has done nothing - why would she - she runs the Queen's VIP pedophilia ring for her. Theresa May has since admitted that there "might have been" a cover-up at the Home Office in the 1980s concerning allegations that politicians were involved in child sex abuse. However, she stated that an official review found that the claim was "not proven". CAN YOU SAY COVER UP???

Mr McKelvie discovered potential links between paedophiles and the government when he was assisting police in investigating convicted paedophile and founding member of twisted organisation PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange), Peter Righton.

According to McKelvie, amongst evidence seized from Righton's home in 1992 there was a haul of documents pointing to a "very well organised paedophile network", dating as far back as the 1950s and 1960s.

Several police operations into child sex abuse are still ongoing, including Operation Fairbank and Operation Fernbridge—a probe into up to 40 MPs involved or complicit in child abuse—and others investigating particular children's homes and authorities.

Allegations of child murders and sinister orgies in the Dolphin Square flats complex in Westminster have also surfaced during the course of these investigations.

A paedophile ring is said to have been run by a "powerful elite" including not only MPs, but also ministers and an even larger number of people aware of its existence; people that could have stopped it, yet did nothing.

Jackie Malton, the former detective chief inspector with the Metropolitan Police, said: "There is clear evidence that something was happening […] Either the police disbelieved it, or they covered it up one way or another."

Vishambar Mehrotra, a retired magistrate, believes his son was murdered 33 years ago and fell prey to one of these rings. The skull and several rib bones of Vishal, 8, were discovered in 1982 by pigeon shooters in remote marshland at Durford Abbey Farm, at Rogate, close to the Hampshire-West Sussex border.

Just why police and prosecutors failed to tackle these claims, many of which emerged years ago, remains an enduring question.

In July 2014, Clive Driscoll, a former senior Metropolitan police officer, claimed he was moved from his post after revealing plans to investigate politicians over claims of child abuse alleged to have taken place in children's homes in the '80s.

In an internal meeting in 1998, he revealed the names of suspects he intended to investigate. Soon after, he was taken off the case. He told the BBC his inquiry was "all too uncomfortable to a lot of people".

Investigative journalist Don Hale also referenced an incident in which former Employment Secretary Barbara Castle handed him a dossier containing sexual abuse allegations in the 1980s. He claimed that his home was later raided by Special Branch, the file confiscated, and threats of imprisonment followed.

At this stage, it may be worth bearing in mind the words of Conservative Whip, Tim Fortescue, when discussing ‘Dirt books' in 1995: "It might be a scandal involving small boys… they'd come and ask if we could help".

The Independent Police Complaints Commission have since launched an inquiry into 14 different claims of police and establishment cover-ups. One deals with dropped criminal allegations against a politician during a child abuse investigation in south London, another into the suspected Dolphin Square ring and the dissolution of the case due to officers being "too near prominent people".

For two Home Secretaries to have ‘lost' material of such a serious and consequential nature is, of course, alarming. However, when one of those Home Secretaries goes on to become our Prime Minister, any chance of ever winning justice for children, like 8 year-old Vishal Mehrotra, tragically appears more distant than ever.

In the second week of May 2014, British soldier Vivian Cunningham was drugged and institutionalized against his will. Apparently, his "crime" on May 6 was daring to ask superiors about Queen Elizabeth's outstanding arrest warrant. The order to arrest Queen Elizabeth was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

After nearly a year of litigation, Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Phillip, were found guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic-run Kamloops residential school in British Columbia. Grieving parents haven't seen their children since they left for a picnic with the Royal couple on Oct. 10 1964.

The first prosecution in the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels concerned 50,000 missing native Canadian children. The court's Feb 2013 guilty verdict by six international judges on 40 global elites appeared to influence the resignation that same week, of Pope Joseph Ratizinger.

A court document had been filed indicating that in Jan. 2012 UK Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby acted under the direction of Queen Elizabeth to destroy forensic remains of a Ninth Circle Satanic Cult child homicide. Two eyewitnesses have testified that as children they were present during this same murder of a native child.

The satanic rite evidently occurred in a sub basement catacomb under the west wing of the Canadian Branton Ontario Mohawk Indian residential school. The two eyewitnesses alleged that they saw a young girl being bound to an altar.

The five or six year-old child was gagged, repeatedly raped, killed, disemboweled and dismembered. Her blood was consumed by nine red-robed figures that included a member of the British Royal Family.

Former Kamloops School resident William Combes died after a 2010 radio interview where he discussed witnessing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip leave the school with his ten friends and fellow Kamloops residents.

Directly after the interview the healthy Combes was ordered to report for tests at the Vancouver St. Paul's Catholic hospital. There he was given an injection that put him into a coma. Within hours and without consent of his family members, Combes was permanently pulled off life support.

Tommy Robinson was sexually abused as a child by the Queen's VIP pedophilia ring. He himself was personally abused by Satanic muslims working for the Queen so he has directed his anger at his abusers - which is common among victims. True Muslims are not pedophiles, but the ones that often make it to England are. Pedophilia is one of the things that angers Tommy most about England. He can't attack the Queen Bitch directly because she'd kill him, so he attacked Satanic Muslim pedophiles. Tommy was arrested while attempting to cover a trial where a muslim group of pedophiles were being tried for grooming a victim and raping them.

While he was trying to report on the truth, British police showed up out of nowhere and arrested him. What was he doing? Nothing but trying to report on the trial. He wasn't even in the courthouse - he was outside the court building. After he was arrested, a British Judge ordered the British Press to not report on his arrest.

Let me say that again, the JUDGE TOLD THE PRESS THEY CAN'T TALK ABOUT TOMMY'S ARREST. How fascist is England? It's so fascist you can get arrested and a judge can put a media blackout on your very arrest. England is one step away from Hitler's Gestapo Naziland. The Queen is hoping she gets England to full fascist before the old Witch dies.

The same day Tommy was arrested he was sentenced with essentially no trial to 13 months in Prison. In a sign of the fascism now in England, Tommy was arrested, charged and sentenced within five hours. Reporters watched Tommy's hearing, but the judge ordered them not to publish anything about Robinson's arrest until after the sex-assault trial concluded. Once again blocking the press from reporting on not just his arrest but also his very sentencing.

By sending Tommy to Prison, the Queen is trying to get Tommy killed. Robinson is married and a father-of-three. Tommy has pissed off a lot of Muslims and their are a lot of Muslims in England's prisons. The Queen wants Tommy dead. Roseanne Barr called Tommmy's arrest a "death sentence," right before she got her show cancelled.

Gerard Batten, British MP and Independence Party Leader in the UK wrote on twitter, "I am hearing reports that Tommy Robinson has been arrested for ‘a breach of the peace' while live-streaming a report on a grooming gang (sex slave) trial at Leeds Crown Court. Further reports say he has received a custodial sentence. What kind of Police state have we become?"

"I am trying to recall a legal case where someone was convicted of a ‘crime' which cannot be reported on," Batten said. "Where he can be cast into prison without it being possible to report his name, offence, or place of imprisonment for fear of contempt of court."

Batten also wrote on Twitter, "Tommy Robinson latest: UKIP Peer Malcolm Lord Pearson has written to Home Secretary Sajid Javid today saying : if Tommy is murdered or injured in prison he and others will mount a private prosecution against Mr Javid as an accessory, or for misconduct in public office."

Tommy Robinson is a controversial figure. I don't agree with his general Islamaphobia. But once you know his story and how the Queen of England is using fake Muslism to spread pedophilia and commit rape, you can see where the anger comes from. Just because you don't agree with someone, doesn't give you the right to shut down their free speech. It's extremely telling that Tommy has filmed many trials of muslims for other things and not been sent to prison. It's when he started reporting on pedophilia in England that they immediately jailed him for over a year.

U.S. websites happily ignored the ban on coverage of the trial. Conservative outlets and blogs accused the British media of abetting a coverup. Drudge blasted the arrest across its front page, and 500,000 people signed a "Free Tommy" petition. The movement swelled until hundreds marched in London over the weekend. "How can we tell you what you're doing wrong, when we can't even talk about it?" one protester screamed at a police officer.