There were two historical Joan of Arc's - over 100 years apart. The first was British, the second was an illuminati Hoax pretending to be a resurrection of the first. They are book ends to each other historically.

The First Joan D'Arc was Joan D'Acre - Joan of Acre, a Royal Princess and daughter to Edward I. She fled England in 1297 at the age of 25 and became a revolutionary in France leading the peasants and descendants of Jesus Christ in a class war against the French Illuminati Jewish Nobles.

The Second Joan of Arc was an illuminati Hoax the French Jews used to make the French Public think that Joan of Arc supported the Jewish Illuminati King Charles the VII. Joan of Acre's revolution in the 1300s was never succesful, but the legend of it had grown so great that people in the French countryside believed that Joan of Arc would be reborn like Jesus or King Arthur. There was already a savior legend based on Joan of Acre in France in the 1400s that predated her second arrival.

The second Joan of Arc was burned to death by the French illuminati in 1431. She had been recruited by them to use as a stooge because of the legend of Joan of Arc. They needed her to support the illuminati Jew Charles the VII. Once she her mission was accomplished, the illuminati murdered the Second Joan by burning her to death in order to cover their tracks.

Much of the legend of Joan of Arc has been shaped by the second Joan of Arc narrative. This mythology is all fake. All the aspects about this popular myth of Joan of Arc were fabricated by the illuminati in France to legitimize their rule and cover up their lies. The more important story is the story of Joan of Acre - which became the inspiration for Romeo and Juliet as well as the myth of Joan of Arc.


Joan of Acre was married twice; her first husband was Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Gloucester, one of the most powerful nobles in her father's kingdom; her second husband was Ralph de Monthermer, a squire in her household whom she married in secret. When Ralph was later murdered by her father King Edward, Joan D'Acre fled to France incognito and became Joan of Arc.

Joan of Acre was born in the spring of 1272 in the Kingdom of Acre, Outremer, while her parents were on Crusade in the Holy Land. After she was born she was raised until the age of 6 in France. During this time she became fluent in French.

Edward her father was a sick illuminati who had decided on Joan of Acre's marriage when she was 5. That suitor died but Edward married off Joan at age 13. Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, who was almost thirty years older than Joan and newly divorced. Joan and Gilbert were married for 5 years during which Joan gave birth to 4 children. Joan first gave birth when 14.

Joan of course never had anything resembling love for Gilbert, but she was a prisoner in her father's Kingdom. After the miracle of her husband's death, Joan wanted to find a husband who she was truly in love with.

The man she fell in love with Ralph de Monthermer was a squire in her father the King's House. Joan convinced her father the King to Knight Monthermer, but it was still not enough to allow them to get married. It was unheard of in European royalty for a noble lady to even converse with a man who had not won or acquired importance in the household. However, Joan secretly married Ralph in January 1297.

While this love affair was happening, King Edward was already arranging another marriage for Joan to Amadeus V, Count of Savoy so he could get more wealth and power by making alliances. Joan refused to marry Amadeus and then Edward took all her lands and possessions at which point she confessed to having already married Ralphe de Monthermer.

Enraged, King Edward imprisoned Ralphe in the Tower of London and threatend to kill him if Joan refused to marry Savoy. Joan sent her father her 4 children and told her father that if Edward killed Ralphe, she would kill herself too.

The plight of Joan split the Kingdom over the question of what love truly is. The primary inspiration for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was the story of Joan of Acre and Ralphe. Shakespeare was writing only a couple of hundred years later, so the story was still a matter of popular legend.

Shakespeare made Juliet and Romeo so young because of he wanted to emphasize the innocence of love - the purity of love. Romeo and Juliet are innocent pure souls who are martyred by evil, old world families who can't understand love. Shakespeare also made Juliet so young because of Joan de Acre getting married off so young. He was writing an alternative story of Joan and Ralphe's love affair. Romeo and Juliet also share the same initials - R & J - as Ralph and Joan)

With regard to her relationship with Ralphe, Joan famously said, “It is not considered ignominious, nor disgraceful, for a great earl to take a poor and mean woman to wife; neither, on the other hand, is it worthy of blame, or too difficult a thing for a countess to promote to honor a gallant youth.

King Edward refused to relent and he executed Ralphe in the tower. Rather than kill herself, Joan of Acre left England and went to France and was reborn as Joan of Arc. Leaving her 4 children behind, she cut her hair and assumed the identity of a man in order to escape England and take a ship to France.

According to official British history (you know the one written by the illuminati Kings and Aristocracy), Edward relented and allowed Ralphe out of the Tower and then Joan and Ralphe had 4 children together (in addition to the 4 that Joan had with Gilbert.) This is all lies and doesn't make any sense. Ralphe marrying Joan was a huge affront to the norms of the time and not something Edward would have ever accepted. Edward only cared about property and money and Ralphe had none. Edward was a ruthless King who had no time for love. He never would have relented.

The truth is that Edward murdered Ralphe and then Joan of Acre fled. Edward then had some people impersonate Ralphe and Joan and pretend like nothing ever happened. This fake Joan of Acre died in 1307 and was burried as Joan of Acre. The 4 new children were not Joan of Acre's. This explains the notable difference in Edward’s treatment of Joan as compared to the treatment of the rest of her siblings. For instance, her father famously paid messengers substantially when they brought news of the birth of grandchildren, but did not do this upon birth of Joan’s daughter Mary de Monthermer.

Edward the II, son of Edward and sister to Joan of Acre murdered their father in 1307 and took over the Kingdom. The same year the fake Joan of Acre was murdered by Edward II. Edward and his father had been fighting over Edward the II being gay for a long time. At one point, Edward the II had his father take his royal seal. Afterwards, “Joan offered to lend him her seal”.

Joan of Acre had spent her youth in France so she spoke French fluently. She also had some people she could rely on in France who were loyal to her Mother's familial line when she arrived in 1297. While in France she continued to at first maintain her identity as a man while she became increasingly involved with the problems the peasant class were having in France at the time.

Joan of Acre was killed in war while leading a revolution that was sweeping France. Joan attempted to ally with the peasant class and elements of the nobility in France to take France away from the illuminati Jews who controlled it in the 1300s. When Joan entered France, there was an instable monarchy. Joan of Acre fought for the peasants against the French aristocracy which was taxing the hell out of the people while they were all starving. Joan of Arc Acre allowed to fight with men because she was really British Nobility.

In the 1200s in France there had been the great inquisition against the Cathar. The Cathar were descended from Jesus Christ, and practiced a gnostic form of Christianity from Christ's original teachings before the illuminati rewrote Christ's words and created the Bible. The Cathar prior to the Crusades against them in the 1200s controlled large parts of France, Spain and Germany.

After the Crusades against them, the Cathar nobility hid themselves in the rest of Europe's nobility. Simon de Montford was a Cathar child. He died in 1865 trying to bring representative democracy to England, not long before Joan of Acre was born. Joan knew of these Cathar noble lines and hoped to create an alliance between them and the exploited peasants of France. She then planned to bring France under England's Kingdom under her brother Edward the II.

At the time that Joan of Acre lead her attack against the illuminati French King, the English King also claimed the French Throne. Joan planned to liberate France and join France and England under Edward the II and then Edward the III. In 1337, Joan of Acre successfully launched the 100 year war. She was killed in the process, but the 100 year war represented a 100 year period where England was very close to taking over France and controlling the French Kingdom.

When younger, joan of Acre fought alongside her troops and dressed as a man, which inspired the myth of Joan of Arc dressing as a man. But after decades of fighting, she often would lead the war remotely from the Cathar Caves in the Pyrenees. Joan of Acre was 62 by the time the French Illuminati were able to capture her. They brought her to Philip VI who told her he was going to kill her. She then revealed she was Joan of Acre and therefore had to be returned to England.

At the time, you didn't just murder Royalty you would barter them for money or gold. Nobility were traded back and forth but never murdered. The only problem is that Joan of Acre, had already officially died in 1307. So Philip VI decided he could get away with killing Joan of Acre and did so.

In 1337, when Joan was killed, word got back to England that the woman leading the class revolution in France was actually Joan of Acre. Rumors swirled that Philip VI had murdered Joan of Acre. The courts each had spies at each other so news would spread between the two. Since Joan of Acre was already offically dead, this created a scandal as peopled started to wonder if she had actually died.

In 1337, Joan’s daughter, Elizabeth De Burgh was asked to open her crypt. She claimed to have “inspected her mother's body and found the corpse to be intact.” According to a chronicler writing in the 1400s she went on to say Joan of Acre's corpse was in such a state of preservation that "when her paps [breasts] were pressed with hands, they rose up again."

This statement sounds very fishy. The body would not be in good condition 30 years after death and the breasts rising up obviously is not possible with a dead body. That expression is meant to be read metaphorically. The idea is that Joan breasts were still rising. Her breasts represent nurturing and motherhood. It's a subtle acknowledgement that Joan of Acre is Joan of Arc.

Edward the III was King of England in 1337, knew that Joan of Arc really was Joan of Acre. Despite this fake confirmation of Joan of Acre's crypt, Edward resovled to offically launch the hundred years war. For the next 100 years, England would be trying to take over France. Not until the second Joan of Arc came did this period of constant civil war end.

When the French burned the second Joan of Arc as a witch - their own hoax they had recruited - they did it very close to England. This was intentional. They also burned her as a witch. They killed her this way because they were sending a message to the British not to send any more Witches to France. Joan of Acre had paranormal powers. She was a baby that was stolen from the Middle East. She wasn't actually a product of the Royal families genetics, she was a stolen baby like Simon de Montford was.

The Royal family had a lot of trouble conceiving chrildren so they'd add fake children they'd steal during crusades. They recognized they needed to broaden their geneti line or else they would get too inbred. So they would steal children while on Crusade and say that they had had them while on Crusade.

Both Joan of Acre and Simon De Montford were babies that were stolen during crusades by illuminati parents. They both had ESP though and thus were able to reconnect to their identities later in time which is why they became revolutionaries.

Edward the III was also not the son of Edward the II. He was a bastard child. Edward the II was gay and never slept with women. Edward the II was very dislilked by his court so a male son was a relief for him. He didn't care that his wife Isabella had cheated on him. Isabella hated Edward the II and ended up getting him deposed and killed so she could be with another man. None of her children were from Edward the III.