As part of the Yakuza's Illuminati body snatching take over of America, they murdered all of our police officers and firemen in all of our major cities. Our police had already been infiltrated and taken over by the Illuminati, now they are controlled by the JAPANESE YAKUZA.

The LAPD has been controlled by the secret gang the Lynchwood Vikings for decades. The police control all of the illegal drug trade through the lynchwood vikings. This was brought to light in LA with the Rampart Scandal. The rampart scandal was almost 20 years ago and yet when I went to a police station recently to file a report I was told by a police officer in the Northeast Division that I shouldn't file a complaint about sexual abuse at the rampart division because complaints "disappear there" as he put it. The Lynchwood Vikings weathered the Rampart Scandal and now they are stronger than ever.

The Vikings aren't just in LA - they're a nationwide police gang in NYC, Chicago, SF, Seattle, Atlanta, etc. Ever since 9/11 when Donald Trump helped to engineer the attack on the World Trade center, and the Illuminati used it as an excuse to murder all of our good police officers and firemen left in NYC, the Illuminati have controlled America's police. But now, the Japanese have murdered all the Illuminati controlled people and replaced them with Japanese clones who look like them but are really Yakuza underneath. It's the same thing they're doing with our actors and politicians. They are STEALING BODIES.

Oppression under the police will just get worse and worse now. All of our police are actually Japanese under their skins. They don't believe in freedom. They hate us. They think they are our masters. Police abuse will only get worse and worse. See this video for an example of how the cops are going to begin to harass us all for no reason at all whenever they want.

After this Video went viral, the head of the Metro in LA apologized for the aggressive police behavior and said "I want to be clear: this is not the kind of policing I want on our system." Afterwards, the Yakuza murdered him and replaced him with a Japanese Clone andhis statement was removed from the Metro website. That is the Yakuza plan - to make America a police state, they control.