Recently there was a shooting in a Trader Joe's in Silver Lake Los Angeles. Silver Lake is an upscale community known for being a hipster enclave. It's 15 minutes from my house in Eagle Rock/Highland Park. An assitant manager tragically died in crossfire with the police and the suspect. The victim was shot by the police.

The illuminati organized the attack at the Trader Joe's as a message to me. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian specifically hired the shooter Atkins - who is not African American but a dark illuminati jew like Kanye.

The attack took place at Trader Joe's because the illuminati wanted to send a message about America's and my economic fortunes. That's why the attack was at a Silver Lake TJ's since Silver is associated with money. And Trader Joe's has Trade in the name which is another economic reference.

The illuminati message to America and me was that our grocery stores can always get held up by their crazy gunmen. The bigger message being that the crazy illuminati gun attacks and terrorist attacks will be a threat to America's economic growth even if we get the Illuminati out of America.

No one was supposed to die during the shootout at the grocery store - it was supposed to be a hostage situation. That was the illuminati plan. The plan then was to have the LAPD successfully resolve this dramatic hostage situation and show how great it was. It was supposed to be a PR win for the LAPD.

The police have been gettting a lot of negative press lately. They are trying now to stage events to show everyone that they're cool. Anyone noticed all the new viral videos of police officers doing sing and dance routines? That's become a massive viral thing over the last couple of weeks. The illuminati set the entire thing up to try and create positive PR for their evil illuminati police.

The police in America are all illuminati Satanists now. They have been taken over by the MS13 and other gangs. LA, NYC and Chicago are absolutely the worst, but all the police in America have been converted to Satanists or murdered by the illuminati.

The silver lake hostage situation was not supposed to have anyone shot. It was supposed to be an easy opportunity for the police to demonstrate their competence and importance. They got a chance to bring their police tanks out they got from the Army.

The LAPD though are MORONS and they ended up shooting an innocent manager at the Trader Joes. The mentally retarded cops shot at the gunman while he was infront of a grocery store. Any sane person would not have shot at the gunman as he was running into a grocery store that was full of over 50 people. The LAPD love to use their guns though and because they are so corrupt their is no oversight or punishment for stupid decisions that result in the police murdering an innocent 27 year old woman - Melyda Corado.

The LAPD are one of the stupidest and most evil police departments in America. Recently they tried to turn a page on another story of their corruption by getting a new police chief Michael Moore. Moore is as dickless, ball-less, vagina who came out of the Rampart division of the LAPD - notorious as the most corrupt division of the LAPD.

The Rampart Division was made infamous in the late 1990s when they were exposed as gang hitmen, drug runners and generally all around corrupt. The events of the Rampart Scandal attracted the attention of the nation, and shocked many people, who were surprised by the depth of police corruption revealed during the Rampart investigation and subsequent trials.

The police implicated in the Rampart Scandal were members of the Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (CRASH) unit within the Rampart Division. The scandal broke when a police officer named Rafael Perez was arrested for stealing narcotics from evidence lockup, and he cut a deal with prosecutors in exchange for immunity. All told, around 70 police officers were implicated in testimony made by Perez; there was enough evidence to bring 58 of them to trial. Of those 58, five were ultimately fired, while seven resigned and additional 12 officers were placed on suspension.

Corruption sunk to such depths in the Rampart Scandal that it almost beggars belief. The trial documents indicate that several police officers were in the direct pay of drug dealers and other neighborhood moguls, for example, and they were involved in shootings, beatings, frame jobs on innocent people, a bank robbery, drug dealing, and the planting of evidence at crime scenes. Once the Rampart Scandal started to break, guilty officers compounded their crimes by committing perjury on the stand and attempting to destroy evidence.

One of the immediate effects of the Rampart Scandal was a dramatic loss of faith in the LAPD, and many people suspect that the scandal directly contributed to the ouster of Police Chief Bernard Parks, who had supervised the department while the “Rampart Cops,” as they came to be known, had free rein.

The movie Training Day is about the Rampart Division. Denzel Washington's character was based upon Rafael Perez. Denzel's car in the movie has the license plate ORP 967, which is said to stand for Officer Rafael Pérez, born in 1967.

The current LAPD police chief, Michael Moore, is a inbred MS13 jew nigger with a tail. He is a pedophile and a drug addict. He came out of the Rampart Division and he represents the worst of the LAPD.

Michael Moore's real name is Michel (Michael) Sanchotena. He changed his name he said because he experienced prejudice due to his name. The real reason he changed his name is he's trying to obscure his MS13 roots. He didn't want a Spanish sounding last name. He also didn't like Michel because it sounds like a girl and he's sensitive about that since he doesn't have a penis and has two vaginas.

Moore/Sanchotena's father was Spanish and an illuminati member who relocated to Arkansaw - an illuminati bastion of control represented by the illuminati Clinton family. Moore/Sanchotena grew up murdering babies and being raped by priests. He is a sick satanist who uses his power to murder children and make money off of drug dealing.

Moore/Sanchotena joined the LAPD in 1981. He spent nearly 20 years in it before replacing Rafael Perez - the guy who started the entire rampart scandal. Moore/Sanchotena was made captain directly after Rafael Perez lost his job because of the Rampart Scandal.

There is no way that Moore/Sanchotena was in the LAPD for 20 years underneath Perez that he wasn't also implicated in the Rampart corruption. Perez named 100 cops as dirty. What does that mean? It means the ENTIRE DEPARTMENT WAS DIRTY. THEY WERE JUST CLEANING OUT THE PEOPLE THEY DIDN'T LIKE.

So Perez became the escape goat and Moore/Sanchotena literally replaced him at the Rampart division doing the same things. Perez didn't implicate Moore/Sanchotena because he knew the illuminati plan was to have Moore/Sanchotena take over the Rampart corruption racket after he was in jail. If Perez had ratted on Moore/Sanchotena, the illuminati would have murdered Perez.

So the guy who currenlty runs the LAPD is part of the Rampart evilness/corruption that has destroyed the LAPD. The LAPD is just a front for the MS13 now. They are just protection for the gangs. The LAPD murderes people the illuminati tells them to. They frame innocent people if the illuminati tells them to. They are doing all the evil stuff the Rampart Scandal demonstrated plus a bunch of new things like selling children to pedophiles. The LAPD are now just a gestapo force for the illuminati NWO.

Like everyone in the illuminati NWO, the LAPD are MORONS. The are seriously mentally retarded which is why they ended up killing an innocent young woman at a grocery store. Michael Moore/Sanchotena knew the LAPD had shot the bystander but they didn't reveal it for three days because they were waiting for the situation to calm down.

When the LAPD aren't being corrupt, selling drugs or murdering people, they're incredibly INCOMPETENT. Who shoots at someone with a grocery store with tons of people around? The LAPD officer should be immediately fired but Moore/Sanchotena is protecting his fellow MS13 cop and saying that he acted in a reasonable way. Shooting at someone while they run into a crowded supermarket is not reasonable and should not be acceptable to the LAPD.