Everyone pretty much knows that Scientology is an evil cult. They are also a complete fraud. Big scientologists like Tom Cruise are told that since they paid for so many scientology classes they are now "Thetans" who have super powers. Tom Cruise was told by the scientologists that he could fly. He's too scared to try but he thinks he can fly.

John Travolta is no longer a scientologist. He was at one point but he left the Cult of Scientology over a decade ago. The Scientologists killed Travolta's son by pushing him off a balcony because Travolta left the Cult of Scientology. Travolta is now a Taoist he just doesn't talk about it.

Tom Cruise is a massive loser who sucks as an actor. He's always been an extremely weak actor. When he was younger he had horrible teeth that made him look like he had gotten two of his front teeth knocked out (Tom's teeth are just bad genes). Tom Cruise is very gay. That's one of the things the scientologists use to blackmail him with.

Here's Tom Cruise accepting award in a very fascist Scientology ceremony.

Here's Tom Cruise going crazy (obviously on drugs) explaining how only Scientologists can save the Universe. The whole interview is done with a loop of Mission Impossible as the music. Over and over the same guitar riff as Tom Cruise loses his shit.

The reports this year in January 2018 that Tom Cruise would leave Scientology are all fake. Tom just knows his Scientologist/Illuminati Satanist friends are done for so like the rat he is, he wanted to jump ship. Once the Scientologists reminded him of all the blackmail material they have on him - like the videos of getting fucked by 13 year old black boys before he murders them - Tom shut the fuck up and stayed Scientologist.

The movie star has no plans to quit the church. Cruise, who's been a committed member of Scientology for more than 30 years, recently described it as a "beautiful religion." He added, "Without it, I wouldn't be where I am. I'm incredibly proud." Additionally, Cruise hasn't seen his daughter Suri in several years, and there's nothing to indicate he's going to reverse course and reach out to her now.

The Scientologists - just like the illuminati - use the actors gayness to blackmail them. Tom and John won't leave scientology because they don't want to come out as gay. The only reason Tom Cruise had a kid was he wanted people to stop talking about how he's gay. Nicole Kidman has no vagina (she's a hermaphrodite man according to her DNA tests), so she couldn't have children with Tom. Kidman is also a sick and twisted illuminati Jewish Satanist. Kidman murders hundreds of millions of children and owns hundreds of millions of slaves.

Tom Cruise doesn't have a dick or balls. They are both illuminati Jewish vaginas. Tom used to be fucked by Nicole Kidman with a strapon. He never had sex with Katie Holmes they created their daughter via CRISPR. Suri has already died, they've replaced her with an imposter child. Tom Cruise murdered Suri himself because he couldn't handle getting rejected by Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes is a sick Illuminati Satanic Jew. There's no way you can marry Tom Cruise without knowing how degenerate he is. She is almost as evil, she just covers it up better.

The Scientology cult is designed as a blackmail machine. When you first join Scientology you take an e-meter rating. An E-meter is just a lie detector and like a lie detector, it will pick up on things your are anxious about. The illuminati use the E-meter to figure out what your darkest deepest secrets are. Like a like detector test, the people who administer the E-meter are taught how to dig into things your are anxious about to reveal secrets. That's how they found out about Tom Cruise's gay history. They put all of this stuff into files on every cult member. These files are used to blackmail people if they try and leave the cult.

Scientology's founder - L Ron Hubbard - dumb illuminati gay jew - and Aleister Crowley - dumb illuminati gay Jew - lived together for a while. They borroed ideas from each other. They were actually both illuminati spies for the Queen of England. Crowley was stationed in Europe and L Ron Hubbard was stationed in America. They both created weird cults for the Queen to help control the illuminati. Scientology is a just a sci-fi version of the OTO Satanism Crowley created.

The Scientologists harrass people just like the Illuminati. They hate the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights just like the Illuminati. Scientologists are no better than the evil Satanic illuminati, they just are more open about their weird beliefs. Though the Scientologists are actually far worse than anyone knows. Their cult allows them to hide really evil behavior. Scientologists are pedophiles and murder children just like the Illuminati.

Some people just join because they're trying to get ahead in Hollywood. But that is a trap. One you get in, it's very hard to get out. And the only people who really get jobs because they are scientologists are the ones with lots of money. Essentially, rich illuminati use scientology to buy roles in the film industry. If you pay them enough money, they'll get you a role on a sitcom.

The Scientolgoists run the slave trade for the illuminati Jews. The Jews picked them because everyone rights off the Scientolgoists as crazy flakes. Saying the Scientolgists are running the slave industry in America is like a Weekly World News headline. It's true though. They run slavery world wide whcih is why they are so big in Germany since Germany is a big slave owning country.