Tennys Sandgren is a member of an illuminati cult who are all former underground slaves who grew up under ground but allowed to come above ground and operate as illuminati slaves in the real world. They are all horrible pedophiles, insane and some of the worst of the illuminati.

The cult Tennys grew up in named him "Tennis" underground because they'd already decided he would become a tennis player. They are using all of their money to back him as a tennis player and cheating on his behalf. Tennys Sandgren can't play tennis though the cult wishes he could. His las name Sandgren is also a fake cult last name. Sand indicates time like sand flowing through an hour glass. Green = money like greenbacks. So Sandgren = money time. Sandgren's whole name = Tennis Money Time. The Cult wants to be bigtime in Tennis because if they are the illuminati will move them up their pecking order and they'll make even more money.

The slave cult has no name because the illuminati refuses to let it have a name because they don't want anyone to know that slavery still exists and this cult are all slave members. The slaves are all cloned so the illuminati can kill them whenever.

All the cult members have been raised underground to be illuminatis. They all think they are Gods. They all are inbred illuminati Jews with tails. They are barren - the men don't have penises and the women don't have vaginas. They pray to Satan and the illuminati to allow them to steal other people's children.

The cult is all racists which is why Tennis had a bunch of racist statements on his twitter. Serena Williams went out of her way to highlight Tennys' racist and far right loony toon beliefs which is ironic since Serena is a dark illuminati Jew who owns millions of slaves and works them to death in diamond mines.

Sandgren retweeted a video by Nicholas Fuentes, a Boston University student who received death threats after attending the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville last year. Sandgren also follows a number of controversial figures on Twitter, Dan Roodt a South African once described by John Oliver as a purveyor of “some of the finest examples of vintage bigotry”.

In response to Serena, Tenny said: “You seek to put people in these little boxes so that you can order the world in your already assumed preconceived ideas. You strip away any individuality for the sake of demonizing by way of the collective..... You dehumanize with pen and paper and turn neighbor against neighbor. In so doing, you may actually find you’re hastening the hell you wish to avoid, the hell we all wish to avoid.”

This statement, carefully written by his cult is a statement against the illuminati. The people being put in little boxes are his slave people who live in cages underground. The Collective who is demonizing Tennys is the Illuminati - the same people who created him. The "neighbors" being turned against each other are the various warring factions of the illuminati. The "hell" the illuminati are all trying to avoid is the Golden Age that I as the messiah will create for humanity.

Tennys and the cult went on to say - "It’s my job to continue on this journey with the goal of becoming the best me I can and to embody the love Christ has for me, for I answer to Him and Him alone." This sounds like an innocent Christian declaration but actually Tennys is referring to himself as Christ. The cult is all taught that they themselves are Gods, they themselves are Christ if they are men and Christ's wife if they are women. So Tennys is really saying that his loyalty is to himself as Christ. He is a God. He only answers to himself.

Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka are all also members of this cult. Golf is much easier to fake for the illuminati than tennis so the cult members are given professional golf careers as rewards. None of those golfers can even hit the ball. All of their play is fabricated with computer graphics. It's like a movie staring illuminati slaves where they get to be the golf heroes.

The illuminati uses the entire system to reinforce slavery. If they are good slaves, underground slaves get a chance to pretend to be tennis players or golfers above ground. They are still slaves but they are moved above ground and get to pretend to be normal free people. Meanwhile all the money they make goes back into the cult. They are not allowed to be free really and the cult scripts everything they do and who they get to marry, wheather they have children, etc.

The rest of the slaves underground are fed the myth that they too can live a glamours life above gorund some day if they don't rebel. The entire cult helps to reinforce the illuminati's slave system by creating a mythology that even if you're a slave some day you may be freed by the illuminati and given a glamorous life above ground if you serve them well.