Murder Inc is famous as being an italian creation but really it was mostly the creation of the Jewish mafia who got the idea from an Italian, Johnny Rosselli.

The idea behind Murder Inc was to have outsourced hitmen. Rather than hire a guy that your brother knows who murdered a guy in an armed robbery to kill someone, hire the Mafia to hire a hitman for you. That way the person who's hiring the hitman has no relationship to the killer.

In NYC, the Jews were the assassins of the 1910s and 1920s. They taught the Italians the tools of the Assasin trade in the 1930s when they controlled the Italian mafia and no longer wanted to do their own assassinations. So the Jews contacted Johnny Rosselli who then had the Italian Mafia create Murder Inc rather than do it the way the Jews had done it which was train people in their families to be assassins so they could rely on family members to kill people for them.

All the money from Murder Inc went to the Jewish Mafia who controlled the entire illuminati at that point through the Rothschilds. Even though the Italians were more numerous and had more business power in NYC, the Jewish mob always controlled NYC because the Rothschilds control the Catholic Church. So the Italian mafiosos were always the slaves of the Jews.

Johnny Rosselli was one of the few Italians to escape his master and the man who owned his mother and the rest of his family. Johnny killed his master and his entire family and then left NYC and started over in Chicago which at that point was not completely controlled by the Jewish Mob. Capone declared that the Italians were superior to the Jews and staked out a little kingdom of terror in Chicago. That's why the Jews ultimately got rid of Capone.

Roselli used Capone as protection and in exchange Rosselli became the brains of the Chicago mafia. His earning power was so proven at that time that Mayer Lansky, who was a smart Jew, partnered with Rosselli and the two worked together to keep the Jewish and Italian mafia relatively independent of the illuminati in Europe. in Europe.

That stable system fell apart in 1963 when the Japanese killed JFK and 3 Popes in one year. The Japanese came out of nowhere and started killing everyone else in the illuminati until they took over. Once they did they were able to get Johnny Rosselli pushed out of the Italian mafia and then later killed. Johnny was found cut up in a oil can in 1976. He's in Heaven right now.