One key part of the illuminati is the Lesbian mafia. The Lesbian mafia traffic in children and abortions. They also have a hand in drug running in CA but they're relatively week outside of CA, Seattle and the West Coast, Chicago, New York and the gay friendly North East. In Donald Trump country the Lesbian mafia are outsiders.

Hillary Clinton, Ellen, Oprah, Nicki Minaj, Jada Pinkett, Madonna, Beyonce and Rachel Ray are all part of the Lesbian mafia. They all hate men and envision an illuminati future where all men are slaves. They think now that we have artificial insemination that men only need to be kept as slaves. The men slaves will have their semen harvested and be used to create the race going.

Not all lesbians are part of the lesbian Mafia. Tig Notaro for instance is not. In order to get to Ellen's place in the illuminati world though you have to be part of the mafia and murder children with them. Ellen is a horrible Satanic Jew who murders children every day.

The Lesbian Mafia are also all dark satanic witches though none of them having any magical powers. Everyone wants to be a witch now. All these illuminati claim to be witches but none of them have magical powers. You have to have over a 180 IQ to have paranormal powers, none of these Lesbians are that smart.

Tig Notaro does have magical powers, that's why she's not part of the club - the Lesbian mafia don't like to be around smart Lesbians because they feeel embrassed.