Recently it has emerged that a group of Hollywood actors are in a sex cult. Allison Mack - who starred on Smallville - has been charged with sex trafficking as part of being part of an evil Sex Cult called NXIVM. Mack told recruits that they were joining a female mentorship group, and then would take compromising pictures of them and force them into becoming the possession of the Sex Cult's leader. Keith Raniere created the sex cult, which was known as 'Dominus Obsequious Sororium,' which means 'Master Over the Slave Women.'

This cult like Arianna's sex cult, is just a front for the OTO or the Illuminati. The Illuminati includes rape as part of its iniation rites. The OTO and the Illuminati in general is a sex cult. All of these other sex cults are just offshoots of the Illuminati. In this NVIXM offshoot, everything was organized around a cult of personality revolving around Keith Raniere.

Raniere is an Illuminati Jew who is using his position in the Satanic Sex Cult to force other women to become his sexual slaves. Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Kim Penza also said in court that "under the guise of female empowerment," Mack "starved women until they fit her co-defendant's sexual ideal." The Slaves had their pubic regions branded with Raniere's initials. Slaves also had their pubic regions branded by Allison Mack (AM).

On the NXIVM website it mentions - in his bullshit profile - that Raniere is doing great work in Mexico. From his website:

Some of his most passionate and purposeful work can be seen in the peace movement he founded in Mexico, where gang violence, corruption and poverty are at crisis levels. InLaK'ech (an expression that translates to "you are the other me") has been credited with initiatives that promote community, inspire leadership within small villages, and provide systems to disable violence and stop perpetrators. He sees the struggles faced by the Mexican people as a metaphor for the world, and hopes to inspire the possibility for peace.

This "work in Mexico" shows that Raniere is deeply involved in the Illuminati. The illuminati control Mexico, they control the gangs in Mexico. You can't work with gangs in Mexico without already being part of the Illuminati.