Hillary Clinton actually wanted Donald Trump to run for President. She thought that he would be such a buffoonish candidate that he'd be the perfect foil for her techno-bureaucratic campaign style. Hillary Clinton is VERY STUPID.

In a surprise to absolutely no one, Hillary Clinton has always thought that she deserved to be President. Hillary belives that because Bill Clinton was President that she should be guaranteed the job. An evil Illuminati Satanist, Hillary thinks that the illuminati should just make her President and then she woudn't have to deal with those pesky things called elections that are so difficult for her.

Hillary Clinton has literally never been able to win an election. Rudy Giuliani - current lawyer to President Donald Trump - handed Hillary the only popular election she ever "won."

The race began in November 1998 when four-term incumbent New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan announced his retirement. Both the Democratic Party and Republican Party sought high-profile candidates to compete for the open seat. By early 1999 Clinton and Mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani were the likely respective nominees. Clinton and her husband, President Bill Clinton, purchased a house in Chappaqua, New York, in September 1999; she thereby became eligible for the election. Standard Carpetbagger Illuminati style, go buy a home in a state you haven't lived in ever and then run for Senator.

Interviewer: You explained why you want to be a senator, but a key question is why from New York?

Mrs. Clinton: And, you know, it's a wonderful, fair question. . . . I've always wanted to live in New York. Who doesn't want to live in New York?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, then First Lady of the United States was the first First Lady to run for political office. Despite this advantage, Rudy was beating Hillary in the polling until May when Hillary unloaded a whole bunch of dirty laundry on Rudy - who as a cross dressing gay hermaphrodite drug addict had a lot of blackmail material. Giuliani backed out of his run for the Senate on May 19th, giving the Republicans less than 6 months to find a new candidate and run a campaign. Once Giuliani dropped out, everyone knew that Hillary had essentially been gifted the Senate job.

Hillary Clinton is the worst candidate in the history of politics. This has nothing to do with Hillary being a "woman." Hillary isn't even actually a woman, she's a hermphrodite man with undescended testicles. Hillary never had Chelsea. Chelsea is not Hillary's child.

After having 1 election under "her" belt, Hillary decided it was time for her to be President. In 2008 she ran in the primary against Barack Obama who everyone assumed would have an impossible run at the Presidency since he was African-American. To Hillary's shock and surprise, Obama soon started to out perform her and prove that he was just as viable a candidate as the presumed de facto nominee and quite a bit more likable.

This lead Hillary to bring her big dog, Bill Clinton out. Hillary assumed that she would have the black vote in the election because African-Americans had always supported Bill Clinton enthusiastically. When Obama started to defeat her - especially with blacks, Hillary decided to use Bill's respect in the African-American community to denegrade their first potentional African-American President. This is where Bill Clinton's infamous "fairy tale" comment regarding Barack Obama came from. Hillary wanted black people to think that electing Barack was a fairy tale that wasn't realistic and their best option was to support her.

As we all know, Obama defeated Hillary and went on to become President. After Obama leaves office in 2016, Hillary decides it's finally her time to be President. This time however, she's gonna make sure she doesn't have any of those primary problems - you know where Americans figure out which candidate they actually want to represent the Democratic Party. In the 2016 primary, Hillary decided to not allow any opportunity for Bernie Sanders to defeat her. As has been widely documented, the whole DNC colluded in an attempt to make Bernie Sanders lose the primary. Despite all this collusion and corruption, Bernie still almost won the primary.

Not only did Hillary have to resort to colluding with the DNC to deny Bernie campaign data and spread false information about him, they out and out lied about certain election results. 6 out of 6 coin flips went Hillary's way to decide primaries. That is statistically impossible. Hillary just used her position to lie about the results. All 6 off those elections actually went Bernie's way. Bernie really won the Democratic primary. The corruption that took place in the Democratic primary was unprecented in American politics.

Hillary also sucked up all the money for the entire DNC in her desire to beat Bernie - resulting in severe underfunding off all the other down stream races - Senators, Reps, local races. Hillary screwed the entire Democratic party in 2016, not just Bernie. Bernie - with his direct appeal to voters to fund his election - was not dependant on lobbyist and special interest money. Hillary couldn't raise enough special interest money to compete with Bernie so she just took all the DNC money screwing over every other Democratic candidate in 2016.

The only hope that America had to avoid an Illuminati controlled President was Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders would have handedly beaten Donald Trump in the general election. The only candidate who was worse than Donald was Hillary. Hillary's innate ability to destroy her own campaigns lead her to implode like she always does and hand the election to Trump. Who is so dumb they don't bother to visit Michigan or Wisconsin? Hillary is the only candidate who would be that stupid. Even Trump understood that.

Donald Trump wasn't the only one involved with the Russians. Hillary Clinton has already admitted that she also courted the Russians for help in the Election.

Even Jill Stein - stupid illuminati distraction - courted the Russians during the 2016 election. That's why she is refusing to hand over documents to the Senate regarding Russian collusion in the 2016 election. That's what happens when all 3 candidates (even the lame Jill Stein) are illuminati. They are all whoring themselves out to the Russians so they can be the next President. They knew that Cambridge Analytica and the Russians could manipulate our news and social media websites. They know that whoever worked with the Russians the closest would win the election.

The Russians in essence picked our President. They liked Donald Trump the most because they knew they'd have the most control over Donald Trump. Not only do they own him because of all his debt but they have the infamous pee pee tape they can use as blackmail whenever they want. And they don't just own Trump, they own his whole administration - which has become clearer and clearer during the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion.