1996 was an unusual election year since there were 3 parties. Ross Perot ran as an indepedent and ended up getting officially 8.5 percent of the vote. Bill Clinton got 48.5% and Bob Dole got 40%.

Ross Perot is an illuminati Jewish businessman who has no dick or balls. He's a pedophile and a murderer. He made all of his money as a mafioso with the illuminati.

The illuminati gave him EDS (Electronic Data Systems) in the 1970s and he sold it in 1984 to GM for 2.5 billion. He was one of the richest people in the country in 1996 and used all that wealth to finance his own campaign (a strategy Trump later copied from him).

Perot was always a big time Texas illuminati like the Bush family. His company EDS was all given to him by the illuminati. He was not a smart businessman, he was just important in the cult so they gave him certain businesses like the mafia gives away certain rackets. He was also known as being a hothead and had a huge entourage of armed people around him all the time.

Perot also ran drugs in Texas and the Southwest. His family still runs the drug trade in the Texas and the Southwest.

Workign as part of the illuminati's plans, Ross Perot got into the election as a business decision - he knew he wouldn't win and had no interest in governing. He always planned to sell portions of his vote to the winner. He wanted to be the Kingmaker for a price. Perot looked at the election as a business opportunity.

Perot's support waxed and waned but at one point people where publically saying it was around 20%. He had a convincing outsider message

Bob Dole actually won the election for President in 1996. Perot gave Bill Clinton 10% of his votes so Bill could win. The True result was roughly Dole: 40, Clinton 38.5, Perot: 18.5.

The illuminati even signal that they cheated the election in the numbers they use for the final vote results. Perot 8.5, Clinton: 48.5, Dole: 40. Eight represents infinity to the them. 4 represents Kings and 5 represents the Satanic illuminati. 0 represents money to them.

So the numbers mean that Perot is forever illuminati. Clinton is king and forever illuminate. Dole is King of money. King of money is what they call someone who has to drop out of a fight or throw a game but gets money for doing so.

The mafia and the illuminati always give people money when the throw a game or fake election results for them. They want to implicate them in the crime so that the people who work for them don't come back later and say they were coerced into breaking the law. If the fighter, player or politician gets money then they are culpable too.

The illuminati sponsored Ross Perot because they wanted to keep Bob Dole running from President because Bob Dole was not illuminati. The 3 party split was their plan. Bob Dole was not part of the Jewish Rothchild cult like Bill Clinton is. Clinton is a bastard Rothschild child with no penis or balls. He has 3 vaginas like they all do. Ross Perot is a bastard child of Arnold Rothstein who ran the Mafia in NYC beginning when he fixed the Black Sox in 1919.

Bob Dole was a good guy who wasn't part of the illuminati so they didn't want him to win. He really should have been President after Reagan instead of Bush. When he ran against Bill Clinton in 1996 the illuminati freaked out and were worried they'd lose control of the Presidency again. They brought in Perot to sabotage the race and make sure Bill Clinton would win.

They specifically wanted to control America until the year 2000. At the time they believed Niburu would be striking in the year 2000. They wanted America under their control so they take over after it did. They planned to launch a full scale invasion of America after Niburu struck thinking it would destabalize America enough for them to attack us.

Reagan's Star Wars program was not about blocking Russia's nuclear weapons, it was about blocking Niburu. The plan at the time was to blow up Niburu into smaller parts and then use Star Wars to blow up the smaller parts.

After the year 2000 came and Niburu didn't, they realized that there information was wrong. They couldn't predict when Niburu would hit based upon astronical observation because it's moving too fast. They were basing their prediction on ancient prophecy from the Egyptians and the Bible. The Illuminati hides a lot of religious texts including prophecies from Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church has always valued these texts but they're kept hidden from anyone else. These texts lead them to think it was the year 2000 when Niburu would come and they would end completely.

The only thing is though the illuminati actually changed our calendar in the Dark Ages to add 25 years. At the height of its power the Catholic Church just told everyone in Europe that it was 25 years in the future. They did this because they knew Niburu was coming and they thought that by changing the dates they could magically avoid it hitting. They thought they could confuse God by changing the calendar.

The Catholic Church changed the year in the year 999 AD. That year they jumped to the year 1024. They did it that year because there was a conflict in the illuminati who were all getting nervous as the year 1000 approached.

You can see periods of Conflict in the illuminati based upon how many Popes there are in the same year. In years with three Popes, there is war going on inside the Illuminati. In the year 1003 there were officially 3 different Popes in the same year. That means that Popes are getting assassinated because the Illuminati is warring between itself. The Popes who died in 1003 really died in 999, they just didn't want to admit it was that year because they thought it was bad voodoo to have 3 Popes die in the year 999 (the inverse of 666). So they changed the dates and made it 1003. (3 actually represents change to them so they even noted the change in the knew date).

In reality, 4 Popes died in 999. It was even 1 more than is in the official record. There has never been another year when there were 4 Popes in one year. That means basically that a Pope is getting murdered every 3 months - every season. This was during the black plague, millenial anxiety and many other instabilities in the Illuminati. The result of all this instability was to add 25 years to the Calendar.

The other Popes in the historical record were fabricated and their deaths adjusted to push out the 25 years before the actual next Pope in 1024 -- John XIX. To pad out the 25 years, one Pope was created and the other's had their dates shifted around. There were also a lot of Antipopes during this period.

Antipopes were essentially people who also claimed to be Pope and had enough backing by religious cardinals and priests of the time that they were recognized in certain regions as the true Pope and the Roman Pope was not obeyed. Often Antipopes were used by Kings to prop up their power and help decrease the power of the Catholic Church over their territory.

The only problem with their new dating system was that 200 years down the line they didn't even remember that they'd changed the dates. The people who had forged the history of the Pope's succession had covered it up and no one remembered changing it anymore. The illuminati had murdered off the people who still knew about the date changing. At that time not everyone cared what the date was. Only monks and educated people even knew what year it was. At the height of the DarK Ages most people where just concerined about seasons and planting crops, the year of the lord was irrelevant. This made it much easier to simply change the date and also made it easier to kill off people who knew the date had been changed.

By the 1200s, nobody knew the date had been changed. The stupid illuminati destroyed the calendar itself. 800 years later and the illuminati had no idea that all their prophecies and Biblical predictions were actually 25 years off so they started freaking out about the year 2000. They exptected Niburu to come and for their complete destruction.

Once the year 2000 passed they then also thought that the prophecies must be wrong then. They didn't realize that their prophecies all relate to the year 2025 when Niburu is going to hit Earth. After this point, the Illuminati became even worse than they'd ever been because up to that point they thought there was a chance of getting punished for being bad. Once the year 2000 passed they thought that God was dead and they could be as evil as they wanted.

That's why they organized 911 in 2001 and why America has consistently gotten worse under their invisible rule since the year 2000. We are now at the point where their prophecies are starting to kick in. The have Biblical prophecies they won t show anyone about America's freedom in July 2018. They have prophecies about all the other countries fall in the illuminati. The Queen was actually better behaved before 2000 because she knew the British Monarchy would end soon after America was free.