Elizabeth warren is a complete fake. She is an Illuminati spy who fakes being progressive but is really a sick pedophile. She is fully part of the evil Illuminati system.

Warren's biggest contribution to the progressive cause is the Consumer Financial Protection Burea (CFPB - an acroynym designed to be cumbersome and forgettable). The Idea for the Bureau was actually something that Bernie Sanders came up with a long time ago. Warren stole it and passed it off as her own.

Warren's version however is a trojan horse designed to destroy itself. Warren designed the CFPB to be ineffectual and easily co-opted. The "Bureau" - why choose the same name as the FBI anyway? - was designed to be a trojan horse. It looks progressive but "Warren's Boomerang" ensur es it becomes useless. The agency is free from congressional accountability or significant oversight by anyone in Washington except the president, who only gets to name a new CFPB head once every five years.

The problem is though that after Trump became President, Richard Cordray, the first director, departed to run for governor of Ohio. This allowed Trump to circumvent the mission of the entire agency by appointing a new director. White House budget director Mick Mulvaney was appointed by Trump as acting boss. Under Cordray, the CFPB was anti-business. In Mulvaney's hands, it's not.

Warren tried to seem like this wasn't her plan all along by tweeting that Mulvaney would have to answer her queries or he'd be hauled before the Senate Banking Committee and made to testify under oath. Warren pretended to forgot that she'd constructed CFPB so it wouldn't have to answer to Congress. Mulvaney was free to ignore her tweets. This episode was dubbed "Elizabeth Warren's Boomerang" by the Wall Street Journal.

Much has been written of Elizabeth Warren's claims to be Native American while teaching at Harvard. "I'm proud of my Native American heritage," warren told CNN once. "I'm proud of my family." Her claims to Native American heritage are disengenous but not technically a lie.

Elizabeth Warren is actually Native American because she is descended from a Native American slaves the British Queen owned. She never grew up with any Native American culture as anyone who has ever seen her talk can obviously see. She has claimed to be a spokesperson for Native American causes when she really shouldn't. She was hyped as a Native American faculty member while tenured at Harvard Law School in the mid-1990s.

Harvard is an Illuminati institution and their professors generally following the Illuminati's wishes. The Queen of England wanted Elizabeth Warren to be a spokesperson for Native American causes she she owned her and that way the Queen could control the Native American people. The Queen thought that Native Americans would take direction from her half Native American slave.

Warren even used Trump's "pocahantas" slur against Native Americans as a chance to try and act like she spoke for all Native Americans. "I went to speak to Native American leaders, and I made a promise to them," she said in a TV interview. "Every time President Trump wants to throw out some kind of racial slur, he wants to try to attack me, I'm going to try to use it as a chance to lift up their stories." Sounds like a nice gesture, but really it's an attempt to take OWNERSHIP OF THEIR STORIES. TO DECIDE WHICH STORIES TO TELL OR NOT.

Trump's "pocahantas" things is actually a veilled reference to Warren being part of the Royal British Illuminati. Pocahantas was a Native American Princess who became a slave. Elizabeth Warren is a Native American Slave Princess. Elizabeth Warren's blood line is 50% the Rothschild Jew British Royal Family the other 50% is Native American slave. The reason Warren' refused to do a DNA test to show that she was Native American was not because she couldn't prove it, but that it would have shown her entire ancestry the Native American slave part and the Rothschild Jewish part.

Warren is still technically the Queen's slave. The Queen owns her as a slave. The Queen has owned her family and will forever. The entire family is the possession of the Royal Family of England. That's why Elizabeth is named after Queen Elizabeth. The Queen named her. The Queen wants to show that all Native Americans are her slave by having her Harvad teaching Illuminati spy tell them what to do.

The Queen's slaves are often used as spies. Elizabeth Warren is really a British MI6 Illuminati Spy. She is a member of the Queen's Royal VIP pedophilia ring. She's a child murderer.